Teen mom Briana DeJesus files for protection order after Kailyn Lowry ‘tried to reveal her sexual history’ in a nasty lawsuit

TEEN Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus has filed for a protective order after Kailyn Lowry “tried to reveal her sexual history” in their nasty lawsuit.

Kailyn29 years old, sued Briana27, for defamation in June after she claimed the star “beaten” baby’s father Chris Lopez and broke into his mother’s home.

Briana DeJesus files protective order for Kailyn Lowry


Briana DeJesus files protective order for Kailyn LowryCredit: MTV
Briana claims Kailyn's lawyer tried to reveal her sexual history during the demotion


Briana claims Kailyn’s lawyer tried to reveal her sexual history during the demotionCredit: Instagram / @kaillowry

Enemies have a trial set for March 29 to rule on Briana’s anti-slapp movement, which protects one’s right to free speech, which was filed in August to overrule. drop the case.

In court papers exclusively obtained by The Sun, Briana’s attorney filed a Motion of Protective Order to prohibit Kailyn from seeking information about her “third-party sex” without protection. secret guard.

Briana, whose real name is Soto, has her deposition, that is testimony, in case on March 7, 2022.

The lawyer asserted that Kail’s attorney’s inquiry about her sexual history was “not relevant” to the case and that the line of questioning was intended to “learn important details of Briana’s private life for the benefit of of embarrassing her.”

The court papers continued: “The real case is not about defamation. The real case is about Ms. Lowry being upset that Ms. Soto was having an affair with her ex.

Teen Mom fans stoned Briana for her secret meeting with her nemesis, Kailyn's ex-boyfriend Chris.
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“That was clear from the start, but during Ms Soto’s removal on March 7, 2022, that was no longer denied.”

Court papers go on to say that as consel began “inquiring into matters of Ms. Soto’s sexual history,” Kailyn’s attorney “emphasized that any material details would be made public.”

The documents assert: “It is clear that the intent of this line of questioning was to attempt to humiliate Ms Soto and to have Ms Lowry use this information for purposes unrelated to the case.”

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The lawyer also mentioned that the parties are “famous reality TV stars” and are “closely followed on social media”.

He added that there was “no reason for such questions” about Briana’s sexual history and that even so, she would be willing to answer them as long as the information was kept “confidential”. which was denied by Kail’s legal counsel.

Briana’s request is that her responses “must not be used as fodder” for the “continued campaign to keep herself in the public eye”.

He added that this is an “abuse of discovery” and Briana is asking for a protection order to keep the information confidential, as opposed to filing a counterclaim.

A judge has yet to rule on the request.


The attorneys for Kailyn and Briana have targeted each other throughout the case, especially when it comes to Chris.

Email from Kailyn attorney, Nicole Haff, to Briana’s attorney Marc Randazza about her refusal to adjourn the hearing: “We’re a pretty laid-back office and normally, we do grant… , this is an unusual case and your client can ask the court for an adjournment. Miss Lowry disagrees.”

Nicole explains how Kailyn’s ex and third child’s father Chris, where he admitted to spending time with Briana in Miami, was executed on November 2.

But Marc didn’t file it until the night before Thanksgiving because “probably very sadly” Kailyn pre-holiday.

She later wrote that Briana had informed Kail via social media that she was sending her a “surprise”.

The email continued: “The surprise was a treadmill. When reading the message, a reasonable reader would view it as your customer calling my customer overweight.

“If your client wants my client’s support, she should stop fighting her and perhaps issue an apology for the very statements she made that are at the heart of the lawsuit. this.”

He replied in the email: “Treadmill, I have nothing to do with it. That seems like an incredibly expensive thing to send someone as an insult. If Miss Lowry doesn’t want to, I can lose a few pounds on my own.”

In the resume application, Marc tore apart Kailyn and her attorney for refusing to approve his continuation.

The filing read Chris’ statement: “Thereafter, Plaintiff’s attorney made the leap that it was filed on November 24th as an attempt to upset Plaintiff. This simply makes no sense. There is nothing in the affidavit that a reasonable person would consider ‘nasty’.

“The timing is an unfortunate result of incompetence, but hardly an evil plot to upset Mrs. Lowry. There is no reason to deny a reasonable request for continuation because a claimant party was upset with the filing of the affidavit.

“This is Plaintiffs acting in defiance, and attorneys don’t insist on being a buffer between a client’s defiant behavior and professional behavior.”

He then picked up the treadmill and Kailyn’s attorney asserted Briana was referring to her client as “overweight.”

Marc continued in the profile: “Seriously? This level of pettiness and behavior in the schoolyard should find its way into the CLE of how and why modern law practice is so uncivilized.

“This should have been embarrassing to commit to in writing. The reason that Plaintiffs’ attorneys will not agree to a reasonable continuation is because one party believes a gift from the other party is part of a wound on their respective waists.

“Inattention is not a reason to refuse a reasonable request for professional courtesy.”

In December, Kailyn posted about getting a treadmill.

She wrote on Instagram: “Dog room update: @BrianaSoto thank you so much for the treadmill. My dogs will love it and I’m lazy so now I don’t have to walk them myself.”


In Kail’s The first complaint against Briana was filed in JuneHer legal team stated that her co-star’s comments were untrue and were made “with the intent to cause harm to Lowry… Defendant used Lowry to gain media attention inform yourself.”

Kailyn later became their feud in court papers filed on June 25, which began when Briana joined Teen Mom 2 in 2017.

Kailyn claims Briana “has a history of making false statements about Lowry’s family life”, including when she allegedly replied to a Twitter user “[Lowry] f**k beat by Chris in front of her kids. ”

Kailyn mentioned in the lawsuit when she was disqualified from June 8, 2021, Teen Mom 2 episode.

Briana claimed she was not included because she allegedly “committed a violent, physical crime against Mr. Lopez. Defendant also asserted that Lowry was arrested for breaking into and entering Mr. Lopez’s mother’s home.

Briana accused Kailyn of “not wanting to film” of the alleged incident.

Kailyn insists she did not break into Chris’s biological home or beat him.

She claimed the claims “threatened” her “ability to earn a living” and that she suffered “personal humiliation and emotional distress.”

She asked for $30,000, reasonable costs and attorneys’ fees, and a jury trial.


In Briana’s response, she attorney claims his client cannot defame Kailyn with “false” stories because she was arrested for allegedly assaulting her ex.

The lawyer wrote: “She can verify she was arrested for this, and her arrest attracted media attention.”

Briana’s Lawyers call Kailyn’s lawsuit “futile” and asked to dismiss the entire case.

Also in court documents, Kailyn accused Briana of telling her she obtained arrest information from a “reliable source” Chris, 27.

Briana also credits the source as “production”, which means producer and crew Teen mom 2.

The sun is the first to report about Kailyn’s offensive insult allegations against Chriswhich was later removed.

Briana hangs out with Kailyn's ex and baby's dad Chris Lopez


Briana hangs out with Kailyn’s ex and baby’s dad Chris LopezSource: Social Media – Reference Source
Kailyn sues Briana for defamation


Kailyn sues Briana for defamationCredit: MTV
Briana claims Kail hit Chris in a melee


Briana claims Kail hit Chris in a meleeCredit: MTV
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Chris has two sons, Lux, 4, and Creed, 1, with ex Kailyn.

On tonight’s episode of Teen mom 2Briana met Chris to appear on his podcast.

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