The 5 biggest ongoing mysteries in gathering magic

For the uninitiated, Magic the Gathering’s The story can seem like a dense, confusing mess of names and places you’re expected to know. While that’s true to an extent, it’s also one of the game’s longest stories, with sets released years ago still influencing events that occur today.

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With so many planes to visit and so many people taking planes to check in, plot themes can sometimes hang in the air for quite a while. Since War of the Spark, the story has gradually built in the direction anything elseand knowing where the current biggest ambiguity is will help make each new series more interesting to follow. Here are the five biggest unsolved mysteries in the Magic the Gathering saga as of the end Innistrad: Crimson Oath.

Who is the wanderer?

The Wanderer by Wesley Burt
The Wanderer by Wesley Burt

Introduced in War of the Spark, Wanderer is a mysterious airman whose existence is very confusing. While most Planeswalkers have to concentrate and put a lot of energy into moving from one plane to another, the Wanderer is the opposite. If she loses focus, she will slip away from reality and end up somewhere else.

Constantly moving through the multiverse towards an unknown goal, even her real name is a mystery – her card in War of the Spark is the only Planeswalker card without a name her in line type. Her last appearance was very brief in Ikoria, where she appeared in thin air, slaying a monster in a single attack, and then the plane flew away again. So far, we’re just taking it for granted that she’s not an evil force in the multiverse. Her origins, her goals, why she couldn’t catch the plane, and even her face are unknown.

The only thing we know for sure about The Wanderer is that she has some prior knowledge of the airman Tarkir Sarkhan Vol, and even then details about that relationship are non-existent.


Who is the Pedestrian who spoils Ikoria?

Weaponization of Monsters by Magali Villeneuve
Weaponization of Monsters by Magali Villeneuve

The wanderer isn’t the only weird thing about Ikoria. In recent times, the creatures on the plane have mutated, becoming ferocious monsters that threaten the survivors of their walled city. Even more alarming was the appearance of ‘Bonders’, who were able to form relationships with these monsters and place them under their command.

One such Bonder is Lukka, a captain of the Coppercoats sworn to protect humanity. Banished from the city of Drannith for fear of his powers, he eventually investigates strange things happening to planeman Vivien Reid. They discover that all of Ikoria’s problems seem to come from one crystal – the Ozolith.

During a war between the Bonders, the humans of Drannith, and several opportunistic monsters, Lukka connected her mind and communicated with an unnamed Planeswalker who was using Ozolith to manipulate Ikoria for unknown reasons. This connection drives Lukka crazy, which eventually leads to his Spark then catching fire and him becoming a Hiker.

The question is, who is that Planeswalker controlling Ozolith? They weren’t from Ikoria, and didn’t even really care what was going on there, so why get involved? Are they even on Ikoria, or are they somehow pulling the strings entirely from another plane? Considering Lukka seems to be becoming an increasingly important part of Magic’s story after he reappears in Strixhaven, perhaps this is a question the Mages will eventually have to answer.

What Is Emrakul Doing In Innistrad Moon?

Imprisoned on the Moon by Ryan Alexander Lee
Imprisoned on the Moon by Ryan Alexander Lee

Eldrazi are creatures that exist in the space between planes, known as the Blind Creatures. It is not possible for mortals to fully perceive, let alone understand, the fact that their boarding an airplane often means the end of all life on it. That is, until Planeswalker Nahiri led them from his hometown plane Zendikar to the gothic world of Innistrad.

In Shadows Over Innistrad and Eldritch Moon, the Hikers sworn to protect the multiverse (Gatewatch) face the invading Eldrazi when their corruption drives the inhabitants of Innistrad mad and turns their bodies into writhing tentacles. By all rights, it should have been the end of the world for Innistrad, yet she willingly allowed herself to be sealed inside Innistrad’s moon by Gatewatch.

Before this happened, airman Jace Beleren had psychic communication with Emrakul, and she describes herself as “imperfect”. She argued that the people of Innistrad should be receptive to her rather than opposed to her. More disturbingly, she said it “no [her] time” before being sealed away.

First, how is it that an elderly person is trying to make its way into an ‘incomplete’ reality, and how long will it take her to complete? Comments on how Innistrad should welcome Emrakul’s presence also raise questions about whether Eldrazi is really the bad, or simply too foreign for those who encounter them to understand. Emrakul doesn’t appear at all in Innistrad: Midnight Hunt or Innistrad: Crimson Oath, suggesting we might wait a long time before figuring out exactly what Emrakul wants.

How did Elspeth escape Theros Underworld?

Theros Beyond Death Key Art
Theros Beyond Death Key Art

Much of the plane’s Greek-inspired Theros’ The story revolves around planeman Elspeth Tirel. As a Knight from the Alaran fragment of Bant, Elspeth traveled to Theros to seek help from its powerful gods against the growing threat of the Phyrexians.

On our first trip to Theros, Elspeth worked as an agent of the sun god Heliod, tasked with destroying the false and scheming god Xenagos. During her quest, she forged a bond with, and then accidentally killed, the hero Daxos of Theros. At the climax of the story, Elspeth kills Xenagos and offers her life in exchange for Daxos’, but her close friend and airman Ajani encourages her to flee Theros before the god Erebos died in time to notice.

Unfortunately, she was blocked by her own patron Heliod. A jealous and paranoid god, he took Elspeth’s own weapon and killed her with it. In Theros, the dead have a choice: step through the gray mist for eternity, or give up their identities and memories to return as a golden-faced ‘Returner’. Elspeth, strengthened by her love for Theros and her allies, made a third choice: to escape from Theros in her lap.

And… that’s all we really know. We have a few ideas of what happened through the story focus cards in Theros: Beyond Death and a very brief summary, but it wasn’t much: tormented by the nightmare plane guy Ashiok, Elspeth managed to pull a broken version of the Heliod weapon out of her own nightmare and create Shadowspear, which she then convinces Theros’ citizens are real, and Heliod is a fake. For Theros, faith made things come true, and so Heliod was weakened by those who doubted his god and was ultimately punished by Erebos for his deeds.

Ashiok's Erasure by Zezhou Chen
Ashiok’s Erasure by Zezhou Chen

Somewhere in the middle of all of this is Calix, an agent of Klothys, who became an airman only to pursue Elsepth across the multiverse. We also still see Ashiok worried about being creepy, and we still don’t know the specifics of exactly how Elsepth escaped from the underworld with her memories still intact.

What’s annoying is that none of this is left ambiguous as to why the story is going, it simply goes unanswered because the story was never published. Theros: Beyond Death came out at a time when people were extremely unhappy with the way the War of the Spark novels were handled. In Greg Wiesman’s novel, War of the Spark: Ravnica and Forsaken, the characters were the weirdness is deleted, the established rules of air travel were ignored, and the characters often behave in extremely unusual ways.

As a result of unfortunate timing, the outcry from this caused Wizards re-evaluate Its story check process meant that the Theros: Beyond Death story simply never came out. Wizards went on to say that they are waiting for the “right time” to publish it, but with Elspeth now appearing in the upcoming series Streets of New Capenna, there is a lot of confusion about how Elspeth died and now a lot Not.

What did Vorinclex do in Kaldheim?

Vorinclex, Daarken's Monstrous Raider
Vorinclex, Daarken’s Monstrous Raider

Now is actually a really good time to get into the Magic saga, because we’re starting a new one that deals with the return of Magic’s body-horror, the Phrexians. Man-made creatures obsessed with “perfecting” any and all organic life to its own design, the Phyrexians have managed to infiltrate many planes through Karn, an airman. golems who unknowingly transported their black oil.

The Phrexians have been inactive in Magic’s story for a while, with Eldrazi and Nicol Bolas taking over as the big bad guys over the past 10 years. But start with Kaldheim, the phyrexians have somehow returned to the multiverse. Phyrexian praetor Vorinclex was discovered over Kaldheim by airman Kaya, who was investigating reports of a ‘monster’ on board.

Later, Gatewatch member Teferi assisted Arlinn Kord in returning the sun to Innistrad. What he doesn’t tell her until the end of their adventure is that he’s investigating the Moonsilver Key, a powerful artifact on Innistrad that may possess the answer to the ongoing Phyrexian invasion. under everyone’s nose. Before leaving Innistrad, he warned Arlinn to watch for any black oil, and alerted Gatewatch if it appeared on Innistrad.

The big question for this development is that, despite being a threat to many aircraft, the Phrexians themselves Not airliner. Karn spread the rot to his artificial plane Argentum, which eventually spread and morphed into what we now call the new Phyrexia, and it took years of breeding, research, and mutilation. for them to find a way to break into Dominaria before that. Vorinclex isn’t a plane man, so how did he get to Kaldheim?

Is someone purposely spreading Phyrexian corruption and supporting them? Did they find a way to move between planes without sparks? What is their plan now, in a world without Bolas and Eldrazi? With rumors of more Praetorian appearing in other upcoming series, it seems likely that the Phyrexians will be the driving force behind the story over the next few years, and Kaldheim and this trip to Innistrad is the beginning of it.

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