The new year will bring ice, snow and cold to Missouri

St. Louis Weather:

ST. LOUIS, Mo. All eyes are on the approaching winter storm affecting the Midwest. A Winter Storm Warning has been posted for northern Missouri and includes Pike and Montgomery Counties in our observation area.

The most impactful winter weather is expected in the track area from Saturday through Saturday night and early Sunday. From Kansas City to Quincy and heading north, it looks like it’s mostly snow with more than 6 inches possible.

Further south into our viewing area, Pike and Montgomery Counties will have the greatest impact on viewers as the rain turns to freezing rain, then sleet and finally snow on the day Saturday.

Meanwhile, temperatures will drop to their lowest point in the 20s. Significant impacts on travel could be expected in these areas.

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Even further south, near I-70, the event begins as rain and most of the precipitation will drop as rain but eventually turn into freezing rain and sleet as cooler air descends further south. male. Lincoln and northwest Warren counties could see a healthy layer of freezing rain before turning to sleet, followed by light snow.

Metro St. Louis is on the southern edge of the really messy weather but I still expect some impact, especially from Saturday night through Saturday night. We can expect rain on Saturday for the St. Louis with temperatures pounding in the evening, the rain will change to light drizzle and sleet and eventually a combination of cold drizzle and light snow. The build-up will be mild, but slippage can develop due to the rapid drop in temperature.

We’re still more than two days away from the event and we all know the details are subject to change. A 30 or even 15 mile southward shift in temperature and precipitation forecasts will make a big difference in the conditions experienced in the transition zone. We’re simply not good at pre-pinning those things too far. It’s like predicting exactly where to track a tornado two days in advance, that just can’t be done. However, we can take you to the neighborhood and get you ready.

The big message today is to expect very tough travel conditions northwest of St. Louis Saturday and some challenging rides in the metro on Saturday night.

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