The surprising mother who gave birth to four children spends £225 a week on food alone

Mother-of-four Jenny Marr, 36, from Texas, USA, said her husband Chris became a “white ghost” when a doctor told them they were having four children – no not the only child they expected.

Jenny Marr, 36, was told she was expecting 4 kids when she took the photo
Jenny Marr, 36, was told she was expecting 4 kids when she took the photo

A mother spends more than £200 a week on food and changing diapers 24 times a day after giving birth to her surprise quadruplets.

Jenny Marr, 36, initially thought she was carrying a baby before the sonographer delivered the life-changing news when she had an 11-week ultrasound.

The mother of four’s husband, Chris, turned into a “spooky white shadow” and fainted when the doctor told them they were expecting multiples.

Jenny, lives in Texas, USA, says Sun : “Life has completely changed for Chris and me now that we suddenly have four kids to take care of.

“We drink 1.5 gallons of milk every few days and I try to cook homemade food, but sometimes I get so exhausted that I just heat up something frozen for Chris and I to eat.”

The couple, who met at a local pub, decided it was time to try for a baby after enjoying the holidays and “relaxing time together”.

Chris and Jenny spend £225 a week on food for the parents

They stop using birth control and let nature take its course.

For six months, Jenny has been active pregnancy tested and both were thrilled.

But as 11 weeks pass, she goes for a scan where they are confronted with some life-changing news.

After becoming nervous as the sonographer stared intently at the monitor, the couple were told they were expecting triplets.

Chris turned “a ghostly white and with a big bang he passed out on the floor,” Jenny said.

Jenny said she initially had to put them in order of birth year to help remember who was who, but is now able to tell them apart by “distinct faces”.

She added: “I was still lying on the endoscope in complete shock. I thought I was only pregnant with one baby, now I’ve been told that there are three.”

They had to follow up with a specialist, who had one more baby than the sonographer predicted.

Instead of fainting, this time they both laughed.

Jenny said she was happy when it was four kids because she “never liked odd numbers”.

Making their case rarer is the fact that they’re all the same – chances are 15 million.

But the rarity of pregnancy also makes it risky. Chris was told there was a “less than 0.01% chance of survival” but she kept that “terrible secret” from Jenny the entire time she was pregnant.

Jenny is terrified when she is told one of the babies has died every time she goes for a scan.

“But at each scan, there were four little heartbeats. They were really held up by a miracle,” she said.

She went for a weekly checkup in March at 28 weeks and was told everything was fine.

Two days later, she woke up shortly after midnight from contractions.

Hubby Chris fainted when they first found out they were infected

She was about to go into labor, so Chris and her mother rushed her to the hospital, where the babies were delivered by cesarean section.

Harrison weighs 2lb6, Hardy at 2lb10, Henry at 2lb6 and finally Hudson at 1lb15.

The youngest boy, Hudson, was the only one who did not need oxygen support after birth.

They are so small that they have to be tube-fed and hospitalized until May.

Jenny told The Sun: “It was a whirlwind of diaper changes, feeding and sleeping.

She said it was difficult at first to tell who was who, but as they grow up, each person has a distinct face.

She said: “And their personalities speak for themselves. Harrison is the big brother and loves all the attention, Hardy is funny and laid-back, he just goes with the flow.

“Henry has an infectious smile and loves to go out, and Hudson is the little hen, and always checks to see if everyone is okay.”

Jenny said she and Chris “feel like the luckiest mom and dad in the world” after delivering their “miracle 15 million for one”.

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