The Rings of Power should be about Galadriel’s hair

I’m so excited for The Lord of the Rings: The Power Rings, the TV show currently in development by Amazon. As a resident of TheGamer on The Lord of the Rings (though news editor Lu-Hai Liang also contends for the title), I can’t wait to see more from Middle-earth on the small screen, but As a fan of Tolkien’s work, I’m wary of my optimism.

I’m a huge fan of the Peter Jackson and Philippa Boyens movies. I know this quote will disappoint me in the eyes of Tolkien purists, but I have an unhealthy dose of nostalgia associated with them since they were my first entry into the fantasy world, let alone Tolkien. I review the movies at least three or four times a year, apply plenty of director commentary to keep things fresh, and regularly dive into the trilogy’s special features.

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As for the books, I try to re-read them every year, but let’s face it, we all get confused sometimes. But I’ve probably read and/or listened to this trilogy by now, and read The Silmarillion twice. Sure, it’s not as much as some, but I like to think I got the job done.

All this to say, I admit that the trilogy has made some compromises with the lore. However, I also understand that Fran Walsh did her best to keep things as close to Tolkien’s text as possible, and that some compromises were needed when adapting a 1,000+ page novel into three films ( admittedly long). Some things don’t work! Tom Bombadil must be boring! I i know he’s an important character, but his chapters won’t translate well to the big screen.

That compromise is exactly why The Lord of the Rings: The Power Rings should be about Galadriel’s hair – the trailer gave us a good edge, and I want Amazon to double it his pledge to the Princess of Noldor. Most Rings fans are familiar with the story at this point, but I’ll tell it again for those who don’t. Galadriel was an elf born in Valinor, and it was said that “the light of the Two Trees was trapped in her hair.” Tresses is a fancy word for long hair. The Two Treees are Amazon poster bastards, and give off all their First Age light – no sun or anything a normal planet would have. They were eventually annihilated by Ungoliant, but that didn’t matter right now.

These trees are responsible for the events of the First Age, including most of the events of The Silmarillion. Another character you need to know is Feanor, who traps the light of trees in three gems called Silmarils. Morgoth – that’s Sauron’s boss – steals these and sets up biblical-like events in motion. And while all this was going on, Feanor asked Galadriel for one of her glorious hairstyles (as we established earlier – a lock of her hair). In fact, he asked three times and was denied each time. That’s what made it so special when she gave Gimli – a dwarf, no less – three strands of her hair in Lothlorien millennia later.


Now that we’ve covered the succinct and borderline blasphemous retelling of the First Age, I’ll explain why Galadriel’s hair is so important to a Second Age drama. Firstly, we know that Amazon is focusing the series on Galadriel and her siblings. We also know that Tolkien’s works on the Second Age are sparse – in my copy of The Silmarillion they are only 29 pages – so there is plenty of room to create new stories without attribution. override or rearrange Tolkien’s stories.

All of this makes Galadriel the perfect protagonist. Her opening sequence that opens the Jackson and Boyens trilogy is iconic, and mirroring that to the TV show opening will instantly captivate movie fans and introduce them to a character that they don’t want to miss. they know, thousands of years before they met her. It sets the timeline and the tone, and although Morfydd Clark has big, Cate Blanchett-sized boots to fill, she deserves to lead this series for a new era of Tolkien fans. The trailer we’ve all seen now does just this, and it works perfectly with Howard Shore’s beautiful orchestra, and I don’t want them to back down now.

But why her hair? First, it’s gorgeous. Like, just look at it for a minute, whether it’s Blanchett’s incredible locks or one of the multitude of illustrations – the Alan Lee shot of the Mirror of Galadriel is a personal favourite. And second, her hair played an important role in the First and Third Ages that it must have in the Second. Given the series’ initial promotion, it looks like we’ll be getting some First Age action as well – keep in mind that the trees in the poster were destroyed by Shelob’s mother, Ungoliant, by Second era? It seems likely that the series will begin with the end of the First Age to establish the events of the Second Age, in which case Simarils will play a key role in the opening episodes. If Silmarils are important, so is Galadriel’s blonde hair, which is said to have given Feanor the idea to create them. Plus, it’ll be an opportunity for the TV series to reference Gimli, which I greatly resent but seems to be the only way modern movie adaptations can produce humor, so it’s definitely worth it. I will definitely have to live with it.

Galadriel from Middle Earth Shadow of War DLC blade of galadriel

The events of the Second Age mainly take place according to the circumstances of the men of Numenor, but the Elves and their fight against Sauron are also important, and characters have been confirmed in the series. So far shows that Amazon will reassert their importance as the Rings of Power. was created and the Elves were then forced to battle the forces of evil. Celebrimbor is sure to appear, and Galadriel’s son-in-law Elrond will likely start building Imladris – that’s Rivendell to your ordinary folk.

In a perfect world, the series would follow these events with some additions. But we don’t live in a perfect world, so I hope that the TV series will follow the events of Second Age slowly, and without rushing through the classic story to arrive. with new, fresh Amazon additions. I hope Elrond doesn’t become the main character in a few series and the instability when Sauron comes to power is slow and uncomfortable. But most of all, I wanted another monologue from Galadriel as we unfolded the pictures of the Two Trees and her beautiful hair.

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