The best side quest in the forgotten city

The Forgotten City is a game deeper and more thorough than any right it has. Originally developed as a mod for Skyrim, it became an official game in July 2021. Hidden within the already rich set of main quests is a series of side quests that The Forgotten City calls ‘ Leads’. Each lead provides its own mini-task path that can be completed or skipped. There are plenty of clues to complete, leaving plenty of finishers and dedicated players to do in addition to focusing on the main story missions.

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These leads will activate themselves after talking to an NPC in the game world in most cases, but some require interaction in another way, such as visiting a specific place or Find a certain item. The selection of side quests is fun and varied, but some leads more than others. These are the best.


Forgotten city speed run

This side quest is one of the more extensive quests. The first thing to note is that only after completing the Intruder and Straight as Arrow quests will this lead become accessible. Once they’re done, a man named Desius will approach you and ask about getting a golden bow.

What follows is a classic conspiracy plot to obtain this sought-after item. This main quest involves some relatively simple puzzles but is well interactive and has less dialogue than the others, allowing it to stand out as one of the more notable quests. It also rewards you with an item that you want to acquire.


Streets of the Forgotten City in Ancient Rome
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The main role of Intruder is the fun part as you try to stop an assassination attempt. This lead is activated by talking to a woman named Fabia and can be found on one of the paths that stem from the Forum, namely the path leading to the bathroom.

From here, you will have two options. We recommend choosing the larger one and the side quests will build from there. (It’s worth noting that there are two achievements available, but your choice will determine which one you get.) This will make you feel like you’re playing Skyrim all over again because of the way it’s set up. very similar to what you would find in that game. From here, you will be in for a short, interesting quest and with satisfying results if you follow our advice above.



A common theme with the leaders in this game is the variety of interesting settings that encourage you to keep playing and complete the side quests. This requires you to talk to Vergil in the Forum. When you’re talking to him, ask him about the graffiti on his shop wall, and he’ll reveal to you that someone harassed him. To help an honest salesperson, you have to figure out who did this and why.

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Side quests like these add depth to the game and make this 2000 year old city feel like a place that existed before you arrived and will continue to exist long after you’ve left. This lead is one of the longer lead times and will leave you feeling satisfied if done well and disappointed if the wrong person is selected.

A permanent solution

Forgotten City Interview

Activated when you enter the Great Temple, a permanent solution will have you trying to figure out how to save Ulpius’ life. When you enter the Great Temple, Octavia will immediately start talking to you about unrelated matters before Ulpius interrupts your conversation by standing at the edge of a very high ledge.

The first step would be to talk to him to figure out how this can be resolved in a positive way. This represents a tougher setup than the ones mentioned before and provides extra incentive to make sure you can save him. As is often the case with leads in this game, they can often break through and form a network of interconnected and interlocking side quests. A permanent solution is a prime example of this and needs attention to detail to complete, as other leads join in fairly quickly.

Democracy in action

The ending characters of the Forgotten City gather together in the large torchlight area

Democracy in Action, a somewhat ironic title, is a side quest that forces you to participate in an election in progress. This will primarily involve a character named Malleolus who will be performing this side quest. Start this lead by talking to him at his mansion on the central plateau. Without spoiling too much, the main goal is to make sure he doesn’t run in an upcoming election and it’s your responsibility to make sure that eventuality happens.

As above, this leader mixes well with others, leading to the feeling that by making him withdraw, you are having a real impact on the game world. As for the mission itself, it’s a fascinating look at the harsh realities of ancient politics, and there are plenty of twists and turns along the way.

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