The Queen has almost never misplaced a foot as she marks her 70th year on the throne

Plat on the back

IT is a monumental, unprecedented and exciting achievement.

Tomorrow, the longest reigning king in our history 70th Anniversary as Queen.

The Queen has almost never misplaced a foot as she marks her 70th year on the throne


The Queen has almost never misplaced a foot as she marks her 70th year on the throne

Elizabeth II Having been the mother of our people for so long, most of us simply cannot imagine life without our mother’s presence.

When she took the throne, a few years after the Second World War, England still had an empire. Some foods are still divided. There is a TV channel.

The Beatles are five years away from meeting each other. Elvis is a schoolboy. Smartphones are 60 years in the future.

The Queen has seen 14 Prime Ministers and 14 Presidents of the United States come and go through eight tumultuous decades: JFK assassination, Sixties, moon landings, Troubles, years Conflict-filled 1970s, Falklands, end of apartheid and Soviet Communism, two Gulf Wars, death of Princess Di, 9/11 and subsequent abandonment Scotland’s independence vote and Brexit.

And her almost never put the wrong foot. What an example for Charles.

We hope she enjoys every minute of tomorrow’s Platinum Anniversary, even if she celebrates it without Philip. . . and marked the death of her father.

An incredible round: 70 not out.

Warm congratulations, ma’am, from The Sun.

Listen to them

BORIS Johnson must step away from the mayhem of Downing Street today and reflect on the plight of Sun readers facing the worst cost of living crisis in a generation.

Those on Pages 32 and 33 are not entitled to an MP’s salary or savings. Soaring bills are not inconvenient. They’re scary.

And while Tory’s ratings are in free fall, they could fall even further.

Because, for all of Rishi Sunak’s efforts to withstand the blows, what voters see is: Bills cripple, mortgages rise, inflation could hit 7.5% by May 4, more and more families face difficulties.

And a deaf Prime Minister, imposing with tax increases he must see as folly.
Boris can rearrange seats at No10 all he likes. Pilot our paid plans in

April is economic and political suicide.


WHY is this not the Tory Government, with the majority of the population, “finishing the jailbreak”? There is no good answer.

The current bill crisis has exposed the scandalous failure of successive regimes to secure our energy future.

It will be decades before we can rely solely on renewable energy and new nuclear plants.

Meanwhile, we MUST extract the shale gas under our feet.

Past Tory governments have faced a propaganda war won by ecological hysteria promoting fears that are almost entirely bogus.

This will revive fracking with a Covid-style PR campaign, explaining why cheap home-made energy is such an important factor for Net Zero.

Does it have courage? The Queen has almost never misplaced a foot as she marks her 70th year on the throne


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