‘Superman & Lois’ Season 2 Episode 6 Summary: Interview with Emmanuelle Chriqui

Family feudalism is the name of the game on Tuesday Superman & Loisexamine the relationship between sisters, brothers – and even husband and wife.

On a more hopeful note, the episode begins with some answers: We know that Bizarro came to this world using an artifact created when his (extremely red) world We are separated from Superman’s world. Combined with its counterpart, now owned by Ally Allston, the artifact can “elevate a person to divine status.” So… yes!

Speaking of that master manipulator, Lucy returns to Kent Farm and plays with her happy aunt for a few hours, until a discussion about Ally once again puts her at odds with Lois. Of course, that’s nothing compared to the brewing tension between Jordan and Jonathan, who then threw his brother in the locker this week.

As if all of that wasn’t enough, Lieutenant Anderson – whose career now depends on getting that pendant – had Superman “arrested for treason”, locking him up for not cooperating. with the army.

Meanwhile, the Cushing family is facing some extremely confusing problems. After encountering Kyle’s mistress and discovering that he only ended their affair because of Sarah’s accident, Lana kicked her husband to the curb (for now).

Below, Emmanuelle Christi discuss that powerful decision, including how it will affect Cushings going forward:

TVLINE | The last time we talked was when Lana made a vessel for Superman’s mother. Have you had a chance to meet Mariana Klaveno who plays her now?
I’m not, but she’s amazing. It’s great to finally know who I switched the channel to.

TVLINE | We’re only six weeks into the season, but the Cushings have had their way through hell on earth. Actually, I should say Cortez family. I love that revelation.
It’s very good on so many levels. This performance did a great job of incorporating that actual culture, not overshadowing it – celebrating their real last name, celebrating Sarah’s quinceañera. In the current times, I think that’s really important in television, and they’ve done it seamlessly.

TVLINE | Were you surprised by the demise of Lana and Kyle’s marriage, or did you always consider it a house of cards?
It felt like that. I don’t know how it will go down, but it’s definitely a volatile relationship. We know they have a problem, we know they’re in a good place, and we know he can be a hothead. We all know it’s impossible, but did I expect this to happen? No way. When it came out, it became a big question about how much Lana would take.

TVLINE | I respect Lana even more, especially after she confronts Kyle’s mistress directly.
I know! It’s a kind of ball movement. I don’t know if I have the guts to do that.

TVLINE | Whenever I see Lana in that fur-lined coat, I know she means business.
[Laughs] She really does. I couldn’t agree more, and that’s exactly why we chose that jacket.

TVLINE | How does Lana’s fractured family even begin to move on from this?
Well, Lana was still carrying on with her mayoral aspirations, and she was distracted by all of that. We also continue to build relationships with Sarah and Lana. Sarah definitely became one of Lana’s biggest lifesavers. Even though they’re mother and daughter, we’re seeing a real friendship bud between them that will play an important role in her evolution.

TVLINE | I feel like Sarah is better equipped to support her than most teenagers would be, given her maturity level.
Oh, 100 percent. She was an outstanding young woman, and she became a huge support for Lana when she needed it most. Now that she was an adult and going through her own things, there was one thing in common between them. When she says she’s her best friend, she really means it.

TVLINE | I also love the dinner scene between Lana and Clark. He’s a busy guy, so he should take the time to see her to tell a lot about their friendship.
I know, I loved that scene so much. It’s one of my favorite movies. We know their history, and I don’t even mean lovers, but their friendship. Life is hectic for the Kents, so there’s often no time on film to explore the friendship between Clark and Lana. When we have to, it’s always really moving. Shooting that scene was a highlight for me. I already know Tyler [Hoechlin] for a long time, so it felt very comfortable to go there with him.

TVLINE | That said, I still can’t believe she didn’t know he was Superman. That discovery is inevitable, right?
I mean, it feels inevitable. At some point it has to be revealed. However, I don’t know when. I don’t know what the writer is up to.

TVLINE | At this point, do you think she will feel betrayed, or will she say, “Oh, of course!”
I think it will be both. It would feel like a betrayal, because this is her oldest and best friend, but also a “Gee, which makes sense after all the strange things that have happened throughout her life.” our lives.”

Your thoughts on this week Superman & Lois? Hope for the rest of the season? Drop them all in a comment below.

https://tvline.com/2022/03/01/superman-and-lois-season-2-episode-6-recap-lana-kyle/ ‘Superman & Lois’ Season 2 Episode 6 Summary: Interview with Emmanuelle Chriqui

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