‘The Promised Land’ Recap: Latino Family Vineyard Sudser on ABC

ABC on Monday night is not working Promised land, its new Latino family drama set in the wine industry. Does the breast pump live up to your “grape” expectations?

Promised land opens with the story of Juana (played by Katya Martín) and Rosa, two young women who illegally crossed the border from Mexico with the ultimate goal of going to Merced, California to work as an alfalfa picker. When ambushed by border patrol trucks, the girlfriends manage to hide with the help of Carlos (Andres Velez), a young man they meet along the way. The three then set off for Bakersfield, where Juana hears of someone who could take them to Sonoma County, where Carlos is in charge of the vineyard business. That someone, with bad intentions towards the girls, and his friend secretly danced Carlos while the girls were unwittingly led to their kidnapping. Carlos tries to stab his attacker, then the girls take his watch with a bottle. Rosa is shot by the second goon before joining Juana in the bad guys’ pickup, and Carlos chases them away. Carlos and a tearful Juana dropped Rosa at the California ER for proper care, before continuing on their own journey.

Is different Promised land The action takes place at Heritage House, the Sonoma County estate and winery that young Carlos and Juana are heading. Joe Sandoval (John Ortiz) runs a very successful vineyard and business, although his daughter/GM Veronica (Christina Ochoa) is deciding to take the reins. At a backyard lunch, we learn that Joe is about to celebrate his 20th wedding anniversary with second wife Lettie (Cecilia Suárez), and their blended family includes Joe’s three children by a single mother. other – Veronica, estranged/returned Antonio (Tonatiuh), and label artist Carmen (Mariel Molino) – Lettie’s son Mateo (Augusto Aguilera), and Joe and Lettie’s son Junior.

Promised land 1x01Of course, there are some corporate dramas within reach. Joe meets Margaret Honeycroft (Bellamy Young), a hotelier/stockholder trying to take over the Heritage House, when she believes Joe stole it from her father years ago. Joe, in turn, argued that on the day that he had taken the right thing and turned it into something big, and he would have vehemently opposed her planned stock purchase. As they approached, it became clear that Margaret was in fact Joe’s first wife, and thus the mother of Antonio, Veronica, and Carmen.

Promised land 1x01When prodigal son Antonio returns to the family home, Joe informs him that Veronica will be appointed as the new CEO, but he wants Antonio to help guide his sister through the more difficult things in life. company leadership. Antonio happily agrees, though it is later revealed, when he visits the mother he claims to barely talk to, that he is actually doing Margaret’s bidding and will be using 5 % of her stake to help her take control, if she can pull the other 46%.

Promised land 1x01Another side story concerns Daniela, an undocumented worker at the Sandoval estate, claiming she has working papers when in reality she doesn’t. Mateo goes to great lengths to secure the young girl, and even traps her with a fake ID/worker. But when it was revealed the guy was hit by a car one night – a car driven by a distracted (and possibly buzzing?) Veronica – the challenging investigation revealed his contract. his supporting role and in turn Daniela’s actual condition. With the tacit consent of the local sheriff, Joe saves Daniela from ICE but sends her stuff instead, angering Mateo so much that the boy attacks his stepfather during a lively celebration party. In doing so, Mateo threatens to spread some of his stepfather’s dirty laundry related to his own humble beginnings. Because of….

Promised land 1x01… Carlos and Juana, from another plot? They are actually young Joe and Lettie, before they meet their old contact – his brother, Guillermo / “Billy” (Rolando Chusan) – at the Heritage House vineyard and get the fake paperwork/identity. their new. Furthermore, adult Billy makes an unexpected return to Lettie’s life in the present, when a chaplain at a Catholic school was recently bullied by Junior for possession of prescription drugs.

So just looking at all the well-kept secrets / upcoming questions:

* Joe and Lettie are actually Carlos and Juana, and Pastor Billy is Joe’s brother
* Antonio is conspiring with his mother, Margaret, to take ownership of the Heritage House from his father, Joe
* Veronica was involved in a fugitive, of a vineyard worker, who traded in forged working papers
* Why didn’t Joe end up with Lettie first?
* Why does Margaret believe Joe “stole” her family’s vineyard?
* Who is Mateo’s father?
* Did “Billy” become a priest as some sort of penance? And why was Lettie terrified to see him?
* Veronica’s husband (played by Andrew West) is totally going to hook up with her sister Carmen, isn’t he?

Consideration about Promised land launch below and note that Episode 2 will be “coming soon” on Tuesdays on Hulu (before airing on ABC next week).

https://tvline.com/2022/01/24/promised-land-recap-season-1-premiere-abc-latino-family-drama/ ‘The Promised Land’ Recap: Latino Family Vineyard Sudser on ABC

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