The Queen was right to get rid of Andrew – but how it must have hurt her

THIS is the year the Queen – and the country – should focus on her Platinum Jubilee.

But instead of celebrating the incredible milestone of becoming Britain’s first king, mark 70 years on the throne, she is facing another terrorist.

The Queen is facing another crisis as Prince Andrew battles his sexual abuse civil case


The Queen is facing another crisis as Prince Andrew battles his sexual abuse civil case
Out of all of this, it's the Queen that I feel so sorry for


Out of all of this, it’s the Queen that I feel so sorry for

The Queen has started 2022 with a choice no mother wants to face.

Prince Andrew has always been her favorite person.

He was once the flamboyant Navy hero who would entertain her with horrifying tales of sea adventures.

But today he is an absolute shame. A fat, useless, and prickly prince.

The charges against the Duke of York could not have come at a worse time as we navigate an ocean of sober opinion, still rocking in the wake of the Me Too movement.

Prince Andrew’s friendship with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and child trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell, along with claims he slept with 17-year-old Virginia Roberts – now known by her married name Giuffre – could prove a deadly anchor pulling the monarchy into icy depths.

And that’s why the Queen had to slit his throat.

As head of the Royal Family, she is forced to choose between saving the organization she swore to protect or protecting her second son.

In reality, there is no choice to make and as we all know, The Queen always puts her duties first.

Clear message

But how painful it must have been to give the boot to her beloved Andrew.

Unsurprisingly, she made his lawyer wait outside in the car as she delivered an icy blow to his heart.

It must have been one of the most difficult decisions she had ever made, stripping her beloved son of his royal status and make him walk to fight in this battle alone.

While this must have gone against all of her maternal instincts, she did what she always did – put the country and the monarchy above everything, even her own family. me.

Hitherto the royal family protected Andrew and appears to have turned a blind eye to his friendship with Epstein and the allegations made against him by Giuffre.

But the announcement that Andrew will no longer be known as His Royal Highness Princess sends a clear message.

Piece of pepperoni

Although he is still the Duke of York, he has lost everything military title and royal patronage, which have brought him status and roles.

Andrew is disgraced. And now he is alone, forced to face the lurking civil trial as a private citizen.

In all of this, it is Queen I feel very sorry for.

This remarkable woman has dedicated her life to the service of her country and now, during the Jubilee Year, her son is mired in sleaze, his reputation dwindling.

Clock Andrew’s car crash nighttime interview and you can see why he doesn’t like squaring in front of a spearhead New York judge.

Can you imagine how Pizza Express’ alibi in his Woking would go to US civil court?

Andrew’s story will be ripped like a thin slice of pepperoni.

So his only option seems to be to bid Giuffre. That would be seen as an admission of guilt because why would anyone give a reported £10 million to someone they claim they’ve never met?

Whatever the outcome, Andrew will never be able to become an active member of the Royal Family.

The Duke of York is made for.

Perhaps the bigger question is, what consequences will this latest scandal have for the Queen?

She lost her husband Prince Philip.

Her grandson, Prince Harry was another outcast who was run away to California.

And the tell-all book he plans to release later this year will be another devastating shot on the bow.

The Queen has been a perfect monarch all her life – but how much more can she really take?

Sawalha-ha, what a lovely couple!

WHEN you’ve got it, flaunt it.

These words come from the 1967 film The Producers, written by Mel Brooks.

Loose women's Nadia Sawalha used several pieces of black tape to recreate Kendall Jenner's look


Loose women’s Nadia Sawalha used several pieces of black tape to recreate Kendall Jenner’s look

Apparently that’s the life motto of Kendall Jenner, who is clearly very proud of her body after wearing this tiny, tiny dress to a friend’s wedding.

It costs £1,266 – I don’t know how, since there’s more material in the G-string – and she explains that she’s got the bride’s permission to wear it.

After the photos were posted online this week, Kendall, 26, was criticized as “inappropriate”.

Nadia Sawalha, 57, of Loose Women’s, used several pieces of black tape to recreate the look, leaving little to no imagination.

She obviously did it for fun but I have to say, I think she looks pretty good.

To quote Mel Brooks again: “If you are silent, you are not living. You have to be loud and colorful and lively. ”

Nadia is definitely all of this. And by the way, she has much nicer breasts than Kendall.

No Starm in a cup of tea

It’s all well and good to land on high moral ground, and it’s a pleasure to do so – as long as you really belong there.

But after a week in which Sir Keir Starmer thought he had drunk the Prime Minister with his outrage at his No 10 working party, pictures have emerged of Keir drinking a pint of beer with Labor staff last year – during the lockdown.

What do I hear? I think it might have been the sound of Keir climbing off his tall horse. True hypocrisy.

And I bet the beer is Chinese.

Digital dress

Excuse me, but I had to laugh when I read about the new “must have” dress on sale at Selfridges. . . and sold for thousands of pounds.

What makes it unique? You won’t be able to actually wear it.

Surely this is a very modern period equivalent to the Emperor's New Clothes


Surely this is a very modern period equivalent to the Emperor’s New Clothes

Even if only once. Selfridges will become the first retailer in the world to sell a wide range of dresses by Spanish designer Paco Rabanne only digitally.

Dozens of Rabanne designs from his “non-wearable” collection of the 1960s will be sold as non-fungible token (NFT) from £2,000 to over £100,000 as part of the new exhibit.

Surely this is a very modern day equivalent to the Emperor’s New Clothes, the folk tale written by Hans Christian Andersen?

Waking up is not sweet

I HOLD thinking we’ve reached the top of the mountain – and Peak Woke.

But believing that Marks & Spencer has rebranded its Midget Gems as Mini Gems, I think, has outdone everything.

Marks & Spencer rebranded Midget Gems as Mini Gems


Marks & Spencer rebranded Midget Gems as Mini Gems

This comes after a disability campaigner claimed that the name hard marshmallows may have offended people with dwarfism.

Dr Erin Pritchard, a lecturer in education and disability, told the retail giant that the term midget was “a form of hate speech”.

I know that language is important, and the last thing I want is for anyone to feel hate.

Also, of course, I’m writing here from the perspective of someone who doesn’t have dwarfism.

However, despite that. Really? What is next? Rename the Yorkie chocolate bar in case it offends the people of Yorkshire?

Toast to Jon’s legacy

WELCOME and thanks to Mr. Jonathan Van-Tam.

He is flu specialist who made an extraordinary contribution to the successful Covid vaccine program.

Best regards and thanks to Mr. Jonathan Van-Tam.


Best regards and thanks to Mr. Jonathan Van-Tam.

This week, he announced that he would be stepping down from his role as Deputy Chief Medical Officer to return to his day job at the University of Nottingham – and he is certainly breathing a sigh of relief.

He is an excellent communicator and was able to explain the various Covid situations we faced over the past two years in a way we could all understand.

I’d like to think he resigned because he believes we’re on the road to recovery from Covid being a pandemic turned pandemic, due to the success of the vaccination program he helped manage.

Let’s hope I’m right.

Where is the action crate?

READ that offenders will be forced to clear more public spaces in a £93m scheme unveiled by Dominic Raab, I can’t help but wonder why this has taken so long.

The Attorney General has signed the first agreement with a national charity that will allow the scale of unpaid work for convicted criminals.

That means millions of hours of overtime will be done by the garbage gangs each year, with open spaces cleaned up.

Raab said criminals will be asked to do “really tricky puzzles” such as removing graffiti and picking up trash.

That’s a really cool idea. First, a legacy of a pandemic is a huge trash problem in this country.

More importantly, criminals do the hard, visible work of undoing the damage they’ve done to society through their crimes that should have been done years ago. . Acclaim.

Prince Charles refused to answer questions about Andrew while visiting Aberdeenshire The Queen was right to get rid of Andrew – but how it must have hurt her


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