The bottomless self-pity of American conservatives

The past decade has seen conservatives come up with great political tidbits to mock their libertarian underdogs. To take some extravagant examples out of context, right-wing provocateurs like Milo Yiannopoulos relentlessly scoff at how these students want to “trigger a warning” before being exposed to hurtful ideas or ” safe space” where they are supposed to not hear harsh truths. Conservative expert Ben Shapiro sold mountain ranges mocking supposedly liberal “snowflakes” whose emotions couldn’t cope with empirical reality.

Today the other foot shoes. Now, conservatives want protection from discomfort — and we’re not just dealing with blue-haired liberal arts students who fit the snowflake mold if you squint. This time, government organizations with real power are involved, and the self-pity of the right is endless.

Take on the recent wave of conservative book bans. Many school districts in Utah, Missouri, Florida, and Virginia withdrew books from libraries, often in response to pressure from conservative right-wing parents the elite World like the governor of Virginia, Glenn Youngkin (R). Texas Representative Matt Krause has followed a list of 850 books that deserve to be suppressed because they “may cause the student to feel discomfort, guilt, distress, or any other form of psychological distress because of their race or gender.”

Books by Nobel Prize winners Toni Morrison, Ernest Gaines, and especially graphic novels Gender Queer: A Memoir are common goals. In Texas, Republican Governor Greg Abbott Explains Why he asked education officials to compile a list of books to be withdrawn from schools: “As you know, more and more parents of Texas students are being legitimately offended about books and their content. other do not fit highly in public school libraries.” Our little Chets and Khrystals need to be protected from sexually explicit or offensive books! (One person hopes they don’t have a cell phone or internet-connected computer.)

Now, there is a slight difference here. Yiannopoulos and Shapiro focused their outrage on college students who allegedly made themselves immature by refusing to practice and read, I don’t know, Rumble Fish. (A right-wing group on campus attempted to make fun of this stereotype by dress yourself in diapers.) Which implies that high school might not be the right time for more scandalous books.

But conservative experts don’t make a clear distinction. Right-wing school boards generally don’t say these books are not suitable for children under 18, but they are offensive and bad, stop it altogether – or, in the case several members of the school board of Spotsylvania County, Virginia, that they should also be burned.

Besides, traditional high school is the age when people start reading difficult texts about real life. After all, only one year separates a senior in high school from a freshman in college. Right-wing universities like Liberty University also don’t claim to be the place where students read all the puzzling books to open their minds after turning 18 – on the contrary, Its undergraduate English curriculum as strict and restrictive as its code of honor, prohibiting gay or transgender couples from having sex even if they are married. All this shows that conservatives are not upset about censorship each join; they just want to be moderators.

Perhaps even more telling is the tendency of conservatives to steal the valor of the Holocaust. On the one hand, they wanted to shield their kids from nasty literature — but on the other, they were ready to heighten the horrors of the Massacre as soon as they suffered a slight inconvenience.

When the quest for a COVID-19 vaccine first became the subject of widespread discussion, conservatives like Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) And former President Donald Trump acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell instantly achieve Holocaust comparisons. On Shapiro’s podcast in July, right-wing advocate Candace Owens says also. “During the Holocaust, the Nazis referred to the Jews as ‘rats’ as another form of dehumanization, and ‘right now, in this country, in America, conservatives are doing it,’ she said. dehumanized.” In June, a Republican Washington state legislator pin a Star of David to his chest while giving a speech against the mission of vaccines.

This is part of a long history of conservatives screaming that whatever they don’t like is Hitlerand the message has been filtered down to file-and-to-be. In September, anti-proxy protesters in Iowa bring the Stars of David during protests against the hospital’s vaccine mandate, while a school board candidate in Shawnee Heights, Kansas, compare the mission of the mask with the Holocaust. In October, the mayor of Anchorage sorry after he said anti-mask protesters wearing Star of David makeup were a “credit” to the Jews.

And this month, the sports star protesters appeared at the Kansas legislature Complaints about vaccine duties. More protestors, these people carry swastikas in addition to the Star of David, go to the office of New York State congressman Jeffrey Dinowitz (D) – who is Jewish, incidentally – lamented his proposal to make the coronavirus vaccine mandatory for public school attendance.

Even for conservatives in America who complicated victim runs deeper than the abyssal plains of the ocean, which is surprisingly annoying. I never thought it necessary to explain this, but it is clear: the Nazis did not take power and told local Jews that they would have to wear masks in public places, or get vaccinated. or get a weekly COVID test if they want to work at a business with more than 100 employees. Instead – and let me emphasize this part, because it is quite important – Nazis was killed 6 million Jews and millions more were tortured, hunted, and exiled. Anyone who throws a tantrum at a city council meeting, screams like a child or fusses about public health policies can easily save their lives, not in a comparable position.

Indeed, as a writer Talia Levin pointed out, the truth is quite the opposite: The immediate cause of a significant portion of Holocaust deaths is infectious disease, such as typhus, which repeatedly broke out in concentration camps due to malnutrition and sanitary condition. A brave scientist named Rudolf Weigl actually developed the first typhus vaccine to help the victims of the Holocaust. He gave it to members of the Polish resistance and even smuggled thousands of doses of the drug into the Warsaw Ghetto at great personal risk.

As a longtime student of right-wing thought, it comes as no surprise to me that conservatives repeatedly see the Holocaust as an analogy whenever their political hardship equates to cutting pain. paper. If the entire galaxy of 500 million million sentient kittens – each possessing Christ-like benevolence and virtues – were defeated by Space Hitler and him quasar guns, they’ll compare themselves to that as well.

However, it is quite pathetic. The bottomless self-pity of American conservatives


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