Superman & Lois led to the defeat of Batman v Superman

Clark Kent can do so many amazing things: go around the world before you can make your coffee, press the couch in my apartment building, and enjoy a steak just by looking at it. However, the premiere of the second season of Superman & Lois want to make it clear: None of that makes him a better Wife.

[Ed. note: Spoilers for the season premiere of Superman & Lois follow.]

This is the main plot of “What Lies Beneath”, an episode that depicts Lois Lane (Elizabeth Tulloch) reeling from the arrival of an unexpected guest in the season 1 finale: Her Daughter from an Earth alternate land, where she was married to John Henry Irons (Wolé Parks) and was also murdered by an evil Superman. The fact that she has difficulty working through the issue, and her husband Clark Kent (Tyler Hoechlin) having a hard time grasping her plight, leads to some marital tension that puts Clark in trouble. It’s the kind of intimate family movie Superman & Lois created his calling card, However, the episode ends with a tease again Thing Superman & Lois has set up a representation for: Make bold choices for comic plots that writers want to adapt.

Throughout “What Lies Beneath”, Superman is thwarted by shock waves that overwhelm his senses. Their origin is a mystery until the end of the episode: Deep below the Earth’s surface, a gloved hand is punching its way.

Comic fans will know that this is exactly how the Apocalypse, the monster kills Superman in Superman’s death Comic book epic, first appearing in comic books. It’s an ominous tease before a nationwide rebellion that only Superman can stop, one that led to his death (and a tale of many Superman Superman & Lois partially adapted to last season).

The swagger about this choice is admirable. This will be the third time Doomsday has been introduced in live action, and twice before that – as the monstrous alter ego of Sam Witwer’s “Davis Bloom” in Smallville and a dull CGI monstrosity in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – are stupid names. This isn’t really anyone’s fault: Apocalypse isn’t really a character. He is a force of nature, and his sole narrative purpose is to kill Superman.

Because of this, it’s a surprising choice to watch Superman & Lois put the Apocalypse on this train early in the program’s runtime. It’s something that feels like it’s going to get harder with more shows behind it, to make the fear of Superman’s fate feel more pronounced. However, the show’s screenwriters have proven themselves to be skillful adaptors of the comics rulebook, so the series has won over viewers on its own. There’s plenty of room for surprises here. Perhaps Doomsday had merely come to prove that he was the Better Wife.

Superman & Lois airs new episodes every Tuesday on The CW. Episodes are available to stream for free the next day through the The CW app.

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