The man kicked off the train for shouting at the children…but many blamed their mothers for the whole incident.

One MUM shared a train journey that left her “shaky” after a man was kicked off for shouting at her baby – but others countered that she was to blame.

Taken to Reddit The woman revealed that she traveled to see her uncle for the New Year with her two children, aged 4 and 7.

A mother has been branded a'a**hole' after she refused to move her children out of their reserved train seats


A mother has been branded a ‘a**hole’ after she refused to move her children out of their reserved train seatsCredit: Getty – Contributor

She went on to explain that because the train was ‘quite empty’ and her children were tired, she had no problem sitting in some of the seats marked as reserved.

That is until the chair’s rightful owner shows up and asks her daughter to move from his seat.

She explained: “I’ve seen this guy being rude to other passengers and I was quite angry when he spoke to my daughter the same way, instead of looking at me and politely asking.”

The mother explained that she had told the man to try and find another seat because there was nowhere else for her daughter to sit.

She continued: “He kept mumbling and I thought he was going to sit down but he came back a few minutes later with a staff member and was shouting at this point that we stole his chair like that. for which he paid and we were not even supposed to be on board.

“The lady checked our tickets and I explained to her that we were just tired and didn’t think it would be a problem to get into our seats while the train was not full.

“In response to his anger, the woman told us not to worry and also asked him to sit elsewhere. He started screaming about how we stole his seat and kids are not above the law.

“Short story short, he was told that he needed to get off the train at the next stop because he was not welcome on the service. At this point both of my kids are pretty shaken and I regret the whole journey but not sure what I can do at this point.”

The mother completed her post by asking if she was wrong and the majority of Redditors members were quick to tell her she did.

Commenting on the post, one person wrote: “He paid for that chair, and the extent of your benefits is amazing.

“Honestly, I was shocked that that employee blatantly sided with you. If the train, “Still not full”, why are you sitting in the reserved seats? “

Agreeing, another added: “Just because YOU didn’t book early and YOU couldn’t find a seat together for YOUR family that someone else who had made a reservation had to move so YOU ​​weren’t standing?”

“How to teach your children to be entitled,” said a third.

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