‘Team SEAL’ Summary: Season 5 Episode 11 – Clay vs. Jason

This Sunday in SEAL TeamIn the mid-season premiere, Clay called on a colleague to help become Bravo 1’s “swimming partner”, Sonny found all sorts of ways to deal with his anger and Stella finally shared a secret while at home.

Still attempting in Venezuela for their unplanned Omega mission, Bravo – after nuclear scientist Dr. Guillen’s vehicle commander drove it into a fiery crash – proceeded to gather information about two Iranian defense experts they discovered were in town. Ray’s return to Brock after three days of seizing the targets’ hotel in search of their hideout is a stinking and tense mess between Jason, Clay, and Sonny. Ray asked Jason if an issue had arisen as a result of an argument with Clay about whether to capture or kill Guillen, but all Jason cared about was whether the party involved would reveal any actionable information.

Ray then senses Clay, who eventually confesses that Jason forgot everything, on and off the call – and is, in fact, responsible for the (cough) “RPG” almost got Bravo killed a few episodes back. Ray can’t believe what he’s hearing, and advises Clay to hide theories that could potentially end his career. And now.

Watching one Iranian hang out every day while the other had a few drinks at the hotel bar, Bravo intended to sneak into their room and clone their laptop’s hard drive – with Davis very continues to extend an Iranian visit to the bar. Clay takes a little longer than Ray to find the target’s laptop, so he defies Jason’s orders to cut the bait and take what he comes instead, which only increases the tension. between the two upon returning to their base. Ray tries to make Jason see the hotel theft as a win, but instead Bravo 1 informs his team’s security guard that it’s his problem now: “Keep Clay out of the way. away from me.”

The download from the Iranian laptop shows three members of colectivo (group of cyclists for the local government) had recently shown signs of radiation sickness, before his death. To confirm that radioactive materials had in fact been detected, Bravo was tasked with collecting at least one of the corpses for analysis. Before they go out, Ray meets with Clay to share that he’s seen evidence that matches Clay’s claims (he’s watched Jason test his memory) and that they agree to do their best. to act as Bravo 1’s “swimming buddy” and protect him. and group interests from each other.

Bravo aims to rob a grave, but instead discovers dead cyclists about to be burned. Bravo quietly took out two tangos standing watches, then went to the pocket of one of the corpses. Jason then abruptly splits off with Sonny to download GPS from two trucks they pass on their way in, although Ray advises them to keep that up until on their way out. In the process, Jason had to shoot, Are not– Immediately, two tangos approached, and that led to about 30 men going down to the area. Davis and her drone are able to find Bravo a quick escape, though it requires extending a wall – as such, Sonny takes a bit too were delighted to have hatched their lower legs out of their bulky, selected carcass, to be used for analysis. There was a bit of a shootout as Bravo raced to their exfil, but they made it through.

Seal teamBack at their base, Clay – spooked by Sonny’s latest vent – urges his estranged BFF to cheer up a baby Leanne check-in, but Sonny adamantly rejects the idea. (Worse, Sonny, when confronted with Davis, tries to blame his bad home life at hers legs, claiming that she had made Hannah believe there was still something between them. But man, Lisa is Not having that unreasonable.)

Clay sneaks into a video chat with Stella, despite returning home in the middle of the night, saying that with everything going on with Bravo, he can’t worry that she’s hiding anything from him about his NICU status. their son. Stella admits that she Yes information is kept private – that she was able to hug their son the other day, and that the bugger baby was “very strong, just like his dad”! My parents and I broke down in tears as well.

Jason meanwhile calls out Ray for tasking the drones to watch over him as he goes on a mission in the robbery of a corpse. When Ray announced that he was just following six impulsive team leaders, Jason wondered why his double-click on their mail wasn’t enough to do the status report. Further fueling Jason’s paranoia, at the end of the episode we see him looking, seemingly earless, as Clay and Sonny gather to compare notes on Bravo’s latest acts 1 …

What do you think of the mid-season premiere and are you afraid this “Bravo 1 against the world” tension could soon boil over and explode?

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