Technological progress and gambling

In 1980, a precursor to the Internet, ARPANET was linked to the University of Essex, England. There were two students that wrote a fantasy adventure game. They called it MUD what means “multiuser dungeon.” It’s considered that online gaming was born when the first users from outside connected to MUD through ARPANET.

The first game that became accessible in a world-wide computer network in 1984 is MAD, developed by BITNET. The first game that used the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) was SGI Dogfight. It was released in 1986 and was limited to a single network.

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Gambling in the crypto world

Blockchain technology has the power to change the way payments are made forever. One of the main features of this technology is the cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.

Bitcoin was first introduced more than a dozen years ago so that cryptos aren’t new to the world. It has taken off lately, after it was first criticized and even rejected by the masses. Crypto gambling has also taken off, as part of this new trend. It is indicative that gambling with the use of cryptos now accounts for almost 35% of all gambling turnover of online casinos like and bookmakers. It is anticipated that in the next few years it will reach almost half of the industry’s revenues.

Bitcoin remains the king of cryptos. Wondering why crypto is good for online gambling? Why should you use it instead of the traditional fiat currency when wagering? The advantages are obvious:

·         Safety, privacy and anonymity

·         Instant transactions

·         Low transaction fees

What shouldn’t people who gamble do?

There is plenty of advice you can find about gambling. More often than not, this advice comes in the form of telling you what to do. It’s always good to learn things that can increase your chances to win. But this isn’t the whole equation but only one side of it.

To improve your gambling skills, you can learn about the things that you should do, plus learn things that you should avoid doing. Or, do both at the same time! This is why we offer you to look at the list of things that every gambler shouldn’t do.

1.       Making bets you don’t understand

2.       Doubling up

3.       Be enslaved to superstition

4.       Look for the perfect system

5.       Play Keno with the house edge of 20%

6.       Play American roulette with the double zero space and the house edge of 5.26%

7.       Never listen to hot tips on horses, dogs and games

8.       Never gamble while drinking

Why shouldn’t girls start gambling?

With such a rising addiction happening lately, is there anything that can stop women from gambling? Can it be managed? Can we say that gambling is no longer a “man’s hobby?” Well, the answer would be “no.” Women that gamble can eventually become more addicted to it than men. Aside from income opportunities, gambling seems to be one of the easiest ways for women to manage anxiety and other depressing conditions. But let’s get closer! The main reasons why women gamble are the following:

1.       To sustain their emotions

2.       Excitement and anticipation for big wins

3.       Escapism

4.       Loneliness


The gambling industry is growing and evolving constantly. It offers a safe, convenient and exciting way to gamble. The industry is becoming more appealing to a wider audience with the latest technological innovations like

When it comes to improvements in the gambling industry, there is just one thing that technology has taught us – nobody knows what’s next! As long as the gambling industry keeps on implementing these improvements in the most successful way, there are no limits to what can happen to online casinos.

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