The hidden plots that everyone misses in the forgotten city

One of the coolest surprises of 2021 is The Forgotten City. Developed by Modern Storyteller, The Forgotten City is a full adaptation of the mod with the same name from Skyrim. You assume control of a person saved by a mysterious woman named Karen outside the ancient ruins that lead to a magical time portal that transports you back to the thousand-year-old Roman city.

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The few citizens residing in the city claim that they are governed by a deadly law known as the Golden Rule. This law stipulates that if one person commits a crime, the entire population will be turned to gold. You are tasked with finding the culprit behind the Golden Rule and trying to save as many people as possible. Across the four different endings, there are quite a few hidden storylines that you might miss.

The following list contains items with major spoilers about the game’s story. Only continue reading this post if you have finished reading The Forgotten City.

Galerius is really nice but can lead to breaking the golden rule

galerius the forgotten city

Lucky for you, the first person you meet when you arrive in the Roman city is Galerius, who is without a doubt the nicest person you will meet in this game. He is a pure spirit only eager to help what he can. Immediately, Galerius offers to give you a tour of the city and personally escort you to the Magistrate Sentius.

Not only did Galerius actually memorize the Golden Rule spell, but he was also the only one from afar to be civil with Duli. In fear of Duli stealing something because he was caught staring for too long, Sentius imprisoned him. Well, obviously we can imprison people before they commit a crime. Anyway, by elects Galerius as the new Judge, he will release Duli from his captivity. And what will he do with his new-found freedom? Well, he just went ahead and did what he was holding and broke the Golden Rule.

Aurelia Scam Ulpius and Iulia

aurelia scam ulpius and iulia

No wonder you’re not the first to try to escape the city. As you explore, you learn that someone named Hannibal once tried to escape back through the aqueduct, and local pub owner Aurelia may have some information on how to escape. But it’s immediately clear that not only is Aurelia a terrible human being, but she may also be responsible for Ulpius and Iulia’s imprisonment in Malleolus.

If you venture to the Great Temple, Ulpius is the one who has the right to prepare to throw himself from said Great Temple. He tells you that he and Iulia made an agreement that they both commit suicide because they will never be able to settle the Malleolus debt. After saving Iulia from the poison she drank to kill herself, you learn that Aurelia was the one who tricked the couple into borrowing a large sum of money to pay her for information on how to escape. Unfortunately for them, Aurelia lied and since she wasn’t technically breaking the Golden Rule, there was nothing they could do about it.

Vergil is gay and Rufius is harassing him for being in the closet

vergil the forgotten city

Among the shops at the market was an architect named Vergil. This polite and interesting man tells you his account of what happened before he arrived in the city and what he thinks about the Golden Rule. While talking to him, you notice that there are obnoxious graffiti messages around the area. These messages are directed at Vergil because of his sexual preference for men and the person behind the heinous threats believes Vergil will trigger the Golden Rule.

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Vergil knew a little more about the possible escape route through the aqueduct, but feared that if he spoke more of it, the gods would be angry. You offer to find the culprit behind the hate messages for Vergil’s information. As it turned out, the person behind the messages was Rufius because of his close religious views and strong symptoms of rheumatism. Interestingly, if you complete the canonical epilogue and revisit the characters in the museum, you’ll learn that Rufius and Vergil are currently living together, implying that he’s uncomfortable with his own sexuality.

Ulpius loves Sentilla

ulpius loves sentilla the forgotten city

When you first arrive in the Roman city, you will learn that Sentius’ second daughter, Sentilla, has been missing for a few days. It was strange that Sentius, Judge and all, wasn’t worried about his daughter’s safety. Some have accepted that she may have died after attempting to escape, possibly including her lover, Ulpius.

In the first cycle you will most likely fail to prevent Ulpius from falling and dying from the Great Temple, but after further exploring the city you will discover that Ulpius and Sentilla are lovers. In the next cycle, you can save Ulpius from committing suicide by asking him if this is what Sentilla wants. Maybe it’s a good thing that no one knows about their relationship, because people will assume Ulpius kidnapped or killed her.

Hidden Christians

octavia the forgotten city

While exploring the city, you will hear people mentioning the cultists and how some of them can live among the people. Well, it turns out that the cultists were Christians when the wave of Christianity flooded Rome. You find out that there are actually three Christians living in the Roman city: Octavia, Rufius, and Malleolus.

When telling people about their last memories before arriving in the city, many of them mention a great fire and how it was started by the devotees. The message of Christianity slowly spread through Rome and early converts were severely affected. If the Christians had started the fire, it could have responded to discrimination and endless torture against their religious beliefs.

You are not the first to explore the underworld

Forgotten city underworld

The big plot in The Forgotten City is that you are actually dead and in the Underworld. While this can certainly blow your sails, you’re not the first to discover the truth. Naevia, Livia, and Equitia (and Hermit, but he’s somewhat exceptional), all in their own way figured something out about the Roman city.

Equitia is one of the first people you meet when you venture into the city, and she asks you to talk to people to gather more information about how they all got there. After talking to everyone, she concluded that her theory of being in the Underworld had been proven correct. While Equitia remained calm, despite knowing that she was indeed dead, the same cannot be said about Naevia and Livia. Both of them had lost their minds in a way. Livia wanders around the city, muttering ancient poems, while Naevia is trying to peel gold from various bodies because she hears voices.

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