The moment a Russian soldier begs for his life in front of a Ukrainian drone, while enraged Vlad rants that his army “beaten Bakhmut away”.

A Russian soldier was filmed desperately pleading for his life after being pursued by a Ukrainian drone amid the horrors of trench warfare near the besieged town of Bakhmut.

In the clip is the Russian The troupe is seen crawling through the mud after gesturing frantically Ukrainian drone that he wants to give away.

A Russian soldier was filmed surrendering to a Ukrainian drone


A Russian soldier was filmed surrendering to a Ukrainian drone
The soldier follows the drone out of the trench after the surrender


The soldier follows the drone out of the trench after the surrender
The Russian soldier was later interrogated by his captors


The Russian soldier was later interrogated by his captors
An angry Putin is said to have ranted that his generals had


An angry Putin is said to have ranted that his generals had “cheated” BakhmutPhoto credit: AP

He is seen crossing his arms in an “X” across his chest to signal “no” to the drone’s camera.

PutinThen the beleaguered soldier grabs a piece of white cloth, which he holds up as a sign of surrender.

As he follows the drone out of the trenches, he is shot at by his own former Russian army comrades.

In the amazing clip, explosions explode all around him.

The footage is believed to have been filmed near the besieged Ukrainian city Bachmutwhere some of the fiercest fighting has taken place in recent months.

As part of the Ukrainian government’s “I Want To Live” project, launched last September, he was given a chance to surrender to allow Russian troops a way out of Putin’s meat grinder war.

The I Want To Live Project shared the footage, saying it was “the story of the occupier surrendering to the Ukrainian drone under Bakhmut.” [who] received a truly ‘cinematic’ sequel.”

The statement added that the lucky soldier’s partner decided to “blow himself up with a grenade” rather than surrender as Russian troops had been ordered by their generals.

It is estimated that almost 200,000 Russian soldiers have died since the war began in February last year, including many young conscripts from the poorest and most remote parts of the vast country.

Addressing Putin’s soldiers directly, the I Want To Live project continued, “The moral of this fable is, Russian soldier, don’t listen to the Kremlin butchers, don’t believe their cannibal calls to die on Ukrainian soil!”

“They will continue to eliminate people like you by the thousands and thousands. Ukraine, your life is more expensive than Russian commanders because you can be exchanged for captured Ukrainian heroes.”

“If you want to go home, surrender yourself to captivity.”

Kremlin insiders claim that Vladimir Putin recently got angry with his generals because he believed they botched the attack on Bakhmut.

Thousands of troops from both the regular Russian army and the pro-Putin private militia Wagner Group were stationed in the city, but despite Russia’s overwhelming numbers, the brave Ukrainian defenders have so far held out.

An account on news app Telegram by the name of General SVR, which is said to be run by a Kremlin insider, has documented what is said to have sparked Putin’s collapse after his stalled offensive.

He is reported to have told his generals, “You screwed everything up. Both Kherson and Artemovsk.” [Russian name for Bakhmut] are fucked up.

Important new evidence emerged today that Russian troops fled a Ukrainian advance in Bakhmut.

Pro-Kremlin Ukrainian blogger and politician Anatoly Shariy lamented that Vladimir Putin’s forces ran “faster than an antelope, faster than a tiger, faster than an ostrich…”.

He recounted how Russian forces left their ammunition and fled despite complaints they lacked the means to fight.

Shariy posted: “This is a photo of the Armed Forces of Ukraine occupying the fortress.” [previously held by Russia].

“What do I see? The means of anti-tank defense. What am I not seeing? Mountains of heroically fallen soldiers of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.”

“So the version that they ‘had nothing to fight back with’ is being challenged.”

The head of the Wagner Group, Putin’s former chef Yevgeny Prigozhin, has also fled in recent weeks claiming that Ukrainian forces are breaking through Russian lines.

He told his supporters: “The situation on the flanks.” [in Bakhmut] develops according to the worst predicted scenario.

“These areas, which for many months have been taken by tens or hundreds of yards a day with the blood and life of our comrades-in-arms, are now being taken by them almost without a fight [Russian regular troops] to hold our flanks.”

Prigozhin also sent a message to Putin’s Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, in which he bluntly stated: “Our positions in Bakhmut are being successfully attacked by the enemy from the flanks.”

“In view of your very long experience, could you please come to Bakhmut?”

The Russian military command has denied a Ukrainian counter-offensive and said the front is under control.

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Ukrainian official Anton Gerashchenko released a video showing “how the orcs [Russian soldiers] fleeing from Bakhmut under the attacks of Ukrainian artillery.

This week Ukraine shared a Video of Putin’s troops staging a humiliating retreat from Bakhmut Just hours after attempting to rally his soldiers during his attempt Victory Day speech on Red Square in Moscow.


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