Telling kids that weight loss injections are an easy way to lose weight is a big fat lie

According to one study, 90 percent of women have tried some kind of diet at some point in their lives.

Well, not me. . . I’ve been on a diet 90 percent of my life!

We need to rethink how we feel about


We need to rethink how we feel about “wonderful” slimming vaccines like Wegovy or Ozempic
Instead, we should teach children to eat healthily and exercise more


Instead, we should teach children to eat healthily and exercise more

I’ve tried them all – the depressing cabbage soup diet, the low-carb Atkins diet, juice cleanses, and the “grapefruit diet,” which requires you to eat fruit or drink its juice with every meal.

The two things they all had in common was that they affected my digestive system in some pretty uncomfortable ways — and neither of them caused me to lose weight. At least not in the long run.

So if you’re currently thinking that the “wonderful” slimming vaccines that everyone is talking about, Wegovy and Ozempic, are going to be the answer, then you need to think again.

Because an obesity expert said last week patients must receive the injections for life or they risk putting on the pounds again.

For life? What a frightening prospect.

Especially given the statement by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice) that prescriptions for Wegovy are limited to two years, as data on the long-term effects of the drug are not yet available.

We’ve all seen scores of previously “muscle” celebrities lose half their body weight very quickly.

And instead of thinking, “Good for you, you must have worked hard for your new body,” many of us are silently contemplating whether — nudge, nudge, wink, wink — we’re getting the injections.

Because it seems so, so tempting, doesn’t it?

Eat whatever you want and inject your way to getting lean — as long as you don’t mind reported side effects like constant nausea, vomiting, and depression.

These side effects are perhaps why one study found that nearly half of people with diabetes stopped using an earlier generation of the drugs within a year and 70 percent within two years.

The truth is that there is no such thing as a quick fix to losing weight.

Aside from eating less and exercising more, which sounds pretty simple but seems impossible for most of us to stick to.

These injections are designed to give you the willpower you need to avoid overeating.

It works by using a synthetic hormone to trick the brain into feeling full, which makes you want to eat less.

constant nausea

But what message does this send to our children? That cheating can make you slim?

We have an obesity crisis in both adults and children in the UK.

And it is misleading to send the message to young people that the “simple” solution to the problem is a “simple” vaccine for weight loss.

It would be far better to teach them at school how to cook healthy meals and exercise more.

Many schools offer physical education once a week, which is far from sufficient to foster healthy children with an energetic outlook on life.

We should encourage children to take responsibility for their own health, exercise more and eat nutritious foods instead of injecting themselves with appetite suppressants.

And if you really want to lose weight, you simply have to eat less.


HOW inspiring that Dame Deborah James’ teenage daughter, Eloise, is “following in mom’s footsteps” by launching her own fashion line for charity to raise money for her Bowelbabe Fund.

The 13-year-old must be devastated after losing her mother last June, five years after the former teacher was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer.

Deborah James' daughter seems to be a star herself


Deborah James’ daughter seems to be a star herselfPhoto credit: Instagram

But she is clearly her mother’s daughter.

Before her tragic death, Deborah – the host of the You, Me And The Big C podcast – raised £6.75million for cancer research.

That number has now totaled £11.3million and Eloise is looking to increase that number further by launching her own charity collection for online fashion brand In The Style.

The teenager says each piece is inspired by her mother.

What a touching tribute and what an amazing young person Eloise is.


NOBODY desires the physical harm of another human being, but it’s hard to fully sympathize with the so-called “Messi of the Matadors” who was badly injured in a bullfighting incident.

Andrés Roca Rey suffered multiple injuries and bruises all over his body after being impaled by a 1,100-pound bull and crushed against the barriers at an event in Santiago, Spain. Yes, terrible.

Injuries are always unfortunate - but if you stab a bull, you will be impaled


Injuries are always unfortunate – but if you stab a bull, you will be impaledPhoto credit: AFP via Getty

But surely he only has himself to blame.

Bullfighting is one of the cruellest so called sports and should be banned.

Why anyone should enjoy torturing a trapped and goaded animal – and why people would want to watch in the name of entertainment – is beyond me.

If you poke a bear, you will get hurt.

If you stab a bull, you will be impaled.

Katie is much better

I am always in awe of Katie Piper, who has been through so many ways and so deserves to live her best life.

That’s exactly what she appeared to be doing in a series of joyful snaps she shared from her holiday in Cornwall last week.

Katie Piper is stunning - and seems to be living her best life


Katie Piper is stunning – and seems to be living her best lifePhoto Credit: Katie Piper/Instagram
It's amazing how much courage and strength she has


It’s amazing how much courage and strength she hasPhoto Credit: Katie Piper/Instagram

She has so much power and so much courage that it amazes me.

She is someone to look up to – a real role model.


I’m not a fan of the singer Morrissey.

But I can only agree with him that the reactions to the death of the brilliant and original Sinead O’Connor are in stark contrast to the world’s reactions to her when she was alive.

It's hard not to agree with Morrissey that attitudes toward Sinead O'Connor changed quickly after her death


It’s hard not to agree with Morrissey that attitudes toward Sinead O’Connor changed quickly after her deathPhoto credit: Getty

Following her both tragic and untimely death on Wednesday, a year after the suicide of her beloved son Shane, people are talking about her brilliance.

After the Irish singer’s death, celebrities and fans paid tribute to her, calling her a “legend” and an “icon”.

Then the former Smiths frontman hit back, saying, “You Praise Her Now Only Because It Is Too Late.” . You didn’t have the courage to support her when she was alive and looking for you.”

Sinead was a truly gifted singer, an original thinker, and a courageous idealist who wasn’t afraid to speak her mind even when her head was full of unpopular opinions.

She struggled with an abusive childhood, severe mental health issues, and the tragic loss of her son.

May they both rest in peace and may their deaths remind us all to be kinder to one another while we can.


KEVIN SPACEY was acquitted this week and found innocent of sexually abusing four men after a grueling four-week trial that smeared his name and forced his career to sit on hold for several years.

His relief must be huge. Still, I’ve seen people take it upon themselves to express doubts about the verdict on Twitter.

AGT star Sofia's post-divorce plan is revealed as she prepares for her return to the panel
Dark details emerge as'Preppy Killer' is released after 15 years in prison
Kevin Spacey's relief must be huge after being acquitted and found innocent


Kevin Spacey’s relief must be huge after being acquitted and found innocentCredit: Yui Mok/PA Wire

That’s the world of social media for you, guilty even when proven innocent.

I wish him all the best as he regains control of his professional life.


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