The 10 most iconic weapons in the series

NS Final Fantasy series filled with some of the most iconic games of all timeand it just makes sense that the common elements present in all these games would also be noticeable in one way or another. Everything from monsters to some of the game’s characters is represented throughout the series, creating a cohesive experience that longtime fans will absolutely love.

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Weapons of Final Fantasy certainly some of its most iconic aspects, with its sheer arsenal of blades, axes, bows and everything else in its line being iconic for all the right reasons. Keeping this in mind, here are some of the most iconic weapons introduced in the Final Fantasy game series.


Kingdom Hearts 2 Sephiroth holds the masamune towards the screen

Most people think of Sephiroth’s giant sword when they picture Masamune in Final Fantasy. It is expected, given the iconic stature of Sephiroth is the most popular villain in Final Fantasy history.

Of course, Masamune has been around for a long time and is still present in modern games of this title. It’s one of the most memorable swords in the series by a country mile.


Squall uses his Gunblade in Final Fantasy 8

At first glance, the Gunblade looks like one of the most illogical weapons out there. However, in a series called Final Fantasy, it is clear that spectacle takes precedence over reality.

As a result, the Gunblade has become iconic despite its fun design. Watching Squall slash at enemies while blasting them with his gun creates such a stunning visual that no one would care how impractical the weapon really is.

Wild mistress

Beatrix in Final Fantasy 9

Beatrix is ​​one of the best Final Fantasy characters of all time, even though she’s not part of the main cast. It’s a testament to how well she writes, and finally got the ability to control her in Final Fantasy 9 is an absolute treat.

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That makes her weapon extremely fun to use and has a very cool design. Save the Queen is also a pretty good name, immediately making this sword one of the most memorable blades in Final Fantasy.


Wakka gives Tidus the Brotherhood sword from Final Fantasy X

Final Fantasy’s first foray into the PS2 era was a smashing success. Final Fantasy 10 told a compelling story with the command of Tidus, who had an iconic weapon of his own that looked absolutely outstanding.

The Brotherhood is almost like a sword with water inside, making it a fascinating and iconic weapon to look at. Most people might not be a big fan of Tidus, but even his harshest critics have a soft spot for this sword.


Final Fantasy 4 Pixel Remaster Cecil attacks with Excalibur

Excalibur is a legendary sword that has appeared in Final Fantasy in most of its games. It appeared as one of the most powerful weapons the player could wield in the old games, with its stature becoming so legendary that powerful summoners also began to wield powerful weapons. this.

Excalibur is effective regardless of the circumstances and who is using it. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about another weapon that is related to this shining sword…


Excalipoor in Final Fantasy

The hilariously titled Excalipoor started out as a prank weapon. However, its appearance in Final Fantasy 5 and subsequent titles has made it a legendary sword in its own right.

Watch Gilgamesh fail with this weapon among other things an intense boss fight making for one of the most memorable moments in the game. This, coupled with this weapon’s lovable annoyance, has made it a fan favorite.


Squall and his party battle Odin in Final Fantasy 8.

Zantetsuken is a sword that has become the trademark of the character Odin. Watching him slice enemies in half with this blade over and over is never fun in any Final Fantasy game.

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Final Fantasy 6 is the only game to use this sword as an equippable weapon and as an absolute blast to use. It has a 25% chance to cause instant death with its attacks and also has a unique death animation of its own.

Lion heart

While Squall Gunblade’s base is pretty neat to look at in its own right, the true potential of his combat prowess is unleashed once you get Lionheart. It is Squall’s ultimate weapon and wastes no time making its presence noticeable with a striking blue sword.

Of course, it wouldn’t be possible to talk about Lionheart without mentioning its eponymous Limit Break, so it’s unlocked. Breaking this Limit Break in easy combat is one of the most gripping moments in Final Fantasy games in a long way.

Buster Sword

Final Fantasy VII Buster Sword Remake

Cloud’s famous Buster Sword has become legendary, with this huge and iconic sword becoming the protagonist of Final Fantasy 7. The Buster Sword is possibly the weakest weapon in Cloud’s arsenal, but don’t let this detract from its iconic stature.

This massive blade looks completely unusable, making it even funnier as Cloud spins this weapon around considerably after winning a battle. Thankfully, given the nature of the Final Fantasy series, suspending skepticism isn’t really that hard in this setting.

Ultima Weapon

Ultima Weapon in Final Fantasy

The Ultima Weapon has appeared several times throughout the Final Fantasy series. It is almost always the most powerful weapon whenever it appears in any game.

The name of this weapon can sometimes be different, but the core of its origin remains the same. Suffice to say, any player looking to maximize their attack in any Final Fantasy game should look for the Ultima Weapon or a variation thereof.

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