The classic board we want to see

Since its release, Mario Party Superstars has proven to be the perfect love letter for fans of all ages and generations. Classics nostalgics, as well as visionary newcomers love the game’s streamlined simplicity and accessibility, and it’s easy way to breathe life and fascinating return to the Mario Party franchise.

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However, with a choice of only five tables, it’s hard to consider it as accurate. There are tons of great maps to choose from in addition to the ones included in the base game. Whether for creativity, fan love, or an extra challenge, Nintendo needed more boards to keep the flames of Mario Party Superstars burning. Here are some we would like to see released.

King Bob-omb’s Powder Keg Mine – Super Mario Party

Miniature image of Mario Party board with king bob omg in the center

While Super Mario Party helped get the franchise back on track, it merely laid the groundwork for Mario Party Superstars. That being said, Super Mario Party is still a worthwhile experience, and there are some great new ideas and boards like King Bob-omb’s Keg Flour Mine.

Aside from King Bob-omb getting more love and attention, adding this map as DLC will give players another map to make important move decisions about. Similar to Space Land’s countdown laser event, you can trigger a royal blast if you stay in the middle too long.

Any Bowser Themed Table – Mario Party Series

3 linked images, one with a marbles in the center, one with an island surrounded by lava, and one with 4 map sections

You might be surprised to find that there’s a common Mario Party tradition omitted from Mario Party Superstars – no Bowser-theme board! These boards are often the most challenging of the game, or the best for mayhem, depending on how you look at it. The added challenge, though, always makes them a great way to shake things up and add some frustration for good measure.

Choosing which of all the Bowser Boards to throw in is a tough call. Some of the highlights will be Bowser Land from Mario Party 2, Bowser Enchanted Inferno from Mario Party 8, and Bowser Pinball Machine from Mario Party DS.

Pirate Land – Mario Party 2

Sky view of 3 islands with 3 pirate ships surrounding them

Nothing says adventure and excitement quite like pirates. Pirate Land captures the thrill of a sea adventure with an engaging duel mini-game, as well as a canon blast space that takes you back to the beginning. should you accidentally land a.

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Similar to Yoshi’s Tropical Island, Pirate Land features foot-smashes that can be paid to traverse certain roads, as well as the perilous travel between the two islands with the help of a shark and socks. The bridge is less reliable, of course.

Windmillville – Mario Party 7

man in red hat and white gloves raising one hand to the sky in front of building

When it comes to collecting stars, it’s always refreshing to have some variation in the combo. Although Pyramid Park’s leash system was invented, it’s also an ongoing game of creepy island, as stars can only be obtained through stealing from others.

For this reason, Windmillville offers a nice change of pace from the usual star-gathering process without disrupting friendships. Adding an exclusivity-like element to buying properties and increasing prices, Windmillville would be a great addition to Superstars.

Pagoda Peak – Mario Party 6

exterior oriental style building a man in green hat and overalls waiting outside

Maps that choose not to move the star with each purchase can make for a much easier experience for novice players or those who appear to be on a Mario Party losing streak. One of the best cures for such dropouts might just be a linear climb to the top of the Pagoda.

Peak Pagoda offers a great picture of getting to the top and overcoming the odds to get a star. It also provides several ways for you to complete your mountain design more quickly.

Luigi’s Engine Room – Mario Party

one man controls the lever while 2 other men, a princess, an ape and a dinosaur stand below

Out of all the original boards that can be included in Mario Party Superstars, it can be difficult to choose which one to use from the first game. This is due not only to the abundance of boards in the first game, but also to the fact that each map is iconic, no matter how beloved or cursed it is in memory. fan.

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Luigi’s engine room is a great example of an iconic map that set the standards for many later boards. In particular, changing doors that allow the player to access one path, while cutting another, are now common in many Mario Party boards.

Koopa Tycoon Town – Mario Party 8

Mario Party 8 Street Game Koopa's Tycoon Town

Similar to Windmillville, Koopa’s Tycoon Town takes a real estate approach to winning stars by having players invest in hotels. The difference from the previous boards is that hotels with more than 20 investment coins are worth two stars, and 50 investment coins will award three stars.

A bright and vibrant board, Tycoon Town would be a great addition to Mario Party Superstars and a much-needed change of pace from the board of the original games.

Waluigi’s Island – Mario Party 3

a large and colorful sign with the words Waluigi's island on it

If there is a reason for Waluigi was not invited to participate the Smash Bros. list, maybe that’s the weary key his board is in Mario Party 3. Traversing this board usually leads to a roulette wheel, where you’ll choose your direction, or rather quick pointers Fast and random will choose for you, and you just have to deal with it.

If that wasn’t enough, Waluigi has stocked up on enough space to create an entire separate island made up of all the same spaces. These spaces will change every turn, which means some turns can be all or even all of Bowser’s spaces.

West Island – Mario Party 2

map view with circular space of different colors set against a western background

Like the first Mario Party, the second installment of the series makes a tough choice in choosing the best board because they’re all great. Western Land is probably one of the most prominent maps from Mario Party 2’s pick as it has a unique way to traverse the map via the ship, the Steamer.

The ship is not only a useful means of moving on the chessboard, but also to knock out other players. Along with the Land of Pirates, sending the West to Superstars will be a great choice. Now if we could re-wear themed outfits for each table.

Wario Battle Canyon – Mario Party

a wooden board hung by rope above a cannon sitting on a rock

Somewhere during his adventures, Wario certainly invested a lot of the gold he amassed in a large number of assets. Currently, he owns a stadium, an arena, a mountain of his own, a gold mine, a shipyard and a place of possible dubious intentions, the battle canyon.

Another great board with a unique method of getting through it, Wario’s Battle Canyon may lack tile totals, but it makes up for this with creative movement. The board of directors has five sections with the only way to move between them is the rule system of the board. This movement will have players strategizing, planning their moves, keeping a close eye on the star’s position, and keeping their pockets full to use canon if added to Mario Party Superstars.

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