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If you want to stay up to date with what’s happening with Halo Infinite, check out our handy guide to all your Zeta Halo needs.

Halo Infinite: Zeta Halo, Multiplayer Spartans and Plasma Swords

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The newest one wears the sci-fi shooter’s Spartan suit, Halo Infinite has made a name for itself with fast-paced, fun and Free online multiplayer. Its campaign, later released as paid content, involved a well-written and entertaining story that took the series in new directions and established a solid foundation for the franchise. Future. What sets Infinite apart from its predecessors is it is set in a completely open world.

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At the start of the proper Campaign, you saw vast landscapes and hills stretching out before your eyes. This lush and vibrant biome is broken by towers Predecessor architecture to explore, FOB to catch, upgrade suits to find and banish goons to kill. With the forever mystery of the newly discovered Zeta Halo and a heartbreaking story to follow, Halo: Infinite didn’t do any punches when it came back to our screens.

A lot has happened to the game since its launch, and we’ve covered a lot as it continues and more updates and changes continue to appear in the game going forward. So, whether you’re new to Halo or old, here’s the latest on Halo Infinite.

Halo Infinite: Divider has UNSC Warthog

Campaign Guide

Halo Infinite: UNSC In Warthog Drive through the fields of Zeta Halo

The biggest thing that sets Halo Infinite apart from its predecessors is its open world map. It’s absolutely massive and it can take a long time to walk from side to side and amidst all the huge open spaces and erraticly sharp cliff faces are so many interesting things to see, raise Levels to grab and Bosses to blow up.

It can be a bit overwhelming at first, especially for new players. When the Chief hits the ring for the first time and you’re loose in the huge open sandbox, the vast playing field pours out in front of you and the possibilities there can keep you from exploring too much at first as there are so many land to cover. Plus, it’s easy to not get lost or wander into an area you probably shouldn’t have been. Make things easier for yourself with these helpful guides to Halo Infinite’s open world:

Campaign Story


Boss Battle

Halo Infinite: The divider image contains Sparta


Halo Infinite: Multiplayer Battle with Various Color Sparta

One of Halo Infinite’s biggest selling points is its online multiplayer, It’s not only bursting with classic Halo multiplayer nostalgia, but it’s also free. So even if your gaming budget is low, there is still a way for you to get into matches with your friends, which is a really cool move in 343.

There’s a lot to cover in multiplayer, and for Halo rookies, those early matches can be pretty brutal, especially since you often play with people who have caused havoc in the game since Combat Evolved. However, there is a way to stay ahead of the competition using some helpful guides for maps, modes and more to turn you into an unstoppable multiplayer killing machine.



Halo Infinite: Divider has a Master Chief

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Weapons and Equipment

Halo Infinite: Spartan Wield Plasma Sword Energy Weapon

If there’s one thing the Halo series gets right, it’s the technology of the future. The guns are well designed and meet the needs of use, especially the guns of large launchers. The vehicles, the design of the levels, the architecture and the creatures are all creative and truly amazing and you can easily get distracted just admiring the amount of time spent on design since “Craig” came out.

Absolute mass of variety of firepower at your disposal and the way you make your way across the vast map with them is what makes this game so memorable for so many. everyone has their own particular explosive adventure across the looming panorama of Zeta Halo. So with all that creative carnage, Here’s everything there is to know about the best weapons and gear in Halo Infinite.



Halo Infinite: Divider Has Spartan Explore Zeta Halo


Halo Wars 2: The Banished Square Off With The UNSC

Lore of Halo is deep, dense. It’s a fascinating iceberg from the outside, and once you start digging into it through books, Terminals, or the weird Waypoint system Halo used to once, has a rich history and sometimes extremely tragic to discover.

There are also some amazing characters that never appeared in the game but have influenced the whole story and an amazingly large timeline involving events that took place over many millennia. All of this, you can easily overcome to the point of absolute oblivion because everything has been covered up on an almost encyclopedic level. If you find the lore of the Halo series interesting or new and want to know more, check out the following:

Halo Infinite: Divider has armor covered by banished soldiers on Zeta Halo

Reviews and comments section

Halo Infinite: Master The UNSC AI Weapon In A Cutscene Master Meeting

There’s a lot to unpack both mentally and emotionally in Halo Infinite. Its story has so many twists and turns and emotional punches that you just want to keep scrolling through to see how the wormhole of the story really unfolds.

From the sandbox of the single-player serving many of Watercooler’s moments to discussions of the best add-ons, developments surrounding the game, and a unique perspective on difficulty, Halo Infinite offers a lot to talk about.

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