‘The Kings of Napa’: Premiere (Season 1, Episode 1) synopsis of the PRIVATE TV Series

If of PRIVATE Kings of Napa is a wine, it will be a full body blend of Falcon Crest and Empire, the soap’s equivalent of acidic red soaks into you – gradually. Before we get a taste of its aftereffects, however, Tuesday’s premiere introduces us briefly to the King family: Dr Reginald (Isiah Whitlock Jr.) and his former TV reporter wife Vanessa (Karen LeBlanc), and their first child, Dana (Rance Nix), the mercenary finance manager of their winery, middle child August (Ebonee Noel), head of marketing, and young Christian (Ashlee Brian), who prefers bourbon to vino.

At first, it seemed like all we were going to get was disagreements about side hustles, dessert wine thrills, and some particularly intoxicating real estate porn. But then Reginald died during a dinner, and the grapes began to sour. No one objected to the deceased naming the wig tycoon’s sister Yvette (Heather Simms) Vice President of Business in his will, or his cousin Bridgette (Yaani King Mondschein) getting a raise as a manager. vineyard manager. However, temper rose with eyebrows when Reginald undermined Dana by making August the president of the company. And that’s before Aunt Melanie (Devika Parikh) shows up.

Although Bridgette’s mother asked to speak to Vanessa privately, she said, “No, just pop that cork in front of everyone.” In the end, Melanie reveals not only that she lent Reginald $10 million – she needs to pay it back, by the way – but also that Bridgette is his daughter.

summary of the kings of napa season 1 episode 1 separatelyAs a result, the perfect crust of the Kings is stripped away like the enamel on your teeth after a glass of too tannic wine. When Vanessa doesn’t lament that she gave up her career for her husband – “I could have been Joy Reid until now!” – she’s blaming Dana for August’s promotions. (If the family’s money man finds that they’re struggling financially in the first place, she’s reasoned, his dad. would never have to borrow a fortune from her lover!)

As for poor Bridgette, she’s not only reeling from having her mother lie her whole life about her father’s death, she’s also fired by Vanessa, which is of course petty and crazy. “None of you know how to make wine!” Bridgette pointed out. Even when August’s high school sweetheart, attorney Kelvin Johnson (Curtis Hamilton), helps with the financial settlement, Vanessa blows it up by refusing to let Bridgette continue her job.

summary of the kings of napa season 1 episode 1 separatelyFinally, August, who loves Bridgette like a sister she always has, devised a way to make her mother understand why – by staging an intervention at a posh restaurant . For a moment, it looks like it might work. But then, Vanessa had to go ask Melanie if the only time she slept with Reginald was when Bridgette was conceived. Uh… um…

A lot for that idea. As the family stormed out of the restaurant, Melanie warned August that her father was not the man she thought she was. “There’s a lot more to this,” she said, “than you know.” Right at that moment, August received a call from someone with their voices disguised. “It must be painful to clean up the skeletons your father left behind,” he/she said. “I hope you’ll keep up with your father’s payments.”

“Payment?” expression of August. “Pay what?!?” Color we concatenated. What did friend think about Kings of Napa, although? Rate the premiere in the poll below, then rate it with your reviews.

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