The backlash against Ubisoft’s NFT plans isn’t misguided, but necessary

News of Ubisoft’s efforts to embrace NFT through its Quartz platform was nearly universal. In short, no one but Ubisoft is excited about the prospect of injecting more NFT into the game. Here to public education has not been washed of the qualities of NFT is Nicolas Pouard, vice president at Ubisoft’s Strategic Innovation Lab, and face of Ubisoft’s Quartz platform, for Finder, who affirms the use of NFT in games. Ubisoft games will always be optional.

“It’s something we built outside of the economy of the game. So you can use Quartz, or you can choose not to use it. It’s really a matter of personal choice,” Pouard said in an interview with the site. But neither are microtransactions, a largely modified feature now common in Ubisoft games like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, as well as a host of other triple-A games. In fact, you can read the entire interview right herebut it essentially resulted in Ubisoft committing to maximum speed with its NFT plans.

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One aspect of NFTs that Pouard insists players don’t understand is the idea that NFTs ultimately benefit the community. He goes on to explain that it’s mostly about giving players “the opportunity to resell their items once they’re done with them or they’ve finished playing the game” and that NFTs are just a change. pattern in the game that will be very difficult to accept at first.

“So it’s really, for them. It is really beneficial. But they don’t get it right now,” Pouard said.

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To wit, his colleague Didier Genvois, Ubisoft’s director of blockchain engineering, pointed out that Quartz will be built on top of Tezos, a blockchain system that uses at least two million times less energy than Tezos. with any other system. The problem, aside from the environmental harm NFTs will cause, is that so far there has been little demand from players looking to trade in cosmetics, weapons or other digital organs that Ubisoft might want to sell. . Ubisoft does not meet the specific needs that players have; it is going ahead with a new economic model that very few players want, in the hope of profiting from these transactions. When I tell you that you will would like This new play model is going to take over, Ubisoft is getting into some form of wacky astonishment that they’d love for you to buy into.

Of course, this conversation is not new to Ubisoft. The studio has previously been mired in controversy surrounding its aggressive micro-reaction methods; detail about Valhalla selling nine armor sets exclusive to its premium store — has as many sets as in the base game. At the same time, Ubisoft has also included a premium feature that allows players increase their experience gain rate in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey increased by 50% — a paid feature that many players felt was created specifically to tackle the game’s heavy content. The studio didn’t address these backlash back then, but it’s hard not to envision a future where Ubisoft would prefer to prioritize pumping more resources into NFT creation for a small percentage of players who want to buy. they.

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There are many things about Ubisoft’s NFT plan that are challenging to grasp at this stage. Pouard revealed that Ubisoft’s vision for the technology and concept of ultimate decentralization is to share stakes with their players — to “build new experiences on top of what’s been in each game so far.” ”, while also demonstrating the studio’s dedication to long-term implementation of a “play for money” model that uses silly words like “create value” that I am sure will attract attention. the mind of a typical video game enthusiast. What that new experience is, in addition to buying and selling digital assets that not many people care about, is shrouded in mystery, but Pouard promises that it will be what players want: a reality, yes Probably, where you’ll need to snipe the minimum number of enemy targets in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint daily, just to qualify for Ubisoft’s Quartz program and earn NFT trading.

But one thing is for sure, even Ubisoft doesn’t seem too sure about what this space holds for itself, beyond mirroring talking points already used by other companies. Read the interview for yourself and see if you can understand Pouard’s answers. Ultimately, it looks like the NFT is another form of disruption in Silicon Valley that will ultimately benefit no one.

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