‘The Mandalorian’ Part 3: How is Din’s New Ship Transport Bonus?

We have questions and you (probably) have answers! With another TV week on the way, we’re scouring left and right queries about dozens of shows including Righteous Gems, Snowpiercer, This is us and The Legend of Tomorrow!

first | How much did you cry on Jason Katims’ new show, Prime Video’s As we see itcompare to Being a parent and Friday night lights?

2 | You may wonder Blue Blood‘Didn’t Eddie share her own rape story while passionately lobbying for Erin to know the potential victims she meets? And do Blue Blood‘DA’s office plays by a different set of rules than Law & Order: SVU(where the accused rapist’s previous actions are often seen as “prejudicial but not challenging”)?

Rookies3 | Apart from the obvious reason…why? RookiesLucy and Tim were sitting on the table from their respective days instead of warm next for them? And honestly – putting aside any ‘shipper’s loyalty’ – you don’t feel really, Actually bad for Ashley in that scene?

4 | After kicking off Season 2 with two strong premieres, already Righteous Gems totally unprofitable in the last two weeks (eg Kelvin almost killed his father? Was it a random drive by the parent raising baby Billy? Judy turned into a legitimate psycho)?

Billion Peloton5 | Who gets a worse rep: cooking utensils/equipment (courtesy of This is us) or a Peloton bike (courtesy of And just like that…and Billion)?

6 | Do you really feel HappinessCal when he and his high school BFF danced and kissed and cried? And Derek really has a vibe to his young Brad Pitt, doesn’t he?

7 | Do we believe? Next siteThe Johnson family hasn’t experienced an earthquake in the four years since they moved to Los Angeles from Kalamazoo?

Ordinary Joe8 | Did Ordinary Joe forgot to remove the wound on Music Joe’s bloody hand before filming this scene with Nurse Joe?

9 | Above Promised land, the whole “whose child belongs to whom?” stymie you? And do the flashbacks make you like Carlos/Joe more or less?

ten | Do we believe that NCIS: Hawai’iMaggie Shaw – a former elite spy – was Are not Does the security system in her home show it was ransacked?

11 | Oliver Hudson’s Cookie Monster’s impressions of Cleaning woman: too good, or too silly?

Snowpiercer Part 3twelfth | How is it possible? Snowpiercer trains rarely use rail switches to operate when needed and not freeze in the latest revolution? (And how is the path signal even relayed in this powered-off astigmatism?)

13 | Were you surprised to find that out? Aziz AnsariNetflix’s new special Nightclub Comedian only 29 minutes long? And doesn’t it feel like it ended pretty abruptly?

14 | Above How I met your fatherWhat are the chances that Jesse and Drew who work at the same elementary school used to work How I meet your MotherLily’s?

15 | Which one is better Superman & Lois wink-wink: Is Lois referring to “the apocalypse” or is her father referring to Clark’s “bizarre” doppelgänger?

this-is-us-recap-season-6-episode-416 | Is it weird? This is us‘Marilyn was never mentioned whatever about her life in Ohio? (Or did Jack not pick up those calls that Sunday?) Also, how did Marilyn meticulously plan every aspect of her funeral service in advance… to save for what was supposed to be? Most importantly, what outfit will she be buried in? And where was childhood Nicky in childhood flashbacks? What, no sausage and soup for him?

17 | Yes New Amsterdam makes Veronica a total villain just one note?

18 | Not that we want to follow Abbott Elementary SchoolPrincipal Ava on social media, but we certainly can’t be the only ones curious enough to want to see exactly what she’s doing. doing on TikTok?

19 | We have seen everything or done Our kind of peopleDid Teddy stare at Aunt Piggy? And it’s weird that we totally send them if have a Part 2?

20 | Look at the shiny Naboo star that he announced in Books by Boba Fetthow/where does Mandalorian intend to transport any bounty?

Books by Boba Fett

21 | If Kings of NapaKings are all famous, didn’t the staff in the office where August and Dana argued about Grace and Preston divulging the story to a gossip column or two? Or the winery’s NDA that ironclad?

22 | Did The Legend of TomorrowThe hilarious movie about Sara Lance’s increasingly ridiculous death that reminds you Supernaturalepisode “Mystery Spot”? (Are you disappointed that the show doesn’t use a Franz Ferdinand song for the hour?) And is there a significant dichotomy between Legendary‘Eobard Thawne and The FlashEobard Thawne throw you?

23 |Above Great raceHow much money do you need to get? friend Join the highest bungee jump in Europe?

Batwoman24 | Batwoman fans, who are we talking to about getting a copy of Poison Mary’s Alice-inspired green coat? And who’s chilled to see Luke return as Batwing?

25 | Are you more interested in dinner Sisters‘Sabrina left behind her broken love with Calvin? Do you hope she will eventually call the restaurant owner? And maybe it’s a side effect of the pandemic, but there doesn’t seem to be the most amount of phone footage in Season 4?

26 | After all we’ve built, why don’t we really see And just like thatDid Miranda surprise Che? And when Miranda said “I want some Che”, did you almost turn off the TV out of embarrassment?

27 | Should we be proud that grownAaron already has a rider, sad he calls it giving up, or both?

B Positive Opening28 | So, B PositiveDrew just… currently working in Valley Hills, taking on routine tasks around the facility? Why not just make the (formerly?) therapist shrink? And how much variation do you think we’ll get on the main title sequence by the time Season 2 ends in March?

29 | Who wants to race to the nearest ice rink after this week’s episode of Drunk single female?

30 | After watching the first three episodes of Apple TV + s The party after thatWho is your number 1 suspect?

Hit a comment with your answer – and any other questions you’d like to share!

https://tvline.com/2022/01/28/the-mandalorian-season-3-new-ship-n-1-naboo-starfighter-tv-questions/ ‘The Mandalorian’ Part 3: How is Din’s New Ship Transport Bonus?

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