The new Netflix Persuasion trailer captures the essence of the popular novel

conviction was the last novel Jane Austen completed and over the years has become as popular as the fan favourite pride and prejudice. But during pride and prejudice has received countless adjustments, conviction was only filmed a few times.

When the news broke that Netflix was adjusting conviction into a movie, Jane Austen fans rejoiced. But we didn’t know what the film would look like. Well, with the recent release of the trailer, now we do.

At first glance, the trailer is perfect. Jane Austen loved nothing more than satire and this new adaptation looks like it mixes humor and romance in equal measure.

It begins with Anne Eliot (played by Dakota Johnson) breaking the fourth wall and speaking to the audience about her history, her family and all the hijinks that happen throughout the film. While Anne is usually played as a plain looking sad girl, it’s so fun to see her with a little more cheekiness.

The Netflix adaptation of Persuasion is coming this July

Richard E. Grant plays Mr. Eliot, Anne’s father, and the casting gods must have had a hand in that decision because it’s spot on. Mr. Eliot is a pompous man who only cares if everyone thinks he’s rich and handsome and perfect. Considering the family is burning money and he doesn’t care much for his kids, he’s far from perfect.

Anne’s sister Mary is played by Mia McKenna-Bruce, and based on the trailer, McKenna-Bruce nailed the role. Mary worries about herself more than others and loves any attention she can get. The line about not knowing where her kids are represents her perfectly.

Cut to Captain Wentworth, played by Cosmo Jarvis. This is the man Anne had to give up as a young girl because he was too poor and had no connections. Well, now he’s a rich captain in the Royal Navy and her father and aunt now have no problem getting involved with him. Oh, how the tables turn.

The two are quite forced to spend time together and what is initially awkward turns warm and friendly. And while it’s hard to tell from the trailer alone, you can still feel the tension between them. They never got over each other.

But Captain Wentworth isn’t the only one interested in Anne’s heart. Mr. Eliot (a long-lost relative; coincidentally, it’s Jane Austen) is played by Henry Golding, and if that’s not a perfect cast, then I don’t know what is. Imagine having to choose between Cosmo Jarvis and Henry Golding. It’s not an easy decision, which is what makes it so wonderful.

If we go by the book, Mr. Eliot’s intentions are far from innocent, but he’s definitely charming, handsome, and “not to mention rich.”

If you know anything about Austen, you should know how the story ends. It’s a love story after all.

conviction is famous for one of the most romantic letters ever written. Can’t wait to see how they adapt this for the screen.

It will also be interesting to see how far they deviate from the book. The scene in the trailer where Anne impersonates Wentworth with a basket and some jam is certainly not in the book. And I don’t think Austen would have used the term “exe”.

But the best thing about Austen is making it your own, and the creators seemed to have done that in the best possible way. It definitely looks used Emma (2020) and pride & Prejudice (2005) as their muses and as good as these films are, who could blame them?

conviction will be available on Netflix on Friday July 15, 2022.

Check out the new trailer here:

What do you think of the new one conviction Follower? Are you looking forward to the movie? Let us know in the comments below!

https://netflixlife.com/2022/06/14/new-netflix-persuasion-trailer-captures-essence-beloved-novel/ The new Netflix Persuasion trailer captures the essence of the popular novel

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