The 5 hardest Easter eggs in Minecraft to find

Minecraft filled with easter eggs. Many of them are used for the April Fools prank, but many are present in the game for players to find. Some are obvious, like the pumpkins at Halloween or the Christmas chests at Christmas, but others are pretty hard to find.

In general, there are many Easter sign which probably won’t be found or noticed by many players. These are some pretty hard to find.

Hard to find Easter eggs in Minecraft

5) Language

The first hard Easter egg is mostly hard because the player won’t be looking for it. Minecraft there are tons of language options, but most players only need to change it once, if at all. However, if they do, they’ll find several Easter egg language options:

  • tlhIngan Hol, Klingon from Star Trek
  • one of the Elvish languages ​​from The Lord of the Rings
  • Pirate Speak
  • English Shakespeare
  • English
  • English upside down

4) Rabbit Toast

Most Minecraft players are familiar with the rainbow sheep and the upside-down mob names, respectively, for jeb_ and Dinnerbone. However, there is another nameplate that can specifically affect a crowd. Naming a rabbit “Toast” will cause it to change color to another rabbit that is not in the game.

Toast the Bunny is the developer rabbit's girlfriend (Image via Minecraft)
Toast the Bunny is a developer’s girlfriend rabbit (Image via Minecraft)

3) “Johnny”

There is another easter egg tagged with an unknown name tag. If a whitewasher (this is the only mob it works on) is named “Johnny”, it will attack any nearby mobs except bad guys and other enemies. This is a reference to the movie The Shining, where the famous line, “This is Johnny!” from.

2) Notch’s birthday

Notch, one of the developers, receives a birthday greeting from Minecraft every year. Many players may have seen it, but the text is below Minecraft Names on menus are often omitted.

Every year on June 1, the only text that players can see there says “Happy Birthday, Notch!” Many players may not realize this is the only text they can see that day.

Notch's date of birth is visible to all players (Image via Minecraft)
Notch’s date of birth is visible to all players (Image via Minecraft)

1) Zombie texture

Textures for mobs are mostly unknown to Minecraft players. Most players don’t mess with textures, and even those who do may never notice this. The zombie textures have the head of a zombie villager hidden in the texture. This doesn’t show up at all unless you’re experimenting with textures. The other textures also have a few hidden easter eggs.

@BoundaryBreak Hehe yeah, maybe it’s because I have thousands of hours of gaming and understand the game inside and out. I know that Zombie Pigmen used to have an easter egg in their texture file, but they removed it, so I don’t know what you can do. I’m interested in a Minecraft video.

Which of these Easter eggs is the most interesting? The 5 hardest Easter eggs in Minecraft to find

Aila Slisco

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