The parrot optical illusion changes as you look at it

THIS optical illusion will have you wondering what’s right in front of you.

Shared by British company Lenstore, this craze aims to trick you into seeing colors when there aren’t any.

what color do you see


what color do you see

After staring at a parrot’s eye for 15 seconds, the picture turns black and white, but our eyes see things differently.

An eye trick makes it appear as if the blue parts of the image are pink and the pink parts of the image are blue.

That’s because the optical illusion is an example of a negative afterimage that causes the color you see to be inverted or reversed from the original.

An afterimage is a type of optical illusion in which the images continue to appear even after exposure to the original image has ended.

You’ve probably experienced this before, when you’ve been looking at something for a long time and you can still see it even if you look elsewhere.

There are two main types of afterimages: positive and negative.

Positive afterimages are when the same color as what you were originally looking at can still be seen after the stimulus is gone – this may be due to the lights going out or because you closed your eyes.

You can still see the image in its original colors because some cells on the retina continue to send signals to the brain for some time after stimulation.

In a negative afterimage, the color you see may be inverted or reversed from the original image. Just like the parrot shown above.

You may see an image with colors that are the opposite of what the image originally looked like. This is because the rods and cones, which are part of the retina, become overstimulated and desensitized.

So what colors did you see?

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