The angry fans of Jeopardy! want to “remotely control” Mayim Bialik’s “game-affecting” moderator habit.

DANGER! Critics have sharply compared Mayim Bialik’s “slow” pace of hosting to Ken Jennings now that Ken’s thrilling Masters special has come to an end.

The fact that Ken will be off screen for “almost all summer” was made clear to unsuspecting fans during Thursday’s episode starring the actress.

Mayim Bialik hosted the first nightly episode after Jeopardy! Masters ended with harsh reviews


Mayim Bialik hosted the first nightly episode after Jeopardy! Masters ended with harsh reviewsPhoto credit: ABC
One fan wrote,


One fan wrote, “What’s up to see now?” and another, “If Mayim doesn’t stop hesitating, I’ll put my remote right through my eye.”Photo credit: NBC

Megan Braught, a librarian from Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, met Jesse Chin, an accounting manager from Bayside, New York, and Ed Petersen, a planning technician from Orlando, Fla., on Thursday for a one-day total of $7,999.

Ed defeated Lynn Di Vito, the contestant who technically won after a controversial decision ended Ben Chan’s eight-day streak.

Jesse took a small lead over Ed with a correct answer on the third daily double and went into Final Jeopardy!, where he held on for $14,800.

Ed had $12,400 and Megan had $6,200.

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“Well, that’s Thursday”

Last Danger! Under “ASIA” it says: “Premier Li Peng, an engineer by training, advocated in 1992; it ultimately resulted in the displacement of over a million people.”

Everyone was right when they asked, “What is the ‘Three Gorges Dam’?”

Jesse added $10,001, won $24,801 and became a winner of the day who looked delighted.

Mayim ended the show by saying, “Well that’s Thursday, let’s see what happens on Friday.” We’ll see you tomorrow.”

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With no one to really root for, and without Ken hosting either the Masters or the regular show for the foreseeable future, fans’ heads hung low.

One fan wrote on Twitter: “Well it’s a sad day that we won’t be seeing Ken again until the final week of season 39.”

“So the bulk of that will be Mayim Bialik for most of the summer.

“But at least we’re getting closer to the 40th season of Jeopardy very soon. So this is good news!”

Another person wrote, “Watching Mayim vs. Ken host Jeopardy is night and day.”

“Ken is quick, unhesitating, seems sincere. Mayim is stilted, seems to pause to clarify answers, and her banter seems forced.”

“Make Ken the permanent and only host!”

A third wrote: “@Jeopardy no whining but tonight’s game is one of the slowest I’ve seen.”

“And Mayim needs to get her confirmations faster.”

A fourth wrote: “I’m a huge fan but… I didn’t want @Jeopardy Masters to end. I enjoyed every minute of it. Too bad Mayim still moderates Jeopardy regularly. I’ll watch it again when Ken gets back.”

A fifth wrote, “Watching Jeopardy and Jeopardy Masters really highlights the huge difference between Ken and Mayim as hosts.”

“Ken runs so smoothly and there are no awkward breaks. He has a good understanding of the participants.”

“Mayim is still struggling with the breaks and just feels uncomfortable.

I’m sure this has been said many times, but if Mayim Bialik doesn’t stop hesitating when answering the questions about Jeopardy, I’m going to put my remote right through my eye.”

“What is there to see now that Master’s is over? Nothing is more fun and interesting than these players.”


Ken, 48, directed the suspenseful film Jeopardy! The Masters Special was won by James Holzhauer, with underdog Mattea Roach, 24, finishing just under second on Wednesday.

After three weeks of onstage hugs, hilarious question-and-answer hooliganism, and Ken in his element with the super champs of which he’s a part, it’s all over.

Now only regular episodes remain until the next season and Mayim, 47.

Ken’s co-successor to Alex Trebek completes the regular season through the summer.

Ken won’t appear until the 2023 Tournament of Champions, which kicks off Season 40 in September.

That is, with the exception of the last week of season 39, when he’s back as a presenter as Mayim supports the WGA writers’ strike.

Those episodes are scheduled to air in late July before the series goes on hiatus for a month.


Michael Davies, the experimental new executive producer of Jeopardy! who founded Masters, chose Ken and Mayim as the next hosts in 2022.

As Davies ushers the game show into its Super Champ era, he also urges fans to be patient with the host.

“If Ken is hosting and Mayim is hosting, there is no difference [in ratings]said the new EP vulture.

“It’s exactly the same [viewership] and that is the broadest part of the audience.”

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“This show is so difficult to host. I wish many of our fans would be more patient and understand that we are dealing with two presenters. Mayim is a very experienced actress. Ken is a very experienced Jeopardy! player.”

“They are both at the beginning of their careers as hosts. I support them both.”

All three players got it right in Wednesday's Final Jeopardy with Three Gorges Dam


All three players got it right in Wednesday’s Final Jeopardy with Three Gorges DamPhoto credit: ABC
Newcomer Jesse Chin won and looked delighted - Mayim concluded:


Newcomer Jesse Chin won and looked delighted – Mayim concluded: “Well that’s Thursday, let’s see what happens on Friday.”Photo credit: NBC
Fans immediately felt Masters nostalgia:


Fans immediately felt Masters nostalgia: “I’m watching Jeopardy!” and Jeopardy Masters really underscores the huge difference between Ken and Mayim when it comes to hosting.Photo credit: Getty


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