The Circle is the best reality show Netflix has to offer

From this moment Circle season 1 first debuted on Netflix in January 2020, Netflix has clearly found something special.

Oldest brother meeting Cat fish in this boisterous social experiment, disguised as a reality show, brings a group of players together under one roof to compete for $100,000. While the players are living in the same building, their only way of communicating is through a social media app called The Circle, which gives contestants the option to play as they really are. or as someone entirely of their own making.

Purpose? Win their other players to climb to the top of the leaderboard and keep their game alive long enough to make it to the finale. It’s all about making a personal connection using only virtual interactions, a challenging task when not everyone like them says they’re creating more suspicion and distrust for those who don’t. player.

As Netflix Life celebrates”Older peopleThis week – an awards event where we highlight the best, worst, and craziest moments from Netflix over the past year – it’s time to celebrate the best reality show of 2021: Circle!

The Circle is Netflix’s best reality show

It’s no secret that in recent years, Netflix has done an incredible job expanding its catalog of original programming, resulting in the introduction of some really great reality TV shows. 2021 is going to be an especially great year for reality TV fans as Netflix rolls out new seasons of some new and returning favorites but no doubt. Circle.

After a groundbreaking premiere season, Netflix hastened to refresh the series with two more seasons that Netflix will wrap up in spring and fall of 2021 – giving fans twice as much fun with the spring cycle. and autumn.

With each new season, Netflix introduced viewers to an amazing lineup of new contestants filled with great personalities who quickly took us over and made their respective seasons even more enjoyable. a lot of. Contestants like Chloe Veitch, DeLeesa Unique, Courtney Revolution, Mitchell Eason, Kai Ghost, Matthew Mappadia and Nick “Daddy Nick” Uhlenhuth stand out as favorites that are notable for their incredible gameplay and the energy they bring to the game.

While the series has been clever so far in keeping the general format intact, the creative team continues to push the show forward in fun and exciting new directions in seasons 2 and 3 through the introduction of New features, game-changing powerups and lots of new catfish to keep players on their toes.

Netflix is ​​also a bit more strategic with how it releases episodes. Sure, the weekly release format is what was first introduced in season 1, but the spoilers are even more intense in 2021 with episodes that leave us sitting on our couch and counting down the days for until each new batch arrives next week.

Circle became TV by appointment, which is a rare feat for a Netflix show in large part due to the way in which streamers often release all of the episodes at once. There’s such excitement every Wednesday when it comes to socializing with fellow fans to see which players will be blocked next and who can rise to the top of the leaderboard for the right to be Photographer. next benefit.

Seeing players get more strategic about their playstyle only makes things more interesting as we start to see players rating others lower than they’d like just to give themselves and their allies a chance. better chance to win the title of Influencer. Although I must confess, this strategy let me down in season 3 when the most deserving player fell to fifth in the final rankings despite playing the best game of the season – a game saved his comrades countless times and deservedly get that 100,000 dollars.

As I stepped down from the soap box, I felt like I was just helping to further prove my point as to why Circle is the best Netflix show of 2021.

Circle makes it easy for you to focus and invest in your contestants. Part of the fun of tuning in each week is seeing if your favorites stick around and stem from contestants threatening their future in the game. Talk to any fan of the show and they can certainly easily come up with a leaderboard of their favorite players who they may have started following on social media after the game. compete just because of how much they love watching them on the show.

2021 will be a tough act for the next show but as we look ahead to this year we are sure Circle will only continue to grow and get bigger as new fans continue to indulge in the series!

Circle To be Stream now on Netflix.

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