The lingering questions we have about solar ash

Heart Machine’s Galactic World belong to Solar ash follows the journey of Rei, the ultimate Voidrunner on a quest to save her planet from being consumed by the black hole known as Ultravoid. She tells about Ultravoid in a rush, trying to find any surviving Voidrunners and kill the Remnants to activate the Starseed.

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Along the way, Rei finds signs of life and slowly piece together what really happened to her and her planet. Regardless of which ending you choose, there are still some questions left unanswered.

7 Why was Rei left behind?

Solar Ash Rei prepares to enter Ultravoid

At the beginning of the game, Rei prepares to set off into Ultravoid to find her missing comrades and save her planet. The first cutscene says she’s the last member of the Voidrunners, so why not join her fellow Voidrunners on the quest to insert and activate the Starseed?

Obviously, if Rei died with her party members there would be no game, but she was probably asked to stay in the room when something bad happened (which did happen). ). Or maybe she had to stay in for an emergency; But what could be more urgent than her apocalypse?


6 Where does Echo live?

Solar Ash Echo talking to Rei

After ending the game, it is revealed that Echo is part of Rei. You could call her what you might call a tortured conscience, becoming more and more detached from Rei each time she denied the truth and activated Starseed.

Echo talks to Rei every time she kills a Large Anomaly, making her look even more wounded each time. The Elders say that Echo is in between life and death, so could she reside there? She also appears when Rei is about to activate Starseed again, so it’s possible she’s stuck in the middle of time.

5 Are the smaller ruins also part of Rei?Solar Ash Rei fights Little Ruins

Rei is not only right collect all Voidrunner Caches and Void Logs but also have to battle hostile remnants. Unlike the Giant Ruins, these Tiny Ruins kills don’t trigger a cutscene with Echo. At first Rei thought they were mutant life forms, but that was before she discovered the truth.

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At the end of the game, you discover that all of Cyd’s massive ruins and traces of ruins blocking the connection are actually past versions of Rei. So if the giant remnants are part of Rei, does that mean their smaller counterparts are also Rei? If so, how are they created? And what do they represent?

4 Who Are The Silent People?

Solar Ash Rei talks to the Keeper of Rituals

After meeting an Umbra named Ahrric and starting the quest ‘Shadow Pilgrimage’, Rei went on Ahrric’s behalf to find and talk to all the Elders. When they asked them a question, they talked about talking to the Silencers for guidance. But, who are they?

Apparently, Umbra reveres the Silent Ones and seems to regard them as gods. The Elders of Ahrric also seem to have the ability to communicate with them. However, who are they; their origin; and what they look like is still a mystery.

3 Why are some planets not completely destroyed by metaphysical attack?Ashes of the Sun Shattered Capital Remains of Veruki City

One of the many books you can find in Solar Ash theorizes that some planets in the process of colliding with Ultravoid do not end up being completely annihilated. You can find evidence of this from the ruins of the capital Veruki to entire libraries. Some of that planet’s inhabitants eventually survived, like Lyris and Danderpaws.

But it is not explained further in the game why that happens. Are some planets special in some way or is it simply a matter of chance? Well, it maybe just good luck at the end of the day, but maybe there’s more to it than that.

2 How did the Surviving Voidrunners die?

Solar Ash Rei finds Tufte's body

When Rei first landed in Ultravoid, she harbored hope that some of her comrades would survive the crash of their ship. However, as she progressed, Rei realized that she was indeed the ultimate Voidrunner and that the burden of saving the world rested on her shoulders.

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However, when she finds each of them, they appear to be malfunctioning, leaving imprints of their last moments alive. Rei describes them to Cyd as frozen; The Void Diaries next to their bodies don’t really tell you how they died or how they are still these frozen memories.

first Why doesn’t Rei feel pain when she kills a remnant?

Solar Ash Rei kills a giant remnant

At the end of the game you realize why Echo seems to get hurt more every time you kill Massive Remnant. All previous versions of Rei were half of Echo, so killing them would cause excruciating pain later on.

However, it makes you wonder why Rei didn’t go through such pains himself. Rei actually felt the pain and despair of the remnants as she attacked them, but nothing else. Does refusing every time she starts a new Starseed Cycle cause some sort of disconnect, or is it just for the sake of the plot?

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