The Flash Is The Best Arrowverse Show (Yes, More Than Superman and Lois)

The CW’s Arrowverse is both loved and criticized. It comes to the territory as the face of DC TV. Yes, DC shows are streaming on HBO Max now, but before these comic book and spin-off adaptations kick off, where to watch DC’s superhero TV multiverse is The CW. Arguably, that will still happen for years to come (if sell CW does not change the playing field).

However, while the Arrowverse is named after the first DC TV series to land on the network, the beginnings of this expanding universe was not the show that made the Arrowverse what it is today. That honor belongs to The Flash. This is a point that has been discussed, debated, and sometimes led to wars among online fandoms, but it’s true.

Barry Allen and Team Flash are at the heart of the Arrowverse, and that has a lot to do with its storytelling. Every Arrowverse fan has a specific expression that they aim for regardless of quality. Whether it’s because of the main characters, the ship, or a compelling premise, doesn’t particularly matter. At the end of the day we are all fans of switching TV to The CW or clicking play on the CW app or Netflix to watch our favorite superhero shows.

The FlashHowever, it is the best of them all. Yes, I’m saying this as a fan Superman and Lois and knew that the future of DC TV on The CW would likely be shaped in that show’s image. But if we’re talking about the best Arrowverse show, it’s The Flash. Superman and Lois not long enough to qualify, it still needs to be checked from time to time.

With nearly eight seasons already released and a ninth season rumored to be added, Barry’s series doesn’t just qualify because it has surpassed its predecessor and made a name for itself.

The Flash is the best Arrowverse show. Stage = Stage.

Barry Allen started his time on The CW as the lovable anti-thesis for Oliver Queen. While Blue Arrows broods, seeks revenge, and responds to tragedy with vigilance, Flash aims for the excitement, novelty, and wonder of gaining unimaginable power and at the same time. learn to control impulses that are as capable of changing time as we are. know it.

It’s not that Barry hasn’t had more than a fair share of the tragedy that has led him down some dark paths. But rather The Flash always lead with love. Well, the structure of the program has changed over the years. Villain of the Week has aged, it’s hit or miss at times when it comes to the season-long half-season that the evil team has to contend with, but the show is all about overcoming obstacles to achieve the impossible.

For Barry, what drives him forward is the love he has for his teammates and family. He couldn’t have done any of the things he’d have achieved without them, and his show always goes back to that fact. Eight seasons have passed and this remains the same even as Team Flash has grown.

While it’s true that every Arrowverse show has a family to be found, for many viewers like me, Team Flash is the blueprint. Their togetherness and love for each other still shine through even in the face of adversity, Barry’s mistakes, and the tragedy that befell the war on crime.

The Flash also has a love story at its heart with Barry and Iris, aka Westallen. For their relationship to remain as cheesy as ever, it’s a backdrop for the show. A way to be more recent even in the chaos. Iris are Barry’s lightning rods and they are the tethers to which this program is grounded. They’re the Arrowverse’s gold standard, and they’ve proven it time and time again.

Superman and Lois is the program that will carry the torch The Flash left after it finally aired (in season 9 or a possible season 10). But the series is still making a lot of money. Barry’s story, going on, has delivered iconic battles on a smaller budget with a DC character that’s not part of the trilogy and that’s a good part of the first-time fan base. First known through The CW.

For some fans, The Flash is their gateway to the world of comics and the love of DC TV in general. They followed him through his repeated struggles with the Reverse Flash, brutal escapes with Zoom, a time-bending clash with Savitar, a Mirrorverse that turned his world upside down. me, fatherhood in the timeline continues to develop his family, and beyond.

The Flash has always been the best that Arrowverse has to offer and it has held that position for many years. It will take more than a season Superman and Lois to change its rank in this universe of shows. Let’s get Clark and Lois through their second season before we even think about crowning their series.

https://netflixlife.com/2022/02/23/the-flash-best-arrowverse-show/ The Flash Is The Best Arrowverse Show (Yes, More Than Superman and Lois)

Aila Slisco

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