The Best Vampire Cards in Master Duel

Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel is the main official way to play Yu-Gi-Oh! card game in a completely virtual capacity. While Link Duel existed before, these two formats are very different despite using the same rules for the mechanism. Almost every card ever released is available in Master Duel, allowing any type of deck to be played.

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Vampire Deck is one that early Duel Links players may be familiar with as it dominates the meta. In Master Duel, these decks have more options to play with and can take advantage of powerful Zombie community cards to create a formidable deck.

Vampire Kingdom

Vampire Kingdom card art and text

The Field Spell for Vampire Archetype, Vampire Kingdom, is an easy way for the Vampire deck to clear the field. It gains 500 Attack whenever a Zombie Monster fights, which is not a main effect but an additional bonus. Its true power comes from its second effect.

Whenever a card is sent from your opponent’s deck to the Graveyard, you can also send a Shadow Vampire Monster to your Graveyard to destroy a card on the field. It’s not uncommon for an opponent to do this on their own, but the Vampire deck can easily push the effect out to initiate the opening.

Vampire Grace

Vampire grace card text and art

A card that is the main Boss Monster of the Duel Links variant of Vampires, Vampire Grace is also very handy in the Master Duel version. It could be easy Special summoning itself from the Graveyard, can do so whenever a Level Five or higher Zombie Monster is Special Summoned.

Vampire Grace can also force the opponent to send a specific type of card to the Graveyard, which in turn will activate the Vampire Kingdom. Vampire Grace’s second effect isn’t too difficult once per turn either, allowing the effect to be used multiple times by different clones of it to potentially wipe out the opponent’s side of the field completely.

Vampire Fraulein

Fraulein vampire card art and text

Vampire Fraulein is a versatile card. Whenever your opponent attacks, you can Special Summon it from your hand. Then in any battle you can pay Life Points to stat it up to make sure it stays on the field until your turn turns around.

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The Vampire Fraulein is a terrifying card for opponents, as it can Special Summon any Monster it destroys with a battle at the end of the Battle Phase. This effect is also not once per turn, so if you have a way to attack with Vampire Fraulein multiple times or multiple copies of it, you can steal all your opponent’s Monsters for your own use.

Crimson Knight Vampire Bram

Crimson Knight Vampire Bram card art and text

Vampire Prototype Fifth Rank, Crimson Knight Vampire Bram, is a very good card and hard to get rid of. By separating a material from it, the Crimson Knight Vampire Bram can steal any monster Get out of your opponent’s Graveyard and bring it into your field. This can steal the starting turn, get you an Extra Deck, or even give you a free Boss Monster.

During the Standby Phase, if the Crimson Knight Vampire Bram is destroyed, you can Special Summon itself back to a Defense Position. Although its Defense is zero, it gives you the body free to perform Linked Casts with or worst, a body that can slow your opponent down.

Domain of Vampires

Vampire domain card art and text

Vampire’s domain is a Continuous Spell card that’s very important for Vampire Archetype. Many of their Main Monsters are tribute summons, which is usually a bad thing. However, Vampire’s Domain helps you overcome this drawback. Domain of Vampires allows you to achieve an additional normal summon can be used for remembrance.

It has a side effect that allows you to achieve Life points equal to the amount of damage a Vampire Monster deals. Since Vampire decks use their Life Points fairly sparingly, this Life Point boost is especially useful in long matches.

Vampire Keeper

Vampire retention card art and text

Vampire Retainer is one of the main searchers for Vampire Prototype, but a bit more work is needed to invalidate its search. Vampire Retainer can search any Vampire or Trap Card whenever it is specially summoned.

While in the Graveyard, the Vampire Retainer can easily Special Summon himself. All you have to do is send the Vampire card from your hand or field to the Graveyard. Since many Vampires like to be in the Graveyard, this can give you an edge by both gaining a body on the field and getting an important backrow card into your hand.

The familiar vampire

Vampire familiar text and art card

The other main seeker for the Vampire Prototype, the Familiar Vampire share many effects with Vampire Retainer. It can be special summoned from the Graveyard by sending a Vampire card there. When it is Special Summoned, you can search for any Vampire Monster in your deck.

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This one pairs well with Vampire Retainer, as both can activate both of their effects when using the other. This allows you to fairly easily find both a Monster and Spell or Trap card. A seeker is great in any Prototype, and Vampires have access to two equally great styles.

Vampire Domination

Vampire Ruler Card Text and Art

Vampire Domination is one of-Archetype Counterattack Trap cards can be activated as long as you control a Vampire Monster. It is an omni-negate, which can disable the activation of any Magic, Trap, or Monster effect.

Anti-Traps are extremely powerful, as they can only be reacted with other Anti-Traps.

Since it’s called Vampire, you can easily find Vampire Domination with tags like Vampire Retainer. It has an added bonus of reaching you Life Points if you negate the Monster effect this way, in some cases the effect can be over 2000.

Dhampir Vampire Sheridan

Dhampir Vampire Sheridan card art and text

The main Xyz Boss Monster for the Vampire Deck, Dhampir Vampire Sheridan, included so many amazing effects. If you use your opponent’s Monster as an ingredient, it can be treated as a Level Six Monster for its Xyz summon. When it hits the field, Dhampir Vampire Sheridan can detach a material to send a Monster card to the Graveyard, one of the best discard effects in the game.

It can also use its materials to Special Summon a Monster your opponent controls that was destroyed that turn. The Dhampir Vampire Sheridan can also use many Level Six Monsters, allowing you to Easy to use powerful detachment effects many times.

Vampire Sucker

Vampire sucker card art and text

Vampire Sucker is the only Monster Link of the Vampire Prototype and Very good, it is played as a Common Link Monster in practically every Zombie-based deck. It only requires two Zombies Monsters to Link to and you get very powerful effects for it.

Vampire Sucker allows you to Special Summon a Monster from your opponent’s Graveyard for free and draw a card whenever a Zombie Monster is Special Summoned. You can even memorialize your opponent’s Monster if it’s a Zombie Type as if you controlled it, which is the best way to get rid of the problematic Monster as not many monsters are protected from posthumously . When combined with Zombie World, this becomes extremely easy.

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