The mother couldn’t stop crying as she realized who the child she is adopting really is

When we think of family, we usually imagine a warm home and loving people. Unfortunately, not everyone has a nice and stable family. Thousands of children around the world are growing up without the help they need. Fortunately, many caring people eagerly await the opportunity to adopt children. Even with a smile you can’t tell how someone feels inside.

You don’t know if they’re happy or not. A teenage boy who has the courage to interrupt a judge in court and talk about the care of his adopted foster family can be a wonderful but difficult experience. Before becoming a parent, one must first learn how to nurture a child. On August 13, 2018, Sarah Kozad was in court with her husband and two foster children. A judge ruled whether Sarah could legally adopt the children and become a mother.

Sarah’s entire family sat in front of the court awaiting the verdict. Now it was up to the judge to decide whether Sarah and her husband could adopt the two teenagers. Then, out of nowhere to Shawn, the older boy got up and did something unexpected. Mistakes in the courtroom brought tears to Sarah and her husband. The trial is long enough.

Without adding the anxious weight of the verdict, Sarah wished the day had gone on forever as she awaited the judge’s verdict. After all, the future of the 26-year-old as a foster mother of two children was uncertain. Sarah’s lifelong desire was to foster and adopt children. This day was decisive in her life. Sarah met Stewart Shank, her husband-to-be, seven years before that crucial court hearing.

She didn’t hesitate to tell Stewart that she wanted to be a foster mom. Seven years later, Stewart and Sarah sat in court together expecting to adopt two adorable boys. Sarah has always wanted to adopt children, so that day her dream came true. It’s weird to talk about adoption on a first date. Sarah’s desire to be a foster mom was so strong she couldn’t stop talking about it.

Surprisingly, Stewart took the news well. I was impressed with how Stewart handled it, Cozad noted in September 2018. They were an amazing couple. It’s rare for couples to decide to adopt on the first date. This seemed to prove Stewart and Sarah’s compatibility.

They married in 2014 after a brief romance. Their honeymoon was the first thing they did after getting married. After the trip, Sarah and Stewart began preparing their journey to become foster parents. Sarah was so excited to be a foster mom that she almost forgot her age. She always wanted to adopt a child who was younger than her.

After all, she lacked experience in dealing with children of the same age. She had always imagined adopting a child and starting a family with her husband. They were so eager to become foster parents and began adopting and raising children, helping them with their schoolwork and social life. Most of her foster children were infants. Initially, they only accepted newborns and infants, as recommended by their social worker.

After all, they were both young. For the weekend they had to take care of an infant named Michael. Three-year-old Michael stayed with Sarah and Stewart for a week. Instead of the originally intended two days, they seemed connected to the infant and found it difficult to let go. Regardless, Sarah and Kozad understood that foster parents fit their personalities and position.

The couple agreed to host Michael for a few days. Little did they know that three-year-old Michael would drastically change their plans. That weekend turned into a week and then months. That time in years. Love that matters, Cozed wrote, not even noticing the time passed.

Sarah and Stewart had no plans to keep Michael for long, but they had grown to love him immediately. They were supposed to watch him for a weekend, but that turned into two months. Soon she was visited by someone else. Deshawn, Michael’s older brother, startled Sarah and Stewart. This was the first time the family met.

We can’t possibly explain this beautiful moment without crying. Jean ran to his little brother, grabbed him and hugged him. For several minutes, Sarah and Stewart watched enviously at their brother’s delight. After seeing this, Sarah knew she had to act. She couldn’t let them break up again.

The only way Sarah and Stewart could keep the brothers together was to take them both in. Sarah had not intended to adopt a ten-year-old boy. She never thought of adopting a teenager because she was so young. That would go against all her ideas, so she would be 13 years older than her foster child. Sarah and Stewart had no idea what it was like to care for an older child, especially a teenager when Deshawn was ten.

His old age was difficult for the new parents. Sarah realized that chatting with Deshawn might not be such a big deal, and for all she knew, the boy made things a lot easier. Sarah had good reasons not to adopt older children. Her expertise and experience were not sufficient to care for an older child, but she also realized that she could not allow the two brothers to be separated. Jeanne’s age wasn’t the only obstacle.

Sarah Stewart also babysat other children on occasion, which made things a lot more difficult. The young couple loved helping others and were always willing to lend a hand when needed. They have taken care of a total of 14 children and given him love and support during difficult times. Stewart and Sarah have always wanted to help children in need. They couldn’t stop at one child, so they took on as many as possible.

They wanted to help the children and reunite them with their birth parents. Sarah took some time to reflect on the incident and to consider her next course of action. She had to make a difficult decision, but she did it. Luckily, she did love her blog, what matters to express herself and decide what to do next. Whenever possible, we support reunification.

The best thing about foster care is that parents fight to win their children back. Sarah Blonde, getting boys together and preserving their future seemed to matter more than DeShawn’s age. Sarah had clearly decided to make an exception. Seeing the two brothers reunited made her realize the importance of fostering or adopting an older child. Upon seeing Michael and Deshawn, Sarah and Stewart decided they needed to live together in a safe household.

They decided to make an exception and adopt. They soon found themselves in an unexpected scenario. They had to go through the adoption process or the two brothers would be separated again, which Sarah and Stewart didn’t want. After a year of living together, Sarah and Stewart decided to adopt both boys. The court would decide whether or not to allow the adoption.

Although Sarah and Stewart worked hard to achieve their goals and ensure the boy’s safety, the adoption process took far too long. Despite their best efforts, it took six months for things to get off the ground. The two had to be patient through the case. The boys were thrilled to finally be together, but they also had to wait a long time to see if it was real. This took years, Sarah said on her blog.

Two children, one of whom is now a teenager, should pose a challenge for this young couple. Adopting a child is hard enough on its own. Despite the challenges, Sarah and Stewart were determined to succeed. Despite the slow progress, the family grew closer and the brothers seemed happier than ever. Sarah has documented her journey on her blog, detailing her challenges, difficulties and outcomes.

This whole incident had a major impact on the young couple. It taught the children patience and perseverance and the value of love and family. Sarah and Stewart adopted. To Sean and Michael, they seem like a whole family. A couple wouldn’t give that up no matter how long the court case lasted.

As with most things in life, there is always something wonderful on the other side. They spent days worrying about the adoption process, but it paid off. On August 13, 2018, they finally found out what had become of their family. The final court date would decide the fate of their hopes and efforts. Stewart and Sarah would be the parents of Michael and DeShawn.

The couple were relieved to see the conclusions of the ordeal. The day was so special that everyone in the court cried. Everyone around Sarah and Stewart was relieved when they finally adopted the boys. Something else made Sarah sob in the middle of the courtroom. It was an unexpected event involving Deshawn, the older brother.

We know everyone is excited to see what happened in court, so let’s get to it. Luckily someone caught this event in the courtroom. Do you think they all agreed that this adoption should go ahead? The judge said on tape. Sarah and Stewart waited for the trial to end.

Usually, when the unexpected happens, nobody expects people to speak up when the judge asks those questions, but not this time. Yes, they love us all, Deshawn remarked unexpectedly. His surprising answer made everyone in the courtroom grin and some even cried tears of joy. But they didn’t realize that he had more to say. Just when everyone thought the court case was over, Deshawn decided to make everyone laugh.

Moments later, Deshawn had a heartwarming comment to offer. We love our whole family is the best. I’m glad I have her. You raised me well. They’re the best, he said, making his parents cry.

Deshawn’s surprising speech drove Sarah over the edge. She sobbed in the middle of the courtroom, like many others in the audience. Sarah and Stewart’s love for their sons was evident in their feelings. Oswald, Michael and Deshawn felt loved and grateful to be part of such a caring family. Sarah and Stewart’s desire to adopt both Deshawn and Michael demonstrated their affection for the boys. The mother couldn’t stop crying as she realized who the child she is adopting really is


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