The exact date you are most likely to give up is in the dry January if you quit drinking for the New Year

MILLIONS of overzealous Britons vow to quit drinking at the start of the New Year after a period of heavy festivities.

But a large portion of those who chose to drink non-alcoholic drinks for a month ended up giving up on ‘Dry January’ before the 31st.

Research shows half of Britons trying'Dry January' will give up within two weeks


Research shows half of Britons trying ‘Dry January’ will give up within two weeksCredit: Getty

Research shows that more than 50% of adults in the UK cave in the second week of the month, on January 16.

And many people know full well that they won’t be taking the whole pig before they start.

A poll of 2,000 UK adults found that 21% admit they won’t last a full month, and three in 10 would be happy if they stuck to their commitment for just two. week.

But it’s not just alcohol that beats most overzealous Britons in the New Year – abstaining from chocolate, smoking, cookies AND social media is falling this way too.

Needing a drink at the end of the day, wanting to socialize and not wanting to miss out are some of the reasons adults miss out on their pleasures.

And 23% will try so hard not to give in to what they want, they will leave the house altogether, simply to get away from certain temptations.

A spokesman for Volvic Touch of Fruit, which commissioned the study, said: “The survey shows how easy it is to fall off a wagon.

“We all long to indulge in those naughty snacks that are enjoyed from time to time, and to give them up altogether is quite a daunting task.”

Finding something else to look forward to after a bad day is the biggest thing ‘Dry January’ fight for a third of those polled.

And 31% will enjoy the taste, while 29% will find it hard to miss on social occasions.

Nearly a quarter (22%) can’t stand the thought of not drinking at a social event – while 32%, this would be their biggest temptation.

Other temptations include having a bad day at the office (28%), going out to eat (27%) and the classic fear of missing out in general (26%).

But despite this, 43% are doing it to improve their health and 36% want to lose weight.

Other incentives include saving money (35%), while more than three out of 10 people want a challenge and want to prove they can give up the bottle.

According to OnePoll research, alcohol will be ignored 36% and will also be the biggest source of attraction with 21%, according to OnePoll research.

And for nearly a third, beer will be the hardest thing to say goodbye to.

For more exotic drinkers, a quarter will miss the margarita and strawberry daiquiris – while 23% will have the most cravings for mojitos, piña coladas and sex on beach cocktails.

A spokesman for Volvic Touch of Fruit added: “It’s great to see so many of us want to try the New Year’s resolution.

“There is nothing quite like the ‘real deal’ but there are plenty of alternatives that can help us last as long as possible.

“We know the power of strength and nature, and we wanted to give consumers great tips for being their strongest self from the start of the new year.

This is why we’ve teamed up with Scarlett Moffatt to create some delicious mocktail recipes to help all of our January drink-free challengers and stay motivated until the end. month.”


1. Chocolate

2. Meat

3. Bread

4. Driving

5. Wine

6. Sharp

7. Cakes

8. Social media

9. Wine

10. Cookies

11. Smoking

12. Beer

13. Lessons learned

14. Sweets

15. Shopping for clothes

Scarlett Moffat teamed up with Volvic Touch of Fruit to create delicious mocktails


Scarlett Moffat teamed up with Volvic Touch of Fruit to create delicious mocktailsCredits: Volvic Touch of Fruit
Amanda Holden failed January after getting VERY drunk during midweek drinking The exact date you are most likely to give up is in the dry January if you quit drinking for the New Year


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