‘Superman & Lois’ Summary: Season 2 Episode 4 – Lucy Lane Returns

Superman & Lois reintroduced viewers to a very different version of Jenna Dewan’s Lucy Lane on Tuesday. You could even call it… a version of Bizarro. But you probably won’t.

After threatening to undo Lois, Ally Alston — the kind of person whose full name is on the first, second, third and all subsequent references — joined Lucy on a podcast successfully broke her sister’s case against the Inverse Association. (Wait, a second… Bizarro is an inverse of Superman. Is there a connection there?)

While I pondered that theory, Bizarro actually ambushed Clark at the ranch. And if John Henry doesn’t call for his hammer (without his gloves on, it’s very dangerous!), the encounter may not go so well. When John’s suit temporarily expires, Clark is forced to enlist the help of the DOD in tracking down his doppelgänger, which launched like a rocket after tasting the hammer.

Naturally, that handsome idiot Anderson immediately sent his super soldier after Bizarro, who managed to kill two of them before Clark left his porch. Their sacrifice wasn’t in vain, however, as it resulted in what’s easily the show’s most exciting fight scene – a lengthy, take-down melee between Superman, Bizarro, and Steel in the arena. frozen raw. Unfortunately, John got back into action before his suit was fully prepared, sending him to the hospital in critical condition.

Meanwhile, Lois plots a little ambush of her own, secretly sending Chrissy (in a blonde wig that I’m the world’s biggest fan of) to one of Ally Alston’s conventions. But that plan backfired when the cult leader called out Chrissy’s name in the middle of her presentation, only to reveal a secret taped conversation between Lois and Lucy that strongly implied some Curious omission on Lois’ part. Lucy accuses her sister of concealing the truth to fit her personal story, an accusation that strikes a particularly sensitive relationship with her new blonde guardian, who has been in private contact with Ally Alston at the end of the hour.

Also worth discussing…

* Local politics have turned dirty this week, with Lana’s rival reportedly looking into all of her past cons – including Sarah’s attempt to commit suicide. But when Lana and Kyle shared that troubling information with their daughter, Sarah stood firm: “If that ignorant loser wants to attack me, fine, let him. You know, I want to stand on that debate stage and tell everyone what I think of that water-fried ass. Lana had been approved by the mayor that children were off limits, but he returned to her with the threat of exposing Kyle’s previous drunken mistakes. As it turns out, one of those blunders was a beautiful bartender, with whom Kyle shares a naughty past.

* When Jonathan asked Candice about some “yellow fog” last week, I was sure he was planning some stupid operation. So imagine my surprise when he sneaked up on the good stuff at soccer practice, used his dangerous new skills to beat Timmy and get along with the coaches. So bad? Yes, this is bad.

* Jordan seized the opportunity to play the superhero this week, using his icy breath to stop a pair of thieves at his friend Denise’s convenience store. When he realized that his heroes had been caught on security cameras, he quickly called his grandfather Sam, who gloated that filming the scene was “easier than Candy Crush”. And that was just the first of many moments of great grandfather-grandson bonding between them, for Sam had agreed to secretly train Jordan for battle.

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https://tvline.com/2022/02/01/superman-and-lois-recap-season-2-episode-4-lucy-lane/ ‘Superman & Lois’ Summary: Season 2 Episode 4 – Lucy Lane Returns

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