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How often do you hear the phrase, “I slept so little today, it’s so hard for me…” What would you say if you were forced to stay awake for an entire week without a single minute of sleep?

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Most likely, you would not say anything, because even scientists have proven that a person can live without sleep for a maximum of 10-11 days. But a man named Yakov Tsiperovich, contrary to all scientific evidence, has not slept for more than 40 years and at the same time feels and even looks great.

Yakov was born in the city of Minsk in 1953 and grew up as a normal child. Furthermore, he lived unremarkably until he was 26 years old. He worked as an electrician. However, his first wife’s jealousy leads him to a phenomenal existence.

They fought a lot. And one night the jealous wife mixed strong poison into her husband’s wine.

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After this drink, Jacob was hospitalized. He suffered clinical death at a local hospital, which lasted about an hour. From a medical point of view, this is impossible, since brain cells die within 10-15 minutes after cardiac arrest, but the fact remains, although still unclear.

The man was in a coma for a week. When he got out there he changed a lot. Even the young man’s voice has changed. He began to perceive the people around him in a completely different way, as if he could not ignore the pain and fate of a person.

Yakov remembers that during his clinical death he perceived himself as a flickering spot of light and in this form went through the turns of an infinitely long spiral. There is a huge amount of strange, powerful energy level information in there.

He saw, or rather felt, other beings next to him and realized through the energy flows that they had existed here for tens of thousands of years.

When Jacob regained consciousness, he was unable to speak immediately. He had to get his own body under control because now it felt completely different. Over time everything returned to normal except for one thing.

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The man has lost the ability to sleep. This caused terrible fear and panic. Jacob felt sleepy in the evening. But as soon as he assumed a horizontal position, he felt hits in his head and as if some force was throwing him out of bed.

Jacob turned to various world leaders in science with a request to save him from his “sleepless” illness. But all the professors were powerless.

A careful examination of Yakov Tsiperovich’s body did not reveal any pathologies. Only his body temperature does not rise above 33.5 degrees. However, this may explain the fact that the aging process is also delayed.

Humans had to get used to this new superhuman biorhythm without sleep. In order not to go crazy, Tsiperovich replaced sleep with long walks and reading books.

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Over time, through long work, the sleepless man managed to sink into a state of rest for several hours with the help of yoga and various meditative practices.

Now Yakov Tsiperovich lives in Germany, in the city of Gala. With his wife Karina and his son, who have long since gotten used to the “sleepy” traits of the head of the family.

Did the mystical world send some message into our space through Yakov Tsiperovich? Or is it an isolated case that has simply not yet been clarified by medicine? These questions are still a mystery./

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