The “titled” guest was criticized for drinking large quantities of alcohol at a wedding

The man said his brother had started behaving “aggressively” by the end of the night.

The bride's brother ordered many portions of bourbon / UNIAN collage, photo UNIAN,

The bride and groom were stunned when a guest managed to snag £1,500 worth of drinks themselves at the wedding – and to make matters worse, the guest was the bride’s half-brother.

According to Der Spiegel, the 33-year-old’s half-brother, who was also a guest at the wedding, explained that his new son-in-law’s parents paid for most of the wedding because they were “quite well off” and she agreed to foot the bill for the open one to be paid in cash. What they didn’t expect, however, was that the bride’s brother would order some bourbons to “win over” some of the women at the reception.

In a Reddit post, the 22-year-old wrote: “My step-brother spent over £1,500 on my sister’s (his stepsister’s) wedding because they had a free bar.” My brother, a male son, who lives with our mum and mine Father (his stepfather) lives without rent, my mother pays for his beer and cooks all his meals for him. His life consists of waking up whenever he feels like it and sitting on the couch, drinking beer, watching TV, posting on TikTok and playing guitar. “He’s been unemployed since about 2012 and they manage to get him from other jobs to be fired because he was basically trying to act like a manager and/or didn’t show up because he felt the role was beneath his dignity.”

The man said he was not a welcome guest at the wedding.

“Especially when you consider that he only texts my sister to ask for money or to tell her how to live. My sister’s wedding was paid for by her fiancé’s family, who are quite wealthy, and of course they covered the expense with a free check at the bar. My brother found out about it. After spending most of the evening chatting up, buying drinks and trying to woo almost every woman present at the wedding. “He ordered five or six portions of ten shots of Jack Daniels, which was around £4.50 a shot in a Kent hotel pub,” the man said.

The man added that by the end of the night his brother had become “aggressive” and spent nearly £1,500 of his new in-laws’ money on alcohol. To top it all off, his mother yelled at the younger man when his brother started kicking around in the car on the way home.

He explained: “By the end of the evening he was not only incredibly drunk and aggressive but had also spent almost £1,500 on alcohol at the expense of my brother-in-law. To top it all off, he started lighting cigarettes in my car on the drive home after I specifically told him not to smoke in my car and when I yell at him he throws a lit cigarette at me and smashes the front of my car, then my mother blames me for most of his behavior as the icing on the cake as I don’t accept it.”

Commenters on the post were puzzled by the brother’s behavior: Many said he should be forced to pay his brother-in-law’s family for any drinks he ordered. Or because her mother thinks he’s a “golden child,” she should send a bill to pay on his behalf. One person said: “Your mother has to pay the bill at the bar! She invited and forced him to invite, she raised the child and can continue to pay for him!’, while another added: ‘Sister must ask mum to pay for £1500 if he’s such a golden kid.’

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