‘Survivor’ synopsis, Season 41, Episode 10 – Baby with a Machine Gun

If it hasn’t been established, Wednesday’s episode of Survivor proved there is a looong way of falling from the top, even for the most knowledgeable players.

After being madly eliminated twice last week, Erica tells us that getting Shan out may be easier said than done. “She has an idol. It’s almost like giving a kid a machine gun,” she told us. “She could be playing the role of an idol at any moment, and you could get hit by a straight bullet and go home.”

Deshawn wants to keep her alliance with Shan strong, but admits she’s smart enough to win the game. But Shan worries that Deshawn is talking to Erica, which means trust between the two alliance members is shaken. However, Deshawn reassured her that he wanted to stick with his Black alliance members; he wants to do it “for the sake of culture”. That said, he is torn about choosing to stick with supporters and fight for his own personal happiness.

CHALLENGE BONUS | No surprises here: It’s an obstacle course followed by a puzzle. Jeff calls it “the best bonus of the season”. The winner will go to a sanctuary where he or she will enjoy pizza under the stars and be provided with a shelter with blankets and pillows. Ricard to the puzzle first. While it didn’t take long for the rest of the crew to catch up, Ricard was able to close the deal and make a fortune. Then Jeff gives him the chance to choose three people to join him, and he chooses Shan, Heather, and Xander.

SANCTUARY | Ricard tells Shan that everyone’s affection for her gives him a lot of pause. While he shows his reservations, Shan tells us that she knows a man who has a better chance of beating a woman, which is sad if you calculate the numbers. from 40 seasons ago. But hey, at least they’re both honest.

Later, Liana sheds tears over her relationship with the resident pastor. The love she has for Shan makes her want to sacrifice her own game in order to sit next to her. They exchange I love you, when Liana tells Shan that everyone is targeting her ally Ricard. Shan then tells Ricard what she thinks is about to happen, and they in turn plan to cut Deshawn’s throat. Ricard and Shan know they will both have to give up on each other eventually, but is now the right time?

Survivor 41 Shan Episode 10NOW GRADE IMMUNITY FOR GRABS | For the challenge, players must stand on a crossbar while balancing a ball on a disc. Over time, they will move further below the bar and put their hands on the lower post, making it more difficult. If the balls fall, they will come out. The last person standing wins the coveted immunity idol.

The last three remaining casters are Ricard, Xander, and Deshawn, but Ricard is his guarantor of safety. Looks like Shan’s allies will have to turn their sights elsewhere.

With ally immunity, Shan wants to keep the waters calm, but Ricard decides this is the perfect time to get rid of his BFF. He knows she has to go eventually, so why not now? There was also much talk of trying to get rid of Xander’s idol in the process, but as Deshawn continued to lie to Ricard, it sent the immunity winner the wrong way.

TRIBE TELLS | Erika and Heather tell Jeff they feel like they’re at the bottom but wonder if there’s a chance to turn the tide. Ricard comments on the elephant in the room and tells the group that he and Shan do not there’s Finals 2 and they’re using each other to get as far as they can. His statement caused an alarm in the minds of others. It seems that this Tribe can take a million different paths. The only thing laid out in the rock is that these rails have to brace themselves for another main hidden side.

Everyone votes, but no one plays an immune idol. Jeff verified the results, and that was the bond between Shan and Liana. The revision goes down and we see Ricard place his vote on his close friend Shan. Jeff read the vote again, and the ax fell hard on Shan.

Was it surprised that “Pastor Mafia” took a big bite? Were you sold by the clear winner’s edit she got? Let us know what you think in the Comments section below!

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