The Sims 4 Animal Breeding Guide

In the various DLC for The Sims 4, such as Cat and Dogs and the new Cottage Living expansion packs, your Sims can raise and breed a variety of animals, although they may need their owners’ encouragement for the magic to happen. .

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Not all animals appearing in The Sims can spawn. Some are content to graze and get all the love they need from sly Sim owners. With that in mind, we looked and figured out which species can produce babies and how to reproduce those that can produce them.

How to raise cats & dogs

Cats and Dogs The Sims 4 gamertweak

Cats and dogs can breed with The Sims: Cats & Dogs expansion. Female dogs and cats can produce litters of one to three pups. This depends on the luck of the draw and on the number of families currently available when the mother gives birth.

Each kitten and puppy will occupy a place in the family. So if you are looking for a big happy family you will have to make sure there is space to welcome the newest members!


Mating cycle of cats and dogs

You may have suspected that Only women can give birth, when it comes to animals and this is correct. The pregnancy period will also only last for about 24 hours during the Sim period. This is different from previous games, where pet pregnancies are as long as human Sims.

Female pets will indicate they are in heat when little hearts revolve around them. You may also notice a heart symbol appearing in their thought bubble, just as Human Sims have an icon when it’s time to say hello.

Pets in general will need a little encouragement at this point – after all, you wouldn’t want them running away and creating furry babies all over town. Interacting with a female pet at this stage suggests an option to “Recommended with Mate,” allows you to set gears between the selected pet and an available mate of your choice.

Breeding is not always successful the first time, so you may have to wait until your pet’s next heat cycle to try playing cupid again.

It should be pretty clear whether a mating was successful or not:

Successful mating Pets will purr as a series of hearts swirl around both of them – no pet house is rocking at this point. The pet will also get a positive mood.
Mating failed The pets you try to match will react harshly to each other and suffer negative moods from the bad experience.

Pet labor and birth

Of course, the female pet will look very distressed with symptoms such as panting and walking. Do not panic! This is just a sign the pet has gone into labor. That and the game will trigger a push notification to notify you of the household event.

No need for your Sim to take them to the vet clinic in Brindleton Bay. Instinctively, a pregnant pet knows what to do and will lie down to let nature take its course when the time comes. ONE name mention will immediately appear in the center of your screen when the litter is born, just like when a baby Sim enters the world.

Professional Breeding

Can sell puppies and kittens over the phone in the “Rental Services” tab. Selling a pet is different from adopting a pet and is just a reminder for puppies and kittens, which means your sim can make farming a viable side business or even a full-time home-based career.

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How to raise chickens


With The Sims 4: Cottage Living, chickens are now also spawnable. Crossbreeding works a little differently for our feathered friends. You will need buy chicken coop where your sim can raise up to eight chickens.

Of course, chickens will lay eggs no matter what, but naturally you will need keep a rooster in the coop for them to hatch. Any fertilized eggs should be placed back in the chicken coop, where they must incubated under the hens for 24 hours.

If you have activated the Wild Fox lot challenge, you will need protect your barn from sly bandits who will try to make up with the eggs. For this you can alarm settings on the chicken coop or rely on your trusty llama to ward off them with his majesty and impressive projectile abilities.

Rabbits, Cows and Llamas

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Unfortunately, you can’t raise cows and llamas in The Sims 4: Cottage Living. Sadly, the breeding function is more like in-game objects. You’ll buy them from the in-game store, where you can choose from a wide range of color variations for your chosen pet. You will find cows and llamas where you buy the barn, your sims will stabilize them there.

Yes don’t keep rabbits. In retrospect, that’s probably a good thing, as that could soon get out of hand if they can reproduce like rabbits in general. Instead, your Sims can try to befriend happy dogs and even dress them up in little knit sweaters.

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