‘The Equalizer’ Season 2 Episode 10 Summary: Guest by Jada Pinkett Smith

Robyn and her crew tackle a different kind of social justice as CBS’ Equalizer aired this week.

A woman, whose paternal grandmother survived the Tulsa Massacre of 1921, wants to get back her great-grandmother’s valuable painting that racist thieves stole, but finds no luck or justice. any. A descendant of the terrorist larva named Nardoni refused to return the portrait and police intervention was fruitless. Time is also working against them because the woman’s grandmother is more than a century old and is on her deathbed.

Making matters worse, Nardoni is a generous contributor to a police foundation, and Robyn quickly understands why the law turned a blind eye. With a little digging and scouting, Robyn learned that Nardoni had locked the painting in a highly secure vault called the Vault. However, the place was so impenetrable that even Harry and Mel couldn’t find their way in.

This is when Robyn realized she would have to turn to a former co-worker named Jessie “The Worm” Cook, played by guest star Jada Pinkett Smith. To find Jessie – a notorious and brilliant cat thief with a visual memory that Robyn used to work with as a CIA agent – she tracks down “The Worm” for her newest scam, where Thief poisoned a rich man to distract his bodyguards while she broke into his safe to steal a 22 carat diamond.

Equalizer, Robyn and JessieRobyn attended the event and when Jessie broke the safe, Robyn snatched the diamond and held on to it until she knew she had Jessie’s full attention. She tells the thief about the painting and the quest, and promises Jessie that she can steal anything else she wants inside the Vault if she helps get the artwork back.

Jessie agrees, Robyn gives her the diamond back, and then she takes Jessie to Harry’s underground lair for a day or so so Jessie can study the Vault’s blueprints and figure out how to get in. When Robyn took off Jessie’s blindfold, the controller wasted no time flirting with Mel and Harry and argued with Robyn. When cooler heads prevail, Jessie says she’ll help get the picture back and even reveal some of the information she gathered by contacting the Vault’s architect.

As Robyn had feared, Jessie made the task anything but easy by relentlessly improvising and not following Robyn’s plans. She did not receive the keycard as promised and knocked a guard unconscious to use his keycard instead. Of course, this same guard woke up midway through the search and tripped over the alarm, which meant that a frustrated Robyn had to leave the painting behind.

Equalizer, keycard JessieAngry and frustrated – especially because Jessie took the time to steal Marie Antoinette’s diamond earrings instead of focusing on the task at hand – Robyn yelled at Jessie and threw her out of the car after they escaped. narrowly. (At least without any guns pulled out and no one got slapped, a la Turn it off.)

Now it was Robyn’s turn to improvise. Mel and Robyn hijack Nardoni’s delivery truck when his henchmen attempt to remove his paintings, but the bad guys gain the upper hand and suddenly guns are fired at Robyn and Mel.

They bring the two women back to Nardoni’s home, where he taunts and threatens them, and tells his men to dispose of them, but the clever Jessie has other plans. She knocks the main bad guy unconscious (that must have been her doing) and then Robyn and Mel quickly work on the others. They tied Nardoni, set the house on fire and took the painting. Jessie even lifted a Basquiat that the thief got for good measure. Police later arrested Nardoni for money laundering.

Robyn returned a portrait of the family to her client, and after 100 years, her grandmother was finally able to see her mother’s beautiful face again. Jessie, meanwhile, seems to actually enjoy working with Robyn more than she did in the past and pondering a possible future where they can join forces again. Who is the bishop, amirite?

What do you think about Sunday? Equalizer and the Robyn and Jessie (aka Cleo and Stony) reunion? Would you like to see Jessie again on the show? Drop your thoughts in the comments.

https://tvline.com/2022/02/27/equalizer-recap-season-2-episode-10-robyn-jessie-tulsa-race-massacre/ ‘The Equalizer’ Season 2 Episode 10 Summary: Guest by Jada Pinkett Smith

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