The reason why Rene Dupree was penalized

Rene Dupree was fined in WWE after he refused to stop performing his signature French Tickler taunt during matches.

The two-time Tag Team champion drew a positive crowd response whenever he jumped from foot to foot while spreading his arms wide. Teasing is often accompanied by Tazz excitedly saying the following phrase in a commentary, “I’m a French man, I’m a French fool!”

Speaking on Hannibal TV, Dupree said he was reprimanded by WWE producer Michael Hayes for continuing to use crowd-pleasing gestures:

“They punished me because they didn’t want me to do it because it was over,” Dupree said. “It was me and Rob Van Dam in Toronto…and I did it and the Canadians went crazy. They’re great for it, aren’t they? Then Michael Hayes f***ing came up to me and said, ‘I don’t want you to do that anymore.’ I am me, I did it anyway. ”

Dupree worked for WWE from 2002 to 2007. During that time, the 38-year-old won the World Tag Team Championship with Sylvain Grenier and the WWE Tag Team Championship with Kenzo Suzuki.

Vince McMahon enjoys mocking Rene Dupree’s French Tickler

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While Michael Hayes disliked Rene Dupree’s mockery, Vince McMahon had a different opinion on Superstar’s attempt to entertain WWE fans.

According to Dupree, the WWE President once had a very bright smile when he stepped backstage after performing the French Tickler:

“I went to the Gorilla Location and Vince was grinning because he heard the reaction,” continued Dupree. “It was Monday night, a SmackDown recording, somewhere in Ontario. But yes, they didn’t want me to pass. “

Dupree added that McMahon often tells Superstars in weekly meetings that they need to be creative to “get over” with WWE fans. The former La Resistance member thinks he’s doing exactly what his boss wants, but Hayes doesn’t seem to agree.

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