Terrifying footage shows the inside of Prigozhin’s jet HOURS before the crash as “mystery buyers” were shown around a security breach

Chilling footage has surfaced showing the inside of the slain Prigozhin’s jet just hours before it catastrophically crashed while “mysterious buyers” were being shown around an extraordinary security breach.

The Russian warlord – and head of Wagner’s private army – was killed along with nine others in a suspected explosion aboard the plane.

Footage from inside Prigozhin's jet has surfaced just hours before the catastrophic crash


Footage from inside Prigozhin’s jet has surfaced just hours before the catastrophic crashPhoto credit: East2west News


“Secret shoppers” were reportedly paraded through the jetPhoto credit: East2west News
A turbocharged refrigerator


A turbocharged refrigerator “of unknown origin” was allegedly fitted to the plane at the last minutePhoto credit: East2west News
The plane shriveled into a heap of shredded metal


The plane shriveled into a heap of shredded metalPhoto credit: EPA

Footage shows the Embraer Legacy 600 plane being shown to “prospective buyers” on Wednesday – just hours before it was destroyed amid fears a bomb had been planted on board.

According to Telegram channel VChK-OGPU, which has ties to law enforcement agencies, it was a security breach at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport.

“To get her to a safe area and then on board [potential] “Buyers were declared as passengers on the flight,” the broadcaster said.

Although they were not passengers, they had access to the plane for about an hour from 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. on the day of the crash.

Also among the dead with Prigozhin were Wagner military commander Dmitry Utkin (53) and flight attendant Kristina Raspopova (39), who revealed to her relatives both a delay in the flight and the fact that the plane was doomed before its last trip had been repaired.

New details have also emerged about the repairs and how a last-minute turbocharged refrigerator of “unknown origin” was installed on the plane.

The West believes that Vladimir Putin ordered the assassination of his former aide Prigozhin, who he says betrayed him in a June coup against his regime.

The potential buyers of a £4.29million deal “arrived in a Mercedes in Sheremetyevo and searched the metal detectors inside,” the broadcaster said.

“The technician only had a phone with him and the woman had a purse.

“After examining the plane inside and out (from about 9:30 to 10:30 a.m.), they calmly left the airport.

“Soon Prigozhin, Utkin and others got on the plane – there was an explosion in the air.”

The channel called the “mysterious” senators representatives of a Russian VIP business jet company, Rusjet.

They were appointed Alexandra Yulina, CEO of the company, and Sergey Klokotov, Rusjet’s technical director.

But on the video recorded around 10 a.m., the voices of two women can be heard.

“They were registered as passengers to be let through by the special services and airport security,” VChK-OGPU reported.

The “buyers” had already been informed a few days earlier about the expected date of Prigozhin’s use of the aircraft.

“Knowing this, the buyers, bypassing all precautions, boarded the plane the same day Yevgeny Prigozhin took off.”

The channel currently said: “The main version of the investigation is that a bomb may have been placed in a turbo cooler that was replaced on Prigozhin’s plane on the eve of departure.”

The broadcaster also said a source revealed that the Prigozhin plane will be undergoing maintenance in mid-summer.

“After that, almost immediately, the plane suffered two serious breakdowns, which were rectified over the weekend.

“The brake on one of the chassis was replaced.

“The spare part was purchased from one of the airlines in the Russian Federation.”

Also replaced was “a turbo refrigerator that was ordered in the United States and delivered to Moscow, circumventing sanctions.”

But there was an accident with the newly purchased part when it was reportedly dropped and damaged in a warehouse at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport.

This was replaced by a turbo refrigerator “of unknown origin”.

“Where the new turbo cooler came from and who installed it is still being clarified.”

The broadcaster said: “Experts do not rule out that it could have been a bomb.”

In the video, a woman’s voice can be heard saying over the plane, “It’s 2007.”

A voice says: “Of course we would have to refresh the leather.”

The other woman replied, “Yes, yes.”

Then there is an unfinished sentence that says, “Other than that there is nothing.”

Early reports said the plane was shot down by a missile attack, but it is now believed that an explosion aboard the Embraer Legacy 600 caused the crash.

However, Flight tracking data from FlightRadar24 suggests that there was probably at least one catastrophic event in the air a few minutes before Prigozhin’s plane crashed.

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The data shows the plane experienced an unexpected drop in altitude around 6:19 p.m. local time, but stayed airborne for a few more minutes while flying an additional 30 miles.

According to flight data and horror footage of the catastrophic crash and debris fields, the Embraer Legacy 600 then crashed out of the sky.

According to reports, the


According to reports, the “buyers” had been informed several days earlier about the expected date of Prigozhin’s use of the aircraftPhoto credit: East2west News
The plane was completely charred after the catastrophic crash


The plane was completely charred after the catastrophic crashPhoto credit: AP


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