Support for Mick Lynch’s strikes is crumbling – he’s using shoppers and commuters as cannon fodder

Support for Mick Lynch’s attempt to overthrow the government is crumbling.

Today’s pay figures for railroad workers won’t help him.

Support for Mick Lynch's RMT strike is crumbling and he and his RMT mob are now isolated


Support for Mick Lynch’s RMT strike is crumbling and he and his RMT mob are now isolatedPhoto credit: Rex

He and his militant RMT mob are now isolated after rejecting a collective agreement already accepted by other unions and supported by a third of its own members.

No, nine percent over two years does not correspond to the current temporary increase in inflation.

Few raises do.

But consider the already plentiful earnings of a large number of railroad workers.

Hundreds of signalers and engineers in the six figures. Another 650 to £80,000.

One in four track maintenance workers at £60,000. The average salary of RMT strikers is estimated at around £38,000.

They don’t rely on food banks.

Many are motivated by hard left politics, by sacking the Tories, by perpetuating absurd labor practices that should have died in the 1980s, and by feathering already comfortable nests.

Shoppers and commuters are cannon fodder in Meathead Mick’s political war.

The ailing companies and their employees are also on the brink of ruin as their Christmas sales are destroyed by trains that don’t run.

No, Minister

FORTY years ago, the TV classic Yes, Minister spoofed a civil service dedicated to running Britain as it saw fit while thwarting elected politicians at every turn.

Whitehall’s modern penpushers clearly regard it as an instruction manual.

Your condemnation by Lord Frost is timely.

As a former civil servant, adviser and minister, he has witnessed their resistance to change, their lethargy, incompetence and irresponsibility.

Some do good work. Too many are useless, cumbersome watch watchers.

If Britain is looking increasingly ungovernable, they are partly the reason. So our sympathy for their salary demands is limited.

And the prospect of a strike by elite young Oxbridge graduates hand-picked for lifelong Whitehall careers is truly ludicrous.

BBC blindness

EVEN now some bigwigs and colleagues at the BBC fail to grasp the royalty bug.

Ex-boss Lord Hall admits it’s unfair – but just wants it reformed, with the poor paying less and the rich paying more.

Its problem isn’t that it’s not “progressive,” though.

The thing is, a mandatory tax on our TVs is just plain wrong – a ridiculous anachronism in the subscription age.

No one, rich or poor, should be forced by law to fund a broadcaster, not least one that has so little interest in the millions who vote for Tory or support Brexit.

Ask the better off to pay even more and they’ll turn off live TV en masse and bypass the fee entirely.

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Sister Wives' Meri was

The House of Lords weakly protests that only continued compulsory levying can fund the Beeb in its current form.

In that case, it needs to reform – and cut back until it CAN be self-sustaining. Support for Mick Lynch’s strikes is crumbling – he’s using shoppers and commuters as cannon fodder


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