The Three Most Dangerous Mistakes EVERY WhatsApp User Can Make

WITH over 2 billion users worldwide, WhatsApp is a magnet for all kinds of cyber threats.

The popular app has become an unfortunate gateway for many hackers in recent years, resulting in some users being scammed out of thousands.

Don't make these easy to avoid mistakes


Don’t make these easy to avoid mistakesCredit: Alamy

It’s a worrying trend that has only gotten worse with the pandemic, as people rely more heavily on technology to stay in touch with loved ones.

Scammers and hackers are always looking for new ways to trick their victims, which makes them all the more unsettling.

But there are some common patterns and themes to keep in mind – and simple ways to keep yourself safe.

Don’t talk to numbers you don’t recognize

Hackers love to play with our emotions to make money.

One of the ways they do this is by using a random new number and claiming it’s a relative or friend.

They will act urgently and use emotional language to get you involved.

Usually, they pretend to be someone you know in distress, claim that they can’t use their regular phone number for some reason and need you urgently to send them money.

Example of a scammer trying to trick a parent


Example of a scammer trying to trick a parentCredit: Jordon Parker / Liverpool Echo

As you can imagine, a concerned parent would jump in to help their son or daughter, so it’s a pretty annoying trick many people have fallen for.

It’s better not to talk with numbers you don’t recognize.

And if you’re concerned about someone they claim to be, call them from their existing number to check – they’ll most likely pick up and wonder what you’re talking about.

Plus you can catch scammers by asking the right questions, as a parent recently revealed.

Do not open random links

So someone you know sent you a really good offer, it’s almost too good to be true.

You know this person and it’s from that number, so it must be legit, right? Well, no, not likely.

As the saying goes, if that’s too good to be true, it probably isn’t.

Think about how these messages are delivered – would that person randomly send you a link to some wild offer with 90% off a big brand?

Is it written the way they say it?

And is the link official or is it long or obscure?

Sadly, they themselves may have clicked the link and fallen victim to the scam.

It is then sent to others without their recognition.

The best thing is to let them know, and not click on the link yourself.

WhatsApp does not update often

It’s pretty basic, but it’s also the best protection you can give yourself with any app – keep it up to date.

While WhatsApp is quite private and messages are encrypted, hackers are constantly trying to find bugs to snoop on.

Once they figure it out, fortunately, the technicians are quick to fix it, but you can only reap the benefits if you’ve already installed the update.

Most people automatically turn on updates, this is the best way.

You can manually check if an update is available by going to the app store, searching for WhatsApp and seeing if an update is available.

WhatsApp has more than 2 billion users


WhatsApp has more than 2 billion usersCredit: Alamy

In other news, Apple has revealed a bunch of New emojis for iPhoneincludes a pregnant man and two saucy icons.

Experts have warned that the future Space launches can be dangerous if “stupid” regimes like Russia don’t stop blowing up the sky creating debris.

And most popular phone since a millennium has been announced, with many people shocked to learn it’s not an iPhone.

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