The Shiniest Pokemon you can find with Pokeradar in BDSP

Shiny Pokemon are highly prized among their hunters, mainly because of their rarity. It’s not a secret Not all shinies are created equal, with some is completely disappointed. However, good shinies are the true pinnacle of the shiny hunting world, as you not only get a rare Pokemon, you also get one that looks great.

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Shining Diamonds and Shining Pearls are no exception to this, and because they have Biggest ways to hunt shiny in Switch game to date, they are the perfect games for you to choose an eye-catching shiny thing to use. Here are the best shinies you can get using Pokeradar.

Wobbuffet – A pink Garish that somehow works

shiny pokemon wobbuffet

Pokemon does not lack pink balls. It’s one of the most popular colors and in many cases it doesn’t look good. For Wobbuffet, however, it feels oddly fitting. It’s a strange and odd concept for a Pokemon whose vibrant colors seem right.

If you want to catch a shiny Wobbuffet of your own, you can find it in any of Sinnoh’s lakes – Lake Verity, Lake Acuity, and Lake Valor are all home to weird, but lovable, punch-pocket Pokemon.

Miltank – A Blue Bovine Blue

shiny pokemon miltank

Just as blue Pokemon with pink faces are a common occurrence, pink Pokemon also often end up with blue faces. This is true of the Miltank, and while it’s not the most popular color scheme, it looks great on the bull. It’s just a shame Miltank’s partner, Taurosthere is such an overwhelming shine.

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Routes 209 and 210 are where Miltank can face Pokeradar, so go their way if you are looking for a nice green cow for yourself.

Baltoy – More subtle color changes

shiny clay pokemon

Sometimes the more subtle shinies are just as good, if not better, the full color palette swaps. Baltoy’s Evolution Claydol’s shiny look is largely the same as its normal form, except for its red eyes that turn yellow. It’s a small change, but very effective.

Road 206 is where you can get a shiny Baltoythough to be honest, the uncharted Pokemon’s shiny isn’t quite as exciting as its evolution, so it’s a hunt that’s only really successful once you catch it evolving.

Aron – A great line that makes (somewhat) Perfect Feeling

shiny locust line pokemon

The Aron and its chain are composed largely of metal, so it’s a wonderful coincidence that back in the days of algorithmically generated shinies, they ended up with rust-like color swaps. lighting. It’s true that the green color is more like oxidized copper than any of the silver-gray metals that Pokemon are made of, but it looks cool nonetheless. Furthermore, Aron especially highlights the bloodshot eyes that shinies have.

If you want to catch and grow a rusty metal creature for yourself, Fuego Ironworks is the place for you. Unfortunately, however, Aron is an exclusive Diamond Brilliant, so if you’re playing Shining Pearl, this isn’t for you.

Smeargle – Another great subtle change

shiny pokemon smeargle

The Smeargle’s shiny coat overall undergoes a very slight color change from its usual form, but what makes the shiny coat so amazing is this. the paint on its tail changes from green to red. It’s these little differences that feel like a great fit that make gowns like Smeargle’s stand out.

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Smeargle can be hunted with Pokeradar on Route 212. Its ability to learn any move means it can grab both Spore and False Swipe, so it’s a popular choice to use to catch shinies – why not get shiny shinies to hunt shinies?

Trapinch and Vibrava – Pokemon with outstanding shiny evolution

shiny pokemon baygon

Flygon is a great Pokemon. It has great typing, looks good, and has some good stats to boot. On top of that, its shine is amazing, so why wouldn’t you want to get your hands on the amazing shine of a great Pokemon? Flygon itself is not huntable in BDSP, but both of its devs, Trapinch and Vibrava, are.

Both Trapinch and Vibrava can be met by Pokeradar on Route 228so go there, catch a shiny one and upgrade it to evolve your awesome shiny Flygon.

Swablu – A regal gold befitting such an elegant bird

shiny pokemon altaria

The floating cloud vibe that Swablu and Altaria definitely evokes an idea of ​​elegance. What better color for such a graceful Pokemon than a beautiful regal yellow? Well, that’s exactly the color of this necklaceand given that they’re pretty fun Pokemon to start with, it’s definitely a shiny one worth continuing.

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If you like the sound of it and want a shiny Swablu of your own, then Route 211 is the place for you. Like many others, it can also be hunted in the Grand Underground, but you can’t use Pokeradar down there, so it may take longer.

Mareep – The legendary pink sheep

shiny mareep pokemon

If you’ve ever played Minecraft, you may have heard of the extremely rare pink sheep, which turns its usual white color for a cute pink candy-like look. That’s exactly what shiny Mareep’s does, and it makes this adorable little electric sheep look even better.

Shiny Mareep (like all shinies) is even rarer than Minecraft’s pink sheep, but If you’re looking for a challenge on your own, head to Valley Windworks. Flaaffy can be encountered on Route 222, if you want an evolution.

Ralts – A matching blue family

shiny gardening pokemon and gallade

The Ralts shiny color is a nice light blue, as is the shiny color for the rest of the line introduced in Generation 3. A few years later, there’s a new member of the Ralts family bringing Gen 4 – Gallade. It’s a darker shade of blue than the existing line, but amazingly, its algorithmically generated shine turns out to be a darker green – a perfect fit!

Shiny Gardevoir and Gallade look great together, and since you can catch multiple toys in a single chain, there’s no reason not to join the whole family. Ralts can be found on lines 203 and 204where you can also find Kirlia.

Ditto – An iconic shine, unusually recognizable

shiny pokemon ditto

Assuming you don’t want to go hunting in random encounters full of odds, Ditto is actually a historically shiny thing that’s hard to get your hands on, due to the fact that you can’t breed it using the Masuda method. Most recently, you could chain it in Let’s Go, but it’s one of the hardest Pokemon to do so.

But now, in BDSP, Ditto may be chained to Pokeradar on Route 218! It’s a wonderful shiny thing, instantly recognizable for its role in the anime, so you have no excuse not to take advantage of this great opportunity to get your hands on one.

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