‘Superman and Lois’ Summary: Season 2 Episode 2 – Tal-Rho & Lara Lor-Van

Just when we thought we’d seen Kal-El’s last troubled brother, Tal-Rho was back on Tuesday. Superman & Lois surprisingly helpful – and he’s not the only family member we reunited with this week.

Still plagued by visions of destruction, Kal-El seeks answers from her captive brother, who in turn suggests they refer to the hologram of their mother Lara Lor- Van (played by Mariana Klaveno). The crooked maids and Real blood reputation). Lara is overjoyed to see her sons again, but while she insists that it was Zeta-Rho who kept them apart, Tal-Rho is annoyed at being rejected. He also tried to break free, nearly killing Jordan in the process, but Lara was able to tell he released his nephew – which was all the proof she needed that there was still good in him. Some where. Deep.

Lara also explains to Clark that his vision is being sent to him through interdimensional kinetics, triggered by an invasive cosmic event. Stupidly speaking, that means whatever happens to him is caused by an outside force. And with help from Lois and John, he deduces that the force in question is a powerful “something” lurking beneath the mines.

Elsewhere in the hour, Lois recalls saving Lucy from a suicide attempt when her sister appeared to be involved in a cult; Daniel dropped out of the mayoral race, prompting Lana to consider running for his position; and Sarah admitted to Jordan that she kissed a girl named Aubrey while she was at summer camp. (Like we were right to worry about those two. Now, who wants to bet that Sarah and Natalie will see each other next?)

Below, Adam Rayner discusses Tal-Rho’s unexpected return (including his off-screen connection to Klaveno):

TVLINE | I have to say, I don’t expect to see Tal-Rho again after last season.
[Laughs] Yes, I know, me too. What a pleasant surprise to be back.

TVLINE | Fill us in for the last three months. What did he do in that prison?
Well, that’s a great set. I love what they put there. They gave him a large collection of books, so I imagine he was reading quite a bit, considering advanced Kryptonian issues. He is also planning his comeback in a way, wondering how he can manipulate things to his advantage. His spirit hasn’t broken yet, so he’ll definitely plan things out even if he can’t make it yet.

TVLINE | With Zeta-Rho out of the picture, Tal-Rho seems a bit more daring with his brother, like their relationship is softer. Do you feel that?
Yes, I noticed that. Everything had been stripped away – the weight of this great mission, the fate that Tal had felt before, he was relieved about it now. So he still has a strong personality, but he doesn’t carry this terrible burden, the hope of an entire civilization. He’s a little more relaxed. The text shows that it’s amazing.

Superman & Lois LaraTVLINE | However, things between Tal and Lara were extremely heavy.
Yes, you must have some sympathize with him. He has this terrible father, and he still feels rejected by his mother. He’s a mess, emotionally, so it’s no surprise he’s been turned into a somewhat psychotic character. But it was a catalytic experience. He gets a lot of his boobs. He says what he needs to tell her, and maybe that means they might have a relationship in the future.

TVLINE | Did he really not trust her, or was he just too committed to the story in his head?
Like anyone who feels deeply rejected, it will take some time to convince him that he is loved. He’s a very complex character, psychologically. For anyone to show warmth towards him would be quite difficult, because he had such a harsh upbringing. That need was certainly there, for both his mother and brother. Over time, we could see the ice melt away, so to speak.

TVLINE | And for someone who is so strong, he is very susceptible to vibes.
It’s lovely to play. The most interesting characters are always contradictory. The guy presents one way but really something else underneath, and he has a lot of that.

TVLINE | Correct me if I’m wrong, but this isn’t your first time working with Mariana Klaveno, is it?
[Laughs] You’re right. We played brothers and sisters, believe it or not, about 10 years ago on a short show called Wipe. It was just one of the quirks of the business that 10 years later, we were mother and son. The age of these holograms is always a bit misleading. She can’t even remotely be my mom in real life – I think she’s actually been several years younger than me.

TVLINE | Lara believes that Tal-Rho is still good. do you agree?
I think yes. But he can be bad or good, depending on what’s going on around him and what he’s motivated to achieve. I don’t think there is a definite answer to that. He has the ability to help his brother, possibly even doing noble deeds. But he always comes back to self-interest. He always has an agenda.

TVLINE | Nor does he necessarily consider himself a villain.
That’s right, he doesn’t think he did anything wrong. I think there might be some shady things to come about some of his behaviour, but he’s still holding on to his agenda and what he’s trying to achieve. He certainly doesn’t look in the mirror and see a bad guy.

TVLINE | What will go through Tal’s mind when Superman finally leaves him?
He’s thinking about, even if he can’t admit it to himself, whether he’s made the right choice in his life. He is thinking about what he can do in the future. The point is, he can’t completely reject his brother, and neither can his brother completely reject him. They are bound together, and they cannot release it.

Your thoughts on this week Superman & Lois? Any new theories about the mysterious Big Bad? Drop them all in a comment below.

https://tvline.com/2022/01/18/superman-and-lois-recap-season-2-episode-2-tal-rho/ ‘Superman and Lois’ Summary: Season 2 Episode 2 – Tal-Rho & Lara Lor-Van

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