Teenage mom Chelsea Houska’s husband, Cole DeBoer, called MTV “shady” for “forgetting” to pay the family before she quit the show

TEEN Mom 2 graduate Chelsea Houska’s husband, Cole DeBoer, has called MTV “shady” for “forgetting” to pay his family before they left the show, new court filings show.

Chelsea, 31, and her husband Cole, 35, were sued by consulting firm Envy for $3 million in 2020 for allegedly withholding funds they made from social media advertising.

Chelsea Houska's husband, Cole DeBoer, claimed MTV was


Chelsea Houska’s husband, Cole DeBoer, claimed MTV was “shady” when it came to payCredit: Instagram/chelseahouska
The email was included in the court filing of a $4 million lawsuit filed against the couple


The email was included in the court filing of a $4 million lawsuit filed against the couplePhoto credit: MTV

Envy filed an amended complaint to the same lawsuit as Chelsea and Cole companies Down Home DeBoer, Aubree Says, Dakota Ln LLC and DeBoer Holding Company were added as defendants in the case and the former business partner is now at $4 million complains.

In new court filings exclusively obtained by The US Sun, Cole alleged that MTV engaged in “shady” practices when it came to paying the stars teen mom 2.

In the statement, Chelsea and Cole manager William Gerard Dzombak filed a statement in support of the defendants’ summary judgment to dismiss the lawsuit without a trial and stop Envy’s Sara Nemerov from receiving the stars’ money from Teen mom 2

William, who owns TWGG, said in the court filings, “Both Envy and TWGG understood that neither company would receive a commission for Teen Mom 2 and that both Envy and TWGG would only receive a commission from revenue from branding/sponsorship deals would be received.” .

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“It is industry standard that talent managers do not receive commission for work performed by the talent prior to the establishment of the management relationship. Envy understood that.”

To provide an example of how uninvolved she was with the show, William brought up a 2016 email in which Cole asked Envy’s owner for advice on paying for Teen Mom 2.

The court filing said, “Ms. Nemerov was careful not to take part in the talks with Viacom. In June 2016, Cole discovered that he had not been paid the correct amount for his appearances on Teen Mom 2 for two years.

“On June 5, 2016, he sent Ms. Nemerov an email asking for help in solving this problem. Ms. Nemerov forwarded Cole’s email to me and wrote, ‘I’ve been advised not to interfere. You can do whatever you want.'”

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The email was attached to the statement as evidence.

Cole’s June 5, 2016 email to Sara reportedly said, “I’m also looking for some help/advice from you guys.” MTV sucks very badly and is also dodgy when it comes to paying everyone.

“We recently found out that they accidentally ‘forgot’ to pay Aubree the amount due to her for the two years!! Furthermore, it is not even remotely possible to add up what Chelsea and I have both received and add up what is actually due to us and time flies which makes it appear that these payments are being deferred and forgotten.

“I was wondering if you could help us and maybe get the contracts with our prices per episode and how many we’ve been in from the beginning to this day. And indeed records of them [sic] Payments and transactions are actually honored by us as much is still owed.

“I had asked for paperwork beforehand and they sent me part of their payments and what they are going to pay going forward and it’s nowhere near accurate and they certainly still owe me last season, I think they owed it. ” Me [redacted] and I felt like it [redacted].”

Chelsea has been on Teen Mom 2 since season one in 2011, when Cole joined the show when they first started dating in 2015.

The parents-of-four left the series in 2020 as they now star in the HGTV series Down Home Fab.

On June 16, Chelsea and Cole’s legal team filed a summary judgment motion, dismissing the complaint in its entirety as plaintiff fails to establish a genuine issue of material fact with respect to all claims for damages against these defendants; (b) award of judgment in favor of Claimant for breach of contract and counterclaims against Claimant; and (c) granting costs, fees and other and further facilities to the applicant as justified and reasonable.”

MTV did not immediately respond to The US Sun’s request for comment on Cole’s claims.

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Envy’s amended complaint claims Chelsea signed with the company in 2015 while Cole signed in 2016.

Based on the alleged contracts, they agreed to “enter into license agreements for the Property only through Envy to allow Envy to negotiate such agreements exclusively, collect any resulting revenue, and pay Envy 35 percent of any fees or royalties derived from the Property.” .” for domestic business and 40 percent of any fees or royalties for foreign business.”

Chelsea’s daughter Aubree, 13, with her ex-boyfriend Adam Lind and their two eldest Watson, six, and Layne, four, with Cole, were involved in social media promotions as “mutual clients”, according to the amended complaint.

According to the court filing, “Chelsea and Cole breached their contracts by directing certain brands to pay Chelsea, Cole, any of the other mutual customers and/or any other person or entity directly in order to receive payment of Envy royalties.” to avoid.”

“Chelsea and Cole have failed to disclose those instructions and payments to Envy and have failed to pay Envy royalties owed on those amounts.”

The couple also reportedly “failed on their commitments” to companies including Bombay Hair Wand, Carseat Canopy, Diff, Fab Fit Fun, Loving Tan, Profile Sanford, Sugar Bear Hair, Timeless Organics and others.

The amended complaint also alleges that Envy learned that Chelsea and Cole “did not disclose the existence of the other companies.”

Envy claimed the company Dakota Ln LLC was “formed after the plaintiff threatened legal action.”

C&A, Chelsea’s company originally associated with Envy, was reportedly “shut down, stripped of all assets and stripped of all existing contracts.”

Down Home DeBoer was incorporated in 2020 while Aubree Says and DeBoer Holding Company was incorporated in 2021.

According to the court filing, “Chelsea and Cole are now negotiating their trademark and license agreements with the shared clients, which will be executed by and paid for through the Concealed Entities.”

“Chelsea and Cole have received and continue to receive revenue generated by the mutual clients’ ownership of the brands’ hidden businesses.

“Chelsea and Cole treated the C&A and covert company funds as their own and used the funds for personal purposes, including withdrawing all of C&A’s assets for personal use without paying C&A any compensation.”

Chelsea, Cole and the “Hidden Enterprises” are being sued for breach of contract and unjust enrichment.

C&A and the other companies are being sued for tortious interference with contractual and business relationships and unjust enrichment.

Envy claims that Chelsea and Cole “received a significant financial benefit from Envy’s services through the revenue they and their mutual customers generated from Envy’s services” and “have made and will make millions of dollars through Envy’s efforts.” continue to do so.” ”

Envy’s first complaint was filed in 2020.


Chelsea, Cole and the other defendants filed a counterclaim in May 2020, alleging that Envy did in fact withhold $150,000 from them.

Chelsea and Cole denied the allegations, claiming they “owe no payments to Envy” and that the company “wrongfully withheld payments to Chelsea.”

The reality stars claimed Envy “actually harmed the professional careers of defendants Chelsea and Cole by withholding significant payments from them and engaging in unprofessional conduct, including but not limited to, arguing with and disrespectful behavior towards Chelsea and Cole, potential and later existing licensing contacts and other professional contacts of Chelsea and Cole.”

Defendants also alleged that Envy “deliberately omitted numerous transactions and/or earnings from the bank statements for the sole purpose of depriving Chelsea, Cole and TWGG of receiving monies lawfully due and owed.”

Chelsea claimed they owe her $154,074.62 from deals.

In its response, Envy denied the claims made against them.


Envy is also demanding 35 percent of Chelsea and Cole’s earnings from Viacom, the media company that owns MTV.

According to the court filings, “It is undisputed that Envy worked on both the original Viacom agreement and its amendments and enhancements during the term of the DeBoer agreements.

“If required, that fact would be demonstrated by emails disclosing Envy’s involvement in the negotiation and revision of the relevant agreements and assisting Chelsea and Cole in complying with those agreements.”

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The court filings went on to say that they are entitled to “35 percent of the millions of dollars in revenue from the Viacom agreements,” as that percentage is the same amount they agreed to for the social media revenue.

Chelsea and Cole denied this request.

Chelsea's daughter Aubree reportedly went two years without a salary


Chelsea’s daughter Aubree reportedly went two years without a salaryCredit: Instagram/Chelsea Houska
Chelsea has been on the show since 2011, with Cole joining in 2015


Chelsea has been on the show since 2011, with Cole joining in 2015Photo credit: MTV
They now star in HGTV's Down Home Fab series


They now star in HGTV’s Down Home Fab seriesPhoto credit: Discovery+


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