Thanks for commissioning my idea for a more realistic ‘middle-aged’ Love Island, ITV – now I know the perfect host for it

FINALLY ITV has heard my pleas for a brand new kind of Love Island.

It was announced this week that the channel will air a version of the show starring older, single parents.

ITV is doing a version of Love Island with older, single parents


ITV is doing a version of Love Island with older, single parentsPhoto credit: erotem
While Maya Jama is a great presenter for the current series, Ulrika knows the perfect presenter for the older series


While Maya Jama is a great presenter for the current series, Ulrika knows the perfect presenter for the older seriesPhoto credit: ITV

I take full credit if I may.

I have written about this more than once in this newspaper in recent years.

And watching the current series with the 20s confirms why a different approach to the show, with middle-aged men and women, is such a brilliant, genius idea (mine).

My pleasure.

I’ve never been too proud to admit that I’m a Love Island fan.

As a study in human psychology and entertainment, it’s pretty damn good value for money.

My interest was piqued a few years ago when two teenage daughters live at home.

I felt it was my maternal, professional, and protective duty to get involved.

Just to note, I’d like to add that one of them couldn’t bear to see it next to me, aka Gobby Mum, who insisted on speaking about the program throughout the show.

So that was the end of that bonding experience.

This oldest female ungrateful has now given up watching Love Island altogether.

She says she sees through the glory-hungry islanders and feels the show is too rigged and scripted — and now everyone’s acting in front of the cameras.

Of course she’s right.

It happens with all reality shows because everyone learns the rules of the game.

And that’s why we need to bring a whole new demographic into the mansion.

Forget the current Love Island meat market with perfect makeup and even more perfect bodies.

There is no variety in the show and that means it will never be a true reflection of life itself.

I can’t deny that I’ve grown a bit weary of his formulaic approach.

Of course, the best thing about this South African series is the divine Maya Jama.

If loving her is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.

She’s the perfect presenter because she “gets” what the islanders are going through.

This is exactly what is needed for the new ITV show for over 50s.

Davina McCall may have the job in mind, but I’d argue that she doesn’t have the hands-on experience that a certain Swedish TV host has with the dating app wilderness.

I have long been on a mission to shine a light on those of us who are over 50 and often feel overlooked by society.

We’re not dead yet and our love life is far from over.

As more marriages and relationships end and we live longer, we owe it to this group of men and women to explore their experiences with dating.


Our needs and wants are very different from those in their 20s — except we still lust for snogs and lots of hanky panky. . .

But I would argue that we have more depth and more life experience, not to mention a story full of chaos and ridiculousness.

We care less about trivial things.

We don’t sweat the little things anymore. Maybe we’re still searching for our newfound purpose away from grown children.

In short, we are people of great interest because not only have we had to endure life, but we have also had to learn to laugh and cry at our trail of past mistakes.

We also understand that life is short.

Very few 20-year-olds know that. They think they are immortal.

So we golden oldies tend to throw caution to the wind – misbehaving and embarrassing ourselves.

What more does ITV want?

So, ITV: Passport. will travel. Can present.


SINGER Jo O’Meara brought me back to a very dark place when she opened up about her chronic back pain.

Not too many years ago I was where the S Club 7 star was.

Andy Murray had an inspiring week at the Australian Open


Andy Murray had an inspiring week at the Australian OpenPhoto credit: Rex

Like Jo, I “couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel” due to a crippling back problem – which no one seemed to be able to find a solution for.

I had constant, chronic pain when standing, lying and sitting and nothing helped.

I could not be left alone with my youngest child – still a toddler at the time – in case they needed to be picked up.

I saw consultants, had MRIs, injections.

I spoke to a neurosurgeon who said I kind of fell between two chairs. Not really.

But surgery might help and it might make things worse.

It was a difficult time, which lasted about four years, and I lost interest in life.


Painkillers became my friend but didn’t help.

I struggled to see a way forward and in the depths of my despair

I felt it would be easier not to live because my quality of life was absolutely miserable.

About four out of five adults experience back pain at some point.

For some reason we don’t seem very good at understanding and managing pain from both a societal and medical perspective.

And these days, it’s all about discouraging people from taking opioid painkillers because of the addiction epidemic.

My pain eventually subsided I think because I started swimming.

But there is no silver bullet for any condition.

My degenerative symptoms haven’t gone away and I still have good days and bad days.

But I felt inspired by Andy Murray’s stunning wins this week at the Australian Open.

After hip surgery in January 2018 and another a year later, I bet he thought his playing career was over.

And I never thought I’d be drunk dancing to trash music all those years ago when I had no drive to keep going.

But there can be light at the end of the pain tunnel.

THE viral video of Kim Kardashian doing her best version of “chav” makeup is not only distasteful, it’s offensive.

Many girls emulate Kim.

Kim Kardashian putting on her best version of chav makeup is not only distasteful, it's also offensive


Kim Kardashian putting on her best version of chav makeup is not only distasteful, it’s also offensivePhoto credit: instagram

They want that flawless, polished look and will do anything to achieve it.

Their admiration for their face and love for their looks has resulted in them becoming loyal followers.

Seeing her flippantly make a joke about how some women apply their makeup comes across as cruel and a little ungrateful.

Not every woman out there has the luxury of a makeup artist at hand the second she wakes up.

You’re also not being stalked by a film crew that can create perfect light


Kudos to Shirley Ballas for admitting to having a non-surgical facelift.

She’s still a stunning woman, but it’s refreshing when a sleb admits she’s had some help.

Shirley Ballas has admitted to having a non-surgical facelift


Shirley Ballas has admitted to having a non-surgical faceliftCredit: Cavendish
Shirley shared before and after pictures of the procedure


Shirley shared before and after pictures of the procedureCredit: Cavendish

Too many people in public act as if their huge lips are natural and their inability to frown is just some weirdness of their genes.

But most of us are smart enough to know better.

It’s a tricky balancing act, this whole aging Malarkey.

Some people are incredibly lucky and just seem to age really well and naturally.

And we really do praise these lucky beggars – as if it was cleverness that helped them slide seamlessly into old age, and not just a lucky draw in the gene lottery.

I look at my face in the mirror with disappointment every day and wish my parents had passed on better genes.

But at the same time, I know I just have to accept the aging process and get a little help from my Botox friend from time to time, who I’ve always been open about.

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i like honesty It’s my currency.

So a round of applause for the Strictly Come Dancing star for sharing and being candid about her journey.
I would definitely give her a ten. Thanks for commissioning my idea for a more realistic ‘middle-aged’ Love Island, ITV – now I know the perfect host for it


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