The MCU finally got it right by Clint Barton, right before he left

When the two-part pilot for Hawkeye crashed, I was quite a fan of it. As I wrote at the time, I think the show is doing things well – Hailee Steinfeld is very well cast as both Bishop and alongside Jeremy Renner, the action is grounded, the stakes are personal , and it feels as disconnected as a MCU project can be envisioned. Despite all this, it wasn’t very good. Thankfully, by the time the show is halfway through, it looks like it’s turning the tide.

Hawkeye was always against it. I mean, it’s Hawkeye. Having said that, however, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, famously nicknamed Captain America, has the star power to be the victor, and instead presumably Marvelweakest TV product this year. What if…? literally any character it wants, and it’s even worse. Wanda was also average in the MCU before WandaVision, she was late to the party and never got the lead role to shine. Now, she’s one of the trump cards of the MCU. Starting off makes little sense in the TV series we’ve seen so far.

Related: Spider-Verse is here to show the MCU how to do the multiverse properlyHawkeye hasn’t been as successful with Kate Bishop as WandaVision has for Wanda, but she’s significantly more profitable than Falcon, although it’s likely to be given a supporting role over the next few years. However, it did prove that a Hawkeye could make an appearance in the MCU, a decade after the first one didn’t come out of the first gear box.

Hawkeye and Kate Bishop
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Although Hawkeye had some small cameos before Avengers Assemble, it was his first real role in the MCU. Unfortunately, he spends about half of the movie hypnotized by Loki, misses out on character development that the rest of the cast can enjoy, and even when his family is focused on, or the part Ronin ends, it feels as though he’s not never had a chance to catch up.


However, what he has to do is shoot a bunch of cool arrows. Avengers Assemble made great use of his powers to give him an arrow for every possible situation, and even had the fact that he ran out of arrows to shoot. This is what makes Hawkeye so interesting – he’s as good at archery as Batmanhis utility belt at all times. It doesn’t have to be as goofy as the gadgets Adam West’s Caped Crusader have had, but it’s a shame that this side of what Barton brought to the dining table never really stood out again – even if it wasn’t. he has a fancy arrow, it’s not celebratory or creative enough to warrant memorization.

This changes in Hawkeye. No longer Thor or Iron Man’s gag against the lightning, Hawkeye’s virtuosity doesn’t need acting to be funny. We see Barton and Bishop working together with explosive arrows, arrows that blind enemies with foam, suction cup-shaped arrows that help them cling to a train, and even arrows that combine into a single train. super rocket while in the air. Regular arrows are also more respected, with Barton using them to free Bishop from her chains in one episode.

Hawkeye aims his bow in the MCU

The TV show also highlighted Hawkeye’s deafness in the comics, as well as cast Deaf actor Alaqua Cox as Echo, with a strong portrayal of a character that has too often been dismissed. Also, while the conversation between Black Window and Barton in the Soul Stone is heartbreaking, it seems we’ve gotten to know just how close Clint and Natasha are than is shown in the MCU so far. For now, his relationship with Bishop seems much more meaningful.

The show has also seen Hailee Steinfeld shine as the queen of 2021. While her Apple TV Dickinson show ended earlier this year, that show was a) on Apple TV and b) not Ted Lasso, which means no one watched it. However, it probably prepared her for Arcane, where she plays again One charismatic lesbians not interested in stare. She continued that with Hawkeye, where she finally made archery look great years after Clint, Katniss Everdeen and Lara Croft failed, and was set to return. steals the show again as Gwen Stacy in Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse next year.

It’s not just Steinfeld. While I have no objections, some of you hold Renner – whatever he’s thinking with his jazz album and Renner app, I’ll never know – I find him boring and unusable. in the MCU so far. As sorry as he was bowing, he delivered his most interesting role to date, with a nuanced depiction of family life, a thoroughly explored disability, and a co-star. perfect with his dry, ignorant delivery. There’s still time for him to move on, with Steinfeld and Florence Pugh replacing Renner and Scarlett Johansson as the not-so-real MCU superheroes, but at least he’s come out on top.

Hawkeye won’t get as much attention as other Marvel projects. Hawkeye remains a hard sell, and after the Falcon stumbles, Loki largely acts as a setup, and What if…? Confusingly, Marvel’s TV shows have yet to prove they’re seen as much, though the events of WandaVision will likely shape Phase 4. Also, with Spidey coming out soon, Hawkeye feels like distracted. It probably won’t make too much of an impression on the MCU as a whole, but it’s already an important adjustment to one of the series’ least-used characters and a perfect ending before he dies. he retires.

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