The fan base is split between excitement and anxiety

After being widely rumored, Ubisoft has officially confirmed a new entry in Splinter Cell franchise, or more specifically, a remake of the first Splinter Cell title.

Ubisoft’s Splinter Cell redefined stealth in the early 2000s and ushered in a new generation of stealth action that continues to this day. The series featured multiple entries throughout the 2000s, with the most recent being the Splinter Cell Blacklist in 2013.

Sam Fisher has appeared in several Tom Clancy titles, including Rainbow Six Siege and the two recent Ghost Recon titles. The new title essentially restarts the timeline and starts fresh.


However, fans waiting for a new title seem split between excitement and trepidation. Let’s take a closer look.

Splinter Cell Remake: What are fans saying?

Splinter Cell Remake is in the early stages of development. It will continue the essence of previous titles and be a linear game in contrast to Ubisoft’s recent attempt at massive scale. open world. The game is being developed by Ubisoft Toronto, the studio behind Far Cry 6 and Watch Dogs Legion. The studio also topped the 2013 Splinter Cell Blacklist. Let’s see what the community is thinking about the title.

The majority of the fan base is quite delighted with the announcement and is sharing their excitement on social media:

@Ubisoft @UbisoftToronto Great! Honestly, Splinter Cell is one of those franchises that I never played and I definitely regret. It would be great if you try it someday.

@Ubisoft @UbisoftToronto Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow & Chaos Theory are 2 of my favorites! Hope this comes out great. The luckiest! 🙏🏼

A Twitter user also brought up the topic of Voice Actors. While Michael Ironside symbolized Sam Fisher’s gruff voice, he was replaced by Eric Johnson for Splinter Cell Blacklist. While he did a great job, and his casting is understandable, given that Ubisoft wanted to take Sam Fisher in a younger direction, that drew a lot of criticism. Since then, however, Michael Ironside has reprized his role in various guest appearances by Sam Fisher.

@Ubisoft @UbisoftToronto Who voices Sam? Do we bring back Michael Ironside? That alone built my confidence in the game. But the fact that it wasn’t given probably meant that they weren’t allowed to ask it because he wasn’t.

Another topic that also came up in the discussion was micro-reaction and the implementation of NFT in the game. Ubisoft is known for filling its titles with anti-consumer microtransactions that lock the majority of entries, which sometimes change state behind a wall of fees.

Ubisoft’s recent introduction of NFTs or non-fungible tokens in Ghost Recon Breakpoint has misled the community. While the Splinter Cell remake will be linear and story-driven, given the nature of previous titles, this isn’t the first time Ubisoft has implemented microtransactions in a single-player title.

@Ubisoft @UbisoftToronto Please don’t make this game for everyone. No wall hacks, no slow mo, no scoring, no copypasta Ubi. From the titles Software generates a lot of $execution on a niche. It is possible with SC. Expanding Spies vs Mercs is essential. Da, ok… clowns and Santa skin… no.

@Ubisoft @UbisoftToronto I’ll keep any expectations or excitement levels heavy until I see if you can ruin it with NFT’s and some sort of silly payoff for the xp boost system. Let me guess… “You finished the first quest, the second quest is just $5! Continue?”

@Ubisoft @UbisoftToronto can’t wait to open the game and see a huge STORE option selling me a level 10 orange goggles for $25! (Or grind 50 bandit camps to unlock them)

@Ubisoft @UbisoftToronto You know him you love him, if you want a chance to get his signature night vision goggles you need 800 hours to get it as NFT for a limited time only

@Ubisoft @UbisoftToronto Let’s do this right!! We don’t want direct service, NFT and other things. Just give us the game we’ve been asking for all this time. Redo yourself in the eyes of your players

@Ubisoft @UbisoftToronto Please tell us more about how your hugely popular NFT service will be rolled out here, I’m sure everyone is SOOOOOOOOOOO happy to see how they (the players) will make money . /S

@Ubisoft @UbisoftToronto Cool. Will all the new skins, gun charms, gun skins be N/F/Ts? Do I earn ubicoins for killing a target?

@Ubisoft @UbisoftToronto As a huge fan of this franchise, I’m both excited and terrified at the same time. Ubisoft is now driving NFT, any and all microtransactions under the sun, and they take advantage of fomo. I can’t help but worry about what the catch will be like. I hope I have been proven wrong. But I doubt I will

Splinter Cell Remake is in a very early stage of development. Hopefully Ubisoft Toronto will consider the feedback and develop Splinter Cell Remake accordingly. The fan base is split between excitement and anxiety

Aila Slisco

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